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    Big Skeletal Creature (First LD in a long time)

    by goldenrose on 07-03-2017 at 04:20 AM
    I didn't journal on here yesterday because it wasn't interesting enough to report (still wrote it down in my paper journal, though!). Last night, however, was very interesting.

    I'm walking down the hall of a large mansion (you know, the stereotypical haunted house kind of place) with a rather large group of people. On one side of me is a woman with fiery red hair swept up in a messy bun, and on the other side is Owl. Something doesn't seem right about this, and I start questioning my reality, trying to remember how I had gotten here.

    I need no reality check this time, as I suddenly remember the last thing I had done is gone to bed. This has to be a dream!

    The lucidity is really strong. I laugh softly to myself, touching the wall, my clothes, everything, marveling at how real everything feels. I stay calm, repeating "this is a dream" in my mind, trying to stay conscious. I look over to Owl, and half-hoping she's real, I whisper to her, "Do you know you're dreaming?" She doesn't respond, looking straight ahead as she walks. Definitely not Owl.

    It's much harder than I expect to stay conscious. I feel really tired, and want to go back to "sleep", but my resolve is fairly strong. Because of this tiredness, however, I feel as if I have no energy to try and go anywhere else. I decide to stay in this dream and see how it plays out, because I'm very curious.

    The group ends up in this big room. A voice booms out from above. I no longer remember the exact words, but the voice says we have all been selected to perform a task. Once our task has been explained, all of us are transported to our respective locations. I think I lose lucidity for a while, because I don't remember the task (I do become aware again after this).

    I'm on a beautiful terrain of flatland grass, the occasional tree. The sky is bright and blue, but no sign of a sun or any light source. I travel this way for a while, all alone, in wonder at the lovely sights, shouting "clarity" whenever my vision starts to fade (I have problems with going blind in lucid dreams). Eventually I become bored with traveling and summon a video-game style map to go somewhere else. The only location on the map is a fortress, so I tap on the image and go there (This is how I move around, usually. My gamer brain understands a digital interface best).

    The fortress is huge, meant for someone much larger than I, but also run down, crumbling. I decide to explore the outside first before going inside. Then, suddenly...


    I turn at the sound of my name (Not my human name: it's my real name when I'm my dream character in my storyline dreams, or when I'm Raven.), confused as to why anyone would be referring to me by that name in a normal dream. A man my age is running toward me with a smile on his face -- it's Denarius!

    [ Denarius is the name of a boy I've seen in many dreams. He's not a dream guide in any way, but he's stuck around ever since I brought him to "lucidity" in one of my LDs a year ago. We've messed around in the dream world together quite a bit. I only actively sought him out once, as Raven, while looking for allies to help me with an issue I was having. That's when both of us found out the other was royalty.]

    I haven't seen Denarius ever since I found out he was of royal blood, so I'm surprised, but not so happy, to see him. He did brush me off in my time of need, so I did not forget that. It's nice to see a familiar face, all the same.

    First thing he says after this is "So you're stuck here too? I got bored with my task but couldn't leave this place, so I decided to search for familiar faces. I'm happy to see you!"

    He babbles on and on, but then I say, "You LEFT me."

    That shuts him up quickly. His gaze drops to the ground. "We shouldn't talk about that here."

    I continue to question him about the whole royalty thing, and how he brushed me off so easily, and how I haven't heard from him in months, but he keeps evading my probing, as if he's afraid. Keeps saying he can't talk about it. I give up on getting any information from him and idly chat.

    I enter the fortress. The layout is insane, very hard to navigate, but I manage. At this point, I lose lucidity, so I barely remember it, but there are many people in this fortress, it's no where near abandoned. Some things happen but it's all so blurry. Denarius leaves at some point, distinctly saying we'll see each other soon.

    I become frustrated at not being able to complete my task. Somehow, this frustration makes my brain click together again; oh yeah, I'm dreaming! I recall I'm supposed to be performing a task here, but what? What was it? I exit the fortress, annoyed.

    I have the sudden realization that I'm probably oversleeping right now. This dream has gone on a long time, something isn't right. I try to wake myself up, but I'm scoffed at from a voice from above. That's when a huge creature crashes out of the fortress: twice my size, humanoid but so animal at the same time, with huge armor and angry orange eyes. It has its eyes trained on me.

    Oh, no. I have no idea what to do, how to fight something so monstrous. The creature is chasing me around, and I'm running as fast as I can. It ends up catching me, starting to strangle me, but I can breathe just fine. I once again remember this is a dream, and my options for ending this creature are endless.

    I struggle out of its grasp and intuitively focus all of my energy into my hands. My hands start to glow and grow very warm. I channel all this energy between my two palms, making a huge ball of heat. I release the energy, the ball catches fire and hurls at the creature.

    The fireball makes contact with the creature. Instead of it catching fire...it immediately disintegrates into black ash. I realize my task has been completed, and I wake up.

    And just as I thought, I overslept. It's 1pm.
    lucid , memorable

    Life after Death

    by goldenrose on 06-30-2017 at 07:58 PM
    The dream started with being at work...again. But! This time, it went beyond work, and what happened after work was much more interesting.

    I've just gotten off of work, and pick up Owl and a couple other friends to go to the Pride festival (I was talking with a friend about this yesterday, so it makes sense how this showed up in my dream). We have a great time, and I wander off...

    And end up in a strange place with a series of staircases. The staircases are going up and down, full of people. I think they are waiting for a bathroom. I ignore these staircases and go outside.

    Outside is a more Western-style scene, with log cabins and the like. I'm waiting on someone to come out of this building when a man approaches, flirting with me. He says something extremely rude and I knock him to the ground, impaling him with an umbrella I suddenly have. The person I'm waiting on finally comes outside, a shocked, but mildly impressed, expression on her face.

    Then I don't remember if this is a different dream or if the same dream just changed again, but somehow, I die. I'm shot and I exit my body, I am formless, I am free. It feels so nice, I am at peace.

    I'm in the same spot, still, it's just that no one can see my formless self. Someone starts speaking with me about this afterlife, but I cannot see them either.

    After a time, I look for someone in particular. I find my grandmother (she passed away last February. Also, I still can't see her, but it's her voice and I sense her presence) and she's really happy to hear from me. She seems to understand I'm not actually dead (something I didn't understand while in the dream) and we have along conversation. I ask her what her afterlife has been like. She says she's the most relaxed and at peace she has ever been in her life. She says she's traveled everywhere, residing at lakes and other bodies of water as much as she can. She asks me how my family is doing, and that she misses us, and she loves us.

    That's when I wake up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Peter Pan and Burping 101

    by goldenrose on 06-30-2017 at 06:12 AM
    The dream started out interesting, then it turned into another school dream...

    My "family" and I are going on a long trek to find Peter Pan. MY "family" consists of an old man who is the leader, driving an RV (Like Dale from The Walking Dead.. ), my "mother" who is Wendy from the Peter Pan movies, and my normal dad. We have a huge tour bus/RV style vehicle. We are at a beautiful spot: a lovely enchanted forest with some docks leading to a sparkling lake.

    I think we do find Peter Pan, and "Wendy" goes with him, but that part is blurry. I think I wake up in the middle of the night, go back to sleep, and the dream changes.

    Now it's the first day of my senior year of high school, and the counselors have completely effed up my class schedule. I'm completely outraged upon realizing my first class of the day is "Burping 101"! Not only that, but the school would not give us an actual schedule to keep, we had to remember what we were told, once. I wrote my class schedule on my hand.

    So many students are so upset about this that they have a strike in the lunch room, refusing to go to their classes. Campus police end up forcing us to move along, but everyone is so confused. I end up arguing to a teacher about my schedule, and she agrees that it is utterly odd and has no idea what happened. The only normal class I seem to have is AP Comp Literature...the other ones are Advanced Geometry and Tristonometry...? Whatever.

    So yeah, more nonsense, but I have noticed that my dreams are much more vivid now. I'm slowly improving my skill!
    non-lucid , memorable

    Trap Doors and Underground Sewers

    by goldenrose on 06-30-2017 at 05:54 AM
    I remember a lot of this dream, but it was all nonsense.

    There are a lot of houses and trap doors, this much I remember. In the dream, I am in a college dorm-style environment. There is this girl on "campus" I really don't like, so I decide to use the trap doors and underground tunnels to my advantage.

    The trap doors feel really weird to go into. Somehow, while going through them, I manage to shrink myself, kind of like the way an octopus can go through a small hole. The tunnel through the trap door is really tight. I have to squeeze through, but once I make it out of the tight tunnel, I am in this large sewer system, where the ceilings are tall and there are even paths. It has a beauty to it, despite the stench.

    With a friend, I manage to pull off some sort of prank. The prank plays out using the tunnels as portals and happens on some sort of construction part of the campus. We cover her in dirt, or something like that. She becomes enraged at this, going as far as to exact revenge and smash my laptop to pieces.

    Suddenly, I seem to have a semi-lucidity, and decide to transform into a dog and leave the place. I leave by pulling up a video game interface, selecting a new location (I remember a kingdom being one of the options...why did I choose a suburban neighborhood???).

    I do transform into a dog...a Border Collie, to be exact, running around in a neighborhood. Other dogs start running with me, and I feel the foolish happiness of the carefree animal. I end up at some rich person's house, go through their doggie door, and become myself, Rose, again. This house is very bland and nearly empty, except for some of the bedrooms. The whole place feels cold and distant.

    The only person who seems to be in the house is a blonde girl, maybe fifteen years old. I can tell right from the start she is a spoiled brat, but ah well, she welcomes me into her home. It doesn't stay her house for long, though.

    The house does not change at all; rather, the ownership does. I suddenly feel as if this house belongs to Owl and her family. Lo and behold, Owl comes up behind me, saying I've come just in time for the fun and can sleep over if I want to. She says her parents are sleeping, so I should be quiet, and beckons me to her bedroom.

    There are a few other girls in her room. I recognize one or two as mutual friends of ours. She has nothing in her bedroom but a full sized bed and a twin sized bed (FYI, this house is nothing like Owl's waking house at all). She points to the twin bed, saying I can sleep there for tonight. I feel a little hurt, because we always share a bed (cuddling and all that good stuff), but I don't say anything and make myself comfortable on the twin bed.

    Well, as comfortable as I can get, anyway. The mattress is firm and I can feel every spring. This makes me feel even less desired as Owl goes on to talk with her other friends and all but ignores me. At one point, she's on Facetime with another girl, and starts flirting with her. This hurts me a lot, and I shrink into the corner of the room a bit. She notices, and asks what's wrong, but I don't answer, shrink from her touch. She realizes what I'm upset about and says she was just messing around, that it didn't mean anything.

    I decide to leave. Owl tries to follow me, but I run to a familiar trap door. I shrink into it, and the door disappears behind me. I am in the sewers again.

    This time, I'm just wandering. Then, when going to an opening, I see a little boy, about three to four years old, all alone, with a scared look on his face. He looks to me, and I can feel what he can't say; he needs help, he's in danger, he's been separated from family.

    The rest of the dream is spent searching for his family. It fades, and I don't remember whether or not I found them.

    I just want to know how I did not become lucid in this dream...it's so strange, how I can't seem to "wake up".


    by goldenrose on 06-27-2017 at 07:20 PM
    Not much for dreams last night, only remember fragments as I had a hard time sleeping. Here's what I remember.

    I'm in the back room of the library after working all day. It's getting dark, and almost everyone has left. The oddity is all of the staff is still here, and we should definitely be closing up by now, but no one is making any move to do so. Also, every clock states a different time.

    Other things happen, ending with being held hostage, but my restless brain no longer remembers the details.
    non-lucid , dream fragment