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    Another Incredible Semi-Lucid

    by GoonerDreams93 on 07-26-2015 at 04:33 AM
    I was walking around a supermarket with my parents. One of us, my father I think, had a shopping cart he pushing around. We went through a doorway that led to a more dimly lit part of the store. There were baskets on the shelves along the walls. My cousin who lives in Colombia where my family is from and whom I haven’t seen in several years was working there. My father asked him if they had a specific brand of lollipops. My cousin responded by saying everything that was there was all they had. There were bags of lollipops in the baskets along the bottom shelf of a wall. At the end of the aisle, still in that dimly lit area, I saw a coworker from my old job. She looked around and then looked at me with a very straight face. I asked her if Frim, another former coworker, was there working so I could go and say hello to her. She said she was, so I started making my way over to the back of the store to go to the warehouse. I went to the back and say her just as I walked through a doorway that led to some stairs. She started following me up the stairs and I jumped down over the railing to try to confuse her and playing a little joke. After going up the stairs and jumping back down a few times, she seemed to kind of get fed up and left. I made my way up to the front of the store where my parents were checking out. A song was playing on the radio in the store and I think it was like a song that I did. I felt kind of famous. Everyone was giving me looks and watching me walking along as I sang and jammed to my own song. The cashier that was ringing my parents up was actually letting a couple of items go through without scanning them. When I finally made it up to the front of the store and found myself looking out into the night through the glass window, it sort of hit me that I was supposed to remember to become lucid whilst in a dream. I did the nose plug reality checked and was able to take a deep breath still. All of this kind of seemed part of the dream. I was not fully in control or fully lucid. I attempted to start flying or floating within the store and I couldn’t. I jumped up, but just kept falling down again. I climbed up on the counter and finally was able to start flying but I was going so fucking slow it was annoying. I tried to do that Superman thing where you put your fist out and just start zooming off, but it didn’t work. I landed on the ground again and walked outside. In front of the store was a massive grass field and a few trees off to the right. I walked out into the middle of the field and looked up. In the night sky was surely the most incredible star formation my mind could come up with. It was an extremely intricate sort of tribal design. It was sort of shaped like a fish, which is a bit strange. It was incredibly bright as well which made it so much more mesmerizing. It suddenly hit me that I wanted to go up to it so, again, I started floating my way up. And once again, I was going way to slow for my liking. I then thought to myself “Alright, if I had rockets in the palms of my hands, I could propel myself forward and I would get there so much quicker.” And suddenly I did have those rockets and I was rising up quicker. I was looking down over the trees as I rose. I looked up and there was a balloon. I made my way over to it and grabbed it to read it. It said something along the lines of “Happy 50th Full House” I was extremely confused and I wanted an explanation. Out loud I said, “What does this mean?” I looked up and saw what I could only describe as a giant pillow television screen that had a bunch of writing on it. It was definitely English, but as soon as I started reading it, it changed completely. I started reading the new writing, and again, it changed on me. I figured ok, I’ll let it settle down and then I’ll read what comes up. I waited a little bit and then I awoke.

    -I was never fully aware or in control at all during this dream. I have a feeling that I was a little afraid of becoming fully aware because I would awaken if I did. I realized when I awoke that I should have just let the awareness fully sink in to my conscious mind. Nonetheless, it was an awesome dream and one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I learned from it as well, which is always good. I’ve had a handful of these sorts of semi-lucid dreams in the last few weeks. I definitely view them as successes although I did not ever become fully lucid. I think it’s the right way to look at them and the healthier way as well. I’m confident I will achieve my first fully lucid dream soon. I can feel myself getting closer and closer.

    Floating up to Space

    by GoonerDreams93 on 07-12-2015 at 09:29 PM
    Lying on the living room couch watching a soccer game. I was pretty upset by what I was seeing although I don’t recall what game I was watching or what exactly was going on. The house was completely dark. It was nighttime. The only visible light was coming from the TV. My brother and 7 year old nephew walk into the living room. My brother lays out on the other end of the couch and my nephew walks up to me and we begin talking. I randomly ask him “Wait, I’m dreaming right?” I can’t really remember what his response was, but I got up and went out to the back door. He followed me along and I told him to just wait inside. I open the door and step out into night. I attempt to fly, but I couldn’t at first. I then started floating up slowly. I rose over the house and up towards the sky. I rose through the clouds and continued on past them. I was kicking my feet to help me float as if I were in water. I looked up and saw nothing but the seemingly infinite darkness of space. “I want to go to space!” I thought in my head. I looked down as I continued to float upwards and saw the tops of the clouds I had risen above. Up and up and up I went. I looked around hoping to see some stars, but I saw none. I was really struck by just how empty it was. There was nothing but infinite emptiness and darkness. It was really quite incredible. “I have to take pictures of this!” I think to myself. I pull out my cell phone from my pocket and begin taking pictures from well above the clouds. Every time I snapped a picture, the flash went off. The flash reached all the way down to the clouds and it looked a lot like lightning. It was amazing. My conscious mind never really grasped on to the fact that I was dreaming. Nevertheless, it was an incredible dream and one I am not likely to forget anytime soon.