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    Halloween in Gotham

    by Glamonis on 09-17-2012 at 01:52 AM
    (My first LD.)
    I was standing outside a tall, unnamed hotel with a green awning. In front of me was man in a black suit, and a boy wearing a black t-shirt and pants, who looked like he was in his late teens. A doorman in an over sized red coat was beside us, talking with the man in the suit as he opened the door. As I attempted to enter the building with the men, (the view suddenly shifted to 2nd person) the doorman put his hand on my shoulder and said I wasn’t allowed to enter, but the man in front of me turned and stopped him and said “She’s with us.”

    Now in the light, I thought I was going to swoon when I saw the man facing me was Bruce Wayne, and the boy beside him was Dick Grayson (wearing his Robin mask). Inside though, wasn’t a fancy hotel. We were standing on a marble platform, with a weird makeshift /elevator in front of us; an older janitor waiting inside. The janitor hit a button and a guardrail surrounding the lift went down. He nodded at Bruce and I followed him and Robin onto the platform. The platform shifted and went up on a slope, taking us to a wooden landing, and stopped. I went to step off, but it immediately began moving again, nearly throwing me off balance.

    The elevator went back to the marble landing and the remaining guardrails lowered; but the lift didn’t stop. It continued on a ‘S’ shape track, and I kept wobbling, fearful I would fall onto the exposed tracking. We began to descend down another slope. When the lift stopped, (by now I was seeing this and 1st person and felt completely aware I was dreaming) we were in what looked like a miniature parking garage. A plain, black Ford SUV was parked onto the left. Above it, a small shelf with multiple Batman masks. Behind the truck though was a very fancy black sports car, and beside that car, a black Volvo motorcycle.

    The janitor took of his cap, tore off his mustache and pulled down his overalls (he had on black pants underneath), revealing he was really Alfred. Bruce helped me down and walked over to the other side of the SUV, pulling down the different Batman masks and trying them on. Unsatisfied he reached into a cardboard box beside the truck and pulled out a cheap, leather batman eye mask.

    “Umm…what about the rest of your costume?” I asked eying the vigilante as he pulled out the motorcycle (which had suddenly become a two seater).

    “Tonight’s a special night; lots of people are going to be dressed as the Batman. Our identities should be fine.”
    With that he and Tim mounted the bike.

    “Robin and I will be out for a quick run; in the mean-time, you hangout with Alfred.”

    They sped off.
    By now Alfred had cast the overalls aside and had on his suit jacket and bow tie; car keys in hand. He opened the passenger door of the sports car for me, and seated himself on the driver’s side. But he stopped me as I was shutting the door.

    “Excuse me miss, would you mind making sure the other doors are shut?”

    Even though we hadn’t touched the SUV, both doors were open. I could feel the weight of the doors and the coldness of the steel as I shut them. I returned to the other car and seated myself; the leather feeling very real.

    “Anywhere in particular miss?” Alfred asked as hit the ignition button.

    “Well,” I laughed. “I’ve never been to Gotham, so anywhere is fine.”

    Alfred turned to me and put his arm on the storage compartment/armrest. “Do you celebrate miss?”

    “Yes. But I haven’t for a few years. There was a shooting at the McDonald’s by my house, so I haven’t dressed up since.”
    Suddenly I noticed the cool air and began rubbing my arms.

    He smiled.“Well then I know the perfect place for us to go.” I reached to put my seat belt on…and woke up.
    It felt so real...I'm really hoping I can continue this dream at a later point. I'm dying to see one of Zatanna's magic shows now.