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    1. well you don't go straight into a lucid dream, since it is a DILD
      a MILD is a type of DILD, saying this causes awareness before you sleep
      visualization helps a lot, and focusing on the third eye
    2. Huh, interesting. So you just repeated those over and over again, and you actually fell asleep (didn't slip into the dream world or whatever), and had a lucid dream? Every time I try that it doesn't work...I'll keep trying, though. When I go to bed. But lately before I've been going to bed I've been repeating and counting "I am in a lucid dream"...Haven't pictured the letters/words, though. I'll try it tonight.
    3. all I did was say "i am lucid dreaming" and visualized those words. Simple, eh? And good luck, hopefully it doesn't wake you up xD
    4. It's telling me I can only send 3 private messages per hour...The hell? Anyway, what did you do last night? Tonight I'm gonna try CAN again at 4:30, and then I recorded my voice saying "You are dreaming do not wake up. Instead, perform a reality check and then become lucid"...It's not natural, sure, but I just hope it works D=
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