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    A dreamer with no significant story.
    Typically more active one the WoLD Forum, under the same name :)
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    Writing, painting, crocheting, game development, dreaming.


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    Lightning Bomb [LDs]

    by goldenrose on 09-30-2018 at 06:11 PM
    //Been meaning to write this down for about a week now. Oops. I'll put the lucid parts in a different color.

    Dream 1

    I'm walking around in a dark room, so I can't see much of my surroundings. I'm not sure what happens, but I suddenly become suspicious; I cannot remember how I got here. Since I'm alone, I jump, to see if anything strange happens. Nope, just a normal jump. I'm not convinced, so I jump again, expecting myself to float. I hover in the air a bit before floating back to the floor. I realize I'm dreaming!

    It takes me a second to push down the excitement. I shout for clarity a couple of times, and the dream stabilizes. I'm unsure what to do for a moment, then decide to examine my surroundings after jumping around a bit. Yes, it's still dark, but I can still see a little bit. There's a staircase to my left, so I go up. The stairs lead right into a bedroom with glass panes on the wall to my left and just ahead of me. There's a queen bed in the center of the room; someone rises out of it and stares at me, but I pay them no mind. I instead look out the window. It's stormy out, rain pelting the glass and the doors leading to the balcony. I'm about to explore more until I remember a goal I'd had for a while: to make a ball of energy in my hands. Better try it now before the dream dissolves!

    I move my hands to make the energy ball; I can feel energy rush into my hands, but cannot see it visually. I speak aloud and describe what I want, speaking of a blue mist. Blue wisps emanate from my hands, but no "ball" so to speak. I then describe it as a lightning ball, but then my brain associates the word "ball" with "bomb". Yeah. A loud explosion comes from outside. The glass shatters inward, the results of the bomb nearing me at a rapid rate. I'm not afraid; I simply open my physical eyes to get out of the situation.

    Dream 2

    I wake up at this point and go back to sleep. I end up in the same dark room. I recognize this once more and go lucid. This time, I open the front door and will it to be nice and sunny. It works, sort of. I practice flying and other forms of dream control. I try to change location by closing my eyes and asking to go somewhere else, but the other location falters a bit before shooting me back in the one I first was in. Oh well. I believe I slowly lose lucidity after this.
    lucid , memorable

    Continue? Click [Yes] or [Golf]

    by goldenrose on 06-06-2018 at 07:24 AM
    I live in a large house with my girlfriend(let's call her Owl) in a marshy, swampy area. There's lots of greenery and a pasture in the backyard. Owl and I have to take care of some ragged man. He has dirty clothes, brown hair that hasn't been washed in so long it's in dreads, and vivid blue eyes. He has a huge, sarcastic grin on his face at almost all times, and consistently acts like he's high.

    Unsure what to do, we lock this man in our gray shed, just outside the house. I have Owl keep watch while I try to find a better alternative to the situation, but when I come back, he has escaped. I say something like, "What did you expect, with us keeping him locked up like that?" and then the dream fades out as I wake up.

    I have fallen asleep on the couch, it is 5am, and since I can sleep in, I decide to go to my real bed and try to continue the dream. I'm still partially in the dream, so I try to "pause" it as I go to my bed.

    I lay down in my bed and settle in to sleep again, having never full woken up in the first place. The dream comes back int view quickly, but now there's a pause menu up, like it's a video game screen. It asks if I wish to continue, and gives me two options:



    I find this so funny that I start to laugh and wake myself up from the dream completely. Apparently I couldn't say no!

    The Missing Children Festival [Series of dreams]

    by goldenrose on 04-29-2018 at 06:02 AM
    [This is a series of dreams that occured over three nights, from June 13 to June 15 in 2017.]

    [June 13]

    I am at a festival sort of place, where there are dirt paths and stalls selling things. There are many events going on. One "show" has recently been cancelled, something about the building being unsafe.

    There is something amiss at this festival; children are going missing. I am trying to gather all the children without families (which is most of them) and take them to a cave, a designated "safe place". The cave seems to have a magical barrier to keep negativity out. At one point I find a little blonde girl and try to coax her into coming with me, but she disappears when I turn around and look back.

    [June 14]

    Continuing from last night, I am at the same festival, but my girlfriend is kind-of there (it's weird, she was blurry, like she was phased in from somewhere else] and a frantic young man is following me. He is shorter than me - natural, as I am my alternate self which is rather tall - and has curly brown hair and black-rimmed glasses. He is trying to tell me something, something about a bad thing going to happen. I listen to him casually while walking until a loud rumbling begins. The grond shakes, and people start running and screaming. The guy tries to say something along the lines of "I told you!" but I shoo him off and forge my own way. I am surprisingly calm for someone who thinks this is all real, slowly moving through the crowd and keeping an eye on the sky; the sky is beautiful, a prismatic shatter of color that slowly turns black.

    I make my way out of the festival and to a nearby farm house. There are many people inside that aren't too happy about me intruding in on their space, but I ignore it. An old man, presumably the keeper of the house, tries to trap me in an upstairs room. I easily resist his attempts and look for something I'm apparently looking for. I eventually find it: a trap door that leads to a huge underground factory. It is big enough for me to transform into my royal form, wings spread and all. I try to fly but find it difficult, and the dream fades.

    [June 15]

    I make it out of the factory and am somehow back at a different sort of festival, an indoor one. I end up at something that is drawing a crowd, some famous performer doing something I cannot remember. I watch until two officers come up to me with handcuffs and tell me to come with them. I get the feeling I should listen, so I comply without protest.

    On the way to their vehicle, cuffed and all, I feel a man press a key into my palm and whisper to hold onto it. I stuff it on the side of my panties, where they hopefully won't search. We drive to the holding station, where I sit on a bench and the officers explain the "situation" to someone else. Somehow, my cuffs loosen, and I sneak away.

    I go through a few doors and am suddenly in an underground mountainous area, airy and full of light yet so artificial. As I walk through here, a voice begins speaking to me: the man from earlier. He tell me where to go and I eventually am led to a door with a key slot. I still have the key he gave me, and it fits perfectly. Thing is, it only opens to more scenery. The voice tells me to be patient. I trust him and keep going; a little hiking and a weird cougar later, I stop at the mouth of a waterfall. The voice tells me to go through the waterfall. A strange blue creature comes forth from the falls, beckoning me in. I obey, going through.

    Things are strange on the other side. So much so, that my first reaction is to turn back around...but then walk back in. The place has many vivid colors and strange creatures, plants, and such glowing, odd scenery in general (think Wonderland, really). A pink creature greets me, and then I wake up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    The Afterlife is a Wellness Center [Almost LD?]

    by goldenrose on 04-28-2018 at 03:51 AM
    I am in the car with my family. We are talking about death and the afterlife. At some point, I mention not being afraid of death. This leads into someone handing me a bomb, the rest of my family disappearing, and the bomb going off.

    The pain is momentarily unbearable, a searing white-hot burn coursing through every bit of my body. Even worse is the immense, crushing pressure. Once the burn ebbs away, the pressure increases, and a loud silence pulses. It feels like I'm breaking apart.

    Suddenly I am somewhere else, and someone is asking for my information at a desk. I ignore her and look arond. It looks like an old house converted into a wellness center. There are a lot of confused poeple of all ages shuffling around. Someone yells out, "Come this way if you want answers," so I decide to follow the voice and check it out. I go where the man directs. The room I walk into next looks like an old classroom with wooden desks; there are already many people seated, waiting expectantly.

    As I sit, I realize something isn't right and try to push my fingers through my palm. It doesn't work the first time, but my fingers push through the second time. I quickly pull them out and stare in wonder. The mistake I make here is instead of realizing I'm dreaming, I believe I am dead.

    The instructor is going on about something irrelevant until I interrupt him and say, "I'm dead, right?" He stares at me and slowly says "yes" in a quiet voice. Instead of being upset, I become curious and start asking questions regarding afterlife and the astral planes. People look at me, confused, and whispering amongst each other. I'm eventually ushered out of the room (I did do a demonstration of how I pushed my fingers through my palm, maybe that's what did me in) and the instructor tells me to keep quiet. I ignore him and move on to explore.

    I find the basement of the house, and thus find something strange. There are hundereds of "cores", strange bowl-like crystalline structures that change colors constantly. They appear in sets of five, the middle corse containing a black orb. I know these are the people's life cores, and my own.

    Sometime later on, a creature smashes through the wall. It's huge and looks reptilian, and causes immense chaos. It smashes many of the cores, including some of mine, and I hunch over in pain. I run back up the stairs, yelling and warning people about the creature. Seems like the excitement wakes me up.
    lucid , memorable

    Slightly-off party [Shared Dream]

    by goldenrose on 04-28-2018 at 03:22 AM
    I am outside. There is a party going on, and I am in a wood, at a picnic table, with about 5 other people. This wood is sparse; just enough to provide a bit of cover, but I can see across the path, to a body of water, and a dock with little boats. There is a house, an old style farm house in the distance. The rest of the party is held there. I don't remember my outfit, but I am wearing something dark.

    Anyway, I am just hanging around, because for some reason I cannot leave this location even after trying to (I am semi-lucid). There is an asian woman, a man with long hair, and a guy with a scruffy goatee and a flannel shirt. Everything is fine until they decide to kill me. The woman morphs into a snake, another into a wolf, and they strike at me. I dodge them and finally say something that makes the morph back. The woman laughs as gold sparkles shower her form, as if it is all a game to her.

    After this, I make a point to go into the house, and hang out in the kitchen. It has hard floors and paneling, with a ktichen island with people sitting around it. Across from the kitchen is the living room and a set of stairs, but I don't go up them or into the living room. I lean against a wall, chatting with someone, when some girl suddenly tumbles in from upstairs and falls to the ground, sobbing. She has long brown hair covering her face and looks vaguely familiar so I try to get a closer look. That's when I wake up.

    //Turns out this person was definitely someone I know. I won't go into details, but said person described the place in complete details, we were just in different parts of the dreamscape.
    lucid , memorable