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    Born in 1991. First learned about lucid dreaming in late 2008, but still not very good at it. Tend to lose a lot of sleep due to homework. Joined DV during summer holidays in 2012 in the hopes of practicing more.
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    Math, computer science, music
    College student
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    Search engine, I think


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    by Glieuaeiel on 04-10-2013 at 03:18 AM
    Dear reader, if you follow my dream journal (which, let's face it, nobody probably does), you may have noticed that right after I said I would try to update more frequently, I disappeared for almost a month. The fact is that I realized that carefully writing out all of my dreams was becoming more of a chore than anything else, so I decided to take a break. I am still taking that break, but I decided I should say so online just in case there *are* any people who have taken an interest.

    Here are some short summaries of interesting dreams I've had lately:

    --Woke up late to class and found some kind of green plant in my teeth when I went to the bathroom. Weed? I've never done weed in my life, but I can't really remember what I did last night. Something related to Wheel of Time, and maybe Girl/Girl Scene . . . ?

    --Doing parkour and other badass things with my sister

    --Half lucid, I flew to "Central Park." (There was a larger story arc here that I've forgotten.)

    --I walk a convoluted path to get to a commercial plane that takes off by jumping off of the branch of a giant tree. I didn't know planes could take off that way, but it's awesome.
    dream fragment , side notes

    Wed Mar 13 (21:48-8:35) **

    by Glieuaeiel on 03-14-2013 at 06:34 AM
    Wait, didn't I leave this place . . . ? (LUCID)

    While walking around in Barcelona, I see something that I really want to take a picture of. Unfortunately, I recently posted to Facebook some pictures of the plane taking off that took me from Barcelona back to the States. It would be silly to add more pictures after that one, since you'd think pictures of the plane taking off should be the last ones in the album. But wait--there's a good reason for that. Logically it shouldn't be possible to take any more pictures after that. Unless I came back to Barcelona somehow . . . ? That's absolutely ridiculous; obviously I'm dreaming right now. (I do a RC to check, though.)

    Sweet! What should I do? I should do one of my dream goals. What were they? Swim beneath the ocean, and talk to my future self. Let's do the ocean one. Where will I find an ocean? Maybe I should just walk over to the beaches on the Mediterranean. That would take a while, though. Fortunately, I see some water just over the small hill running parallel to this road. I walk to the top of the hill, but the dream is very dark. I start shouting "clarity!" and "light!" in alternation. I go on for a while, and my shouts get angrier as I continue to be unsuccessful. There are flickers of light, and bigger flickers, but nothing seems to stick. Eventually even the flickers die out and all goes dark. [I seem to recall having woken up and written down the dream after that, but when I actually woke up later, nothing was written.]

    [I'm back home now, so I intend to return to regular updates.]

    Tues Mar 12 (23:00-7:34) *

    by Glieuaeiel on 03-14-2013 at 06:22 AM
    Can't Wake Up

    I realize I'm dreaming, and there are a bunch of people surrounding me that I think mean me harm. I try to wake myself up, but I can't! Every time I try, the best that happens is that I change locations, but those people are still around me, coming closer! I start to panic

    Friends in Barcelona

    I discover that some of my friends are also in Barcelona for a short trip! I manage to track down their group to a tour bus that's about to leave. I jump on board and the doors close behind me. But I just stand there awkwardly at the front of the bus for a while, trying to decide how to admit to them that I've been stalking them and hoping to hang out. The terrible part is, they all know who I am, and they'll have recognized me by now. Seriously awkward.

    Later, we're all in a bar. Someone points out an amusing Spanish translation of my last name. Later we're trying to decide where to go next, and unfortunately the group has broken up into various smaller ones. One guy (who speaks about five languages) is looking at a poster with a naked male torso on it--obviously an advertisement for some kind of gay bar. He seems interested in going there, but I'm not sure if that would be my first choice.

    Previous hours:
    Mar 11, no sleep

    Sun Mar 10 (20:46-8:00) *

    by Glieuaeiel on 03-14-2013 at 06:11 AM
    For Science

    Darth Vader switches roles with some other character. Somehow one of them learns how to be a mysterious new creature. I'm playing the game as a character that learns about the creatures it fights by punching them. Some kind of physical absorption of knowledge. I need to punch it again because my old knowledge is bad now, incomplete, watery. Later I use a cheat code and cast a time-freezing spell, but it doesn't affect the two main opponents, who are at this moment locked in combat. As their spells and swings come into contact with the frozen soldiers around them, they start coming back to life. It's interesting to watch a sort of wave of motion spread outward through the battlefield.

    Previous hours:
    Mar 8, 1:54-8:32 "living on mtn, powerful entity expects me to leave/kill myself"
    Mar 9, no sleep

    Thurs Mar 7 (0:39-8:22) *

    by Glieuaeiel on 03-14-2013 at 06:03 AM
    • exploring a city [my impression is that this was quite a good dream, but I remember no details]
    dream fragment