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    Known about lucid dreaming for something like six years, but I never stay on it for long. I always vow that "THIS TIME, I'll stay on it!" We'll see I guess.
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    by Graywolf on 10-19-2017 at 10:30 PM
    So I've been obsessed with disney ducks lately..

    This is gonna be more of a sparknotes version of my dream, but uh..

    I'm in this vacation house, coming out of the shower into my private room. On the other side of one of the walls is the porch. I see through the windows that Darkwing Duck and someone else are sitting on the porch with their backs to me, talking. They're talking about me! I don't remember exactly what they were talking about, but it was negative. I feel bad, but decide not to confront them about it. We've all talked badly about someone when they're not around, and anyway, I feel like they're right about whatever it was they were saying.

    Sometime later, I'm in the foyer of the house. Darkwing and that other person is there. I briefly become lucid for a reason I don't remember. I hold my nose closed and breathe through it to make sure. I see Darkwing, and remember that before I went to sleep I had hoped to dream about Fenton Crackshell. I summon him, then lose lucidity pretty quickly.

    The rest of this part of the dream is just disappointing Fenton. I think we might have been trying to go on a date? (..sorry im like this.) But i kept doing things i shouldnt have or going somewhere and coming back way later than i should have.

    At some point i gain the ability to fly... At the climax of all the BS I've put fenton through, he comes out on the porch to confront me, but i don't want to face him, so i just say, "I'm sorry, Fenton," (or maybe "I'm so sorry," or something) and then fly up into the sky as fast as I can. Then i fly around up high for a while feeling bad.

    Later darkwing's tiny planes get taken by tiny bad people and i call a popular blogger i follow (who inexplicably lives in canada in my dream) and ask her to call for the canadian version of darkwing duck's flight division, but apparently i got the name wrong and asked her to call in the actual canadian airforce, so she was incredulous.

    Later i find out about a disney ducks show i didnt know about (but the charavters were real and in the city i was in), where a crew of spacefaring ducks from the future somehow gets trapped in our time.

    Theres something to do with rearranging the structure of the living room, scrooge is mentioned to live with us, we have a new baby, i see an alligator and a shark that are both contorted strangely and biting themselves and swimming in circles and im told it's because they're gravid with eggs. Something about arranging some numbers to make a picture of a cat for my mom, something about flying around a city as a bird (owl?) hoping to lead some other birds to a safe place from some danger?, something about being trapped in a city of ogres in a video game and i keep respawning in the same tavern and getting killed.

    Lastly i'm at some kind of fair/expo inside a home depot. I look at some expensive clay pots and cups with animals painted on them, and other things made from the same material ("soft clay"?). I look at some other stuff too but i cant remember. My mom comes up to me and asks if i want to play a game with her and her friend in the game room since they need at least three people. She mentions that the game group we were part of, the redshirts, had already started playing, so it was too late for that. I say they're sure to start a new game soon, but she disagrees.

    I look at some other vendors, then see there are tanks of fish. She gets impatient with me and says she's going. I say I'll come as soon as i look at the fish. Once i get down the row of fish, i see that they have reptiles too, which I'm much more excited about. Snapping turtles, geckos, vipers, and more. There's a walking stick there too. Someone near me is talking to a vendor, explaining that they thought since they won a raffle, it meant they could pick any reptile they wanted to take home, and the vendor was explaining that no, he couldn't take home any of the reptiles for free.

    Updated 10-19-2017 at 10:34 PM by Graywolf


    Random Nap Things

    by Graywolf on 06-03-2016 at 10:55 PM
    Starting to have a hard time remembering my dreams so it's time to start writin' 'em down again.

    Took a nap and had a dream that I was. The bunny from zootopia (whatever her name was). I had just come to the city and, as I knew I wasn't "really" the bunny, I knew I wanted to change some of the movie to make it more fun for me. Instead of getting a small apartment to myself, I roomed with clawhauser.

    At some other point, there was something about an aerial race that was about to begin, but the area was covered in a smokey cloud cover, so they needed someone to clear it out. I was there pretending to be a pilot, but I really wasn't. I wasn't planning on actually flying, but then they selected me to fly up and disperse the clouds. It was either fly a plane that I didn't know how to fly, or out myself as not really being a pilot, so I just got in the plane and tried my best. I kept making dangerous mistakes, but the crowd mistook them as being intentionally dangerous stunts, so I dispersed the clouds without suspicion.

    Sometime later, I'm playing WoW and my character is in a four-story wooden building with two other player characters. All the NPCs here are male dwarves. There's one repeatable quest (although the ! mark is yellow) which is just a race between everyone else to find 5 candles before everyone else. There really isn't much in the way of quest rewards- it's just a fun little thing to do with friends. I'm a Druid and I use my travel form (which was the old one- a cheeta)(inside) or my cat form plus aspect of the cheetah, which made me as fast as my travel form. I'm with a shaman who uses their wolf form, and a warrior, who apparently also has some kind of faster animal form.

    Sometimes the candles trigger monster attacks and you have to defeat them before you can continue finding candles. There was some kind of smallish shadow dragon thing on the top of the building that was a boss. We mostly avoided him, but once I accidentally ran out onto the top of the building and got very close to him. I probably aggroed him, but I don't really remember what happened except that I was kind of an "oh crap" moment and that my teamates were standing in the doorway.

    Food, abandoned places, and fighting creatures

    by Graywolf on 04-16-2016 at 03:44 PM
    Something about a giant baked white cheddar cheeto puff being eaten like corn on the cob?

    I'm camping (or something) with my friend on this flat bit of rock. She's sleeping but I'm still awake. Someone comes over and says something that makes me.. panic? get excited? I was riled up, at least. I don't remember what I do, but I accidentally overturn lots of flat rocks and hunks of dirt, which reveal big, scary-looking insect colonies. My friend wakes up and is annoyed with me, because now we'll have to camp somewhere else before the insects come up onto the rock she was sleeping on.

    At some other point, I'm in the woods near some abandoned buildings with my friend and some of her friends. I'm running around and around, and I stop to tell my friend that "this is basically like when the cat runs around and meows for no reason" (or something like that), but I only got to "this is basically like" and she goes "yeah" (or something like that), as if what I had said was a complete sentence on its own. I get angry and stressed and tell her that she interrupted me, but now I'm too annoyed with her to tell of the rest of my sentence right now. Later, when I'm ready to tell her, I can't find her.

    I had some memory of those abandoned buildings. I don't know if I had been there earlier in the dream or in a previous dream, or if the memories had just been manufactured. There was a long walkway that was crooked, rusting, and rotting. It looked very cool to me, but I didn't go on it since it seemed structurally unsound. There was also an old barn with a large loft. I looked into the glassless window and saw a minivan or an SUV backing up in the loft, and at first I was very confused, and then I remembered that on the other side, the ground floor is still used for stuff.

    Ok I don't have the energy to write things in much detail, ok:

    Eating a bunch of stuff with my friend, sulu appeared on a couch behind us along with some other guy (my dad maybe?), we were eating live "snails" by doing something to them (probably cracking their shell, but I can't quite remember), and then getting an egg from them. We'd cup the uncooked egg in our hands, put our lips to the yolk, and just slurp the whole thing up. I got two out of one snail, but they were both gross and weird. It was a low (black?) table, low enough that you were supposed to sit on the floor.

    I'm looking for my friend by some indoor school bleachers (the bleachers are like ones I see indoors, but iirc, we were still outside). I think I see her halfway up playing pattycake with someone that I met that day, but when I go up there, I see that it's someone else. My friend has blonde hair and this someone else is brunette, so I'm confused about how I made this mistake in the first place. I comment on that to her, and she makes a sort of nonchalant "I dunno" noise, then walks off.

    At another point I'm in a cave trying to capture a difficult-to-capture battle pet (from WoW) with my friend. My parents come and keep asking me about it and somehow I look back in time and see the history of the place. There is stuff about certain types of pets being more powerful about other certain types of pets, I learn things, there's an asian bowl thing, bla bla bla whatever.

    At some other point Wander and Sylvia (from Wander over Yonder) have just had some time or adventure or whatever, but when they get back to where they had decided to settle down for the day and drop off their stuff, they were MORE excited for the food they were going to eat. I think I might have been one of them. If so, probably Wander.

    I'm sitting at a table with a person that I don't remember what I'm doing with, and another person who is showing me the basics of how to handle a gun. It's a futuristic/alien-looking assault rifle. She says something like, "always keep it pointed straight down or straight up," (unless your firing at something is what she meant) "and always shoot a little to the right." (Since apparently drifting to the left when trying to shoot a gun was something everyone did) I say something like, "okay, but why are you teaching me the basics of handling a rifle?" And she says, seriously, "because you're going to need one." (or something like that). Then I'm thrown into this scenario where a bunch of people and I are in this stone courtyard with brick walls and looping barbed wire on top. I'm told(?) that some sort of monster/alien is coming in groups. I have no idea what it's going to look like. Someone shouts "there! up there!" or something like that, and I look and see a young man crouching on the top of the wall with a look of ill intent. I'm surprised to see that the creatures look so human.

    He jumps down and attacks with inhuman abilities that I can't remember, and people are yelling and firing at him, and he's tough, so it takes a surprising amount of time for him to go down, given they're shooting him. This goes on as people call out where they've spotted the creatures, then they attack and we fire at them. We seem to be becoming overrun, though. There are just too many of them, and they're so powerful. Also, they keep shouting ominous things - especially to me, since they can see that I'm new - about how the people I'm with have tricked me; That I've got it backwards and they're the real good guys. I consider what they're saying, but don't think too hard on it for now. As the battle seems more and more lost for us, my view cuts to a supernaturally large, blue/white, ethereal-looking woman (rather like a cursed highborn from WoW or that kind of thing, really). I know that she's the leader of the group, and very powerful, with certain powers. She sees that the battle is doomed to us, so she does the only thing that she can. She raises a dagger and plunges it into her heart. This kills her, but it makes some sort of powerful thing happen that eliminates the attacking creatures.

    Later, I'm in a sort of tiny town populated by these people out to defend themselves against the creatures. I think more about what they said to me during the battle, and I'm suspicious of them, but I just don't know how to really find out. Are the creatures the actual humans (albeit changed or with powers or whatever), and they're trying to eliminate this group in a proactive defense? Or possibly trying to save the people of this group from themselves/make them "see the light" or whatever? I don't know how I can tell. Afterwards, the new head of the group (a regular guy) shows me this white shelf-like thing he has on the outskirts of town under this arch. On it are a number of different small animals that look very agitated. He tells me that they're in the beginning stages of turning into whatever it is that the things we're fighting are, because it's really some sort of disease that can infect anyone/anything, even animals. He has them there to study the beginning stages of the disease. I object to this, but he says he's the leader, and he wants them, so he can have them.

    Something about floating near this shelf in the ceiling and these cloth/plushie japanese food (I can't remember what it was other than it was that) are in the shelf, and somebody below me are saying they're his and he left them there, so I toss them down to him. It takes multiple tosses since a lot of it is just single-piece felt. They fall messily but I decide not to care because he was the one that accidentally left all these little pieces up here in the first place

    Stressful Night

    by Graywolf on 04-07-2016 at 07:17 PM
    I couldn't get myself to focus after waking up this morning and I think I ended up forgetting more than I remembered..

    I'm looking through some of my Mom's old stuff from her teenage years in the small closet in the back room of the house. There are many CD's and even some vinyl records. There's a CD of something very exciting and old that I can't remember. There's an original record of classic late-20's swing by Buster Keaton (who was an actor irl, not a musician) whom I loved. I also love swing, so I was super excited to find this. I think there was one other interesting thing I found in there, but I can't remember.

    Later, I'm trying to get ready to leave at the house - packing, brushing my teeth, etc. It's important that I do - iirc, my family and I are evacuating to somewhere safer, although I don't remember what we're running from. My brother was following me around the house, "messing around" in his terms but being very threatening and stress-inducing in mine. He kept physically making it very hard or impossible for me to get ready. When I finally made it out and regrouped with my parents, I told my mom what had happened. My brother tried to defend himself, saying I was too sensitive/overreacting and that he was just messing around. I told him seriously and truthfully that I was going to take self-defense lessons because of him. He got the point and was quiet and subdued for the rest of the dream that included him. There was something about finding a buried tank and that's apparently where we were going to hide from whatever was happening that was so dangerous. However, there was pretty much just enough room for all of us to squeeze down in there and wait for rescue. It looked unbelievably cramped and just thinking about going in there for who-knows-how-long stressed me out.

    In a different dream(?) I'm walking sideways along a slope in deep snow, looking for someone. I reach a dead-end, and double back, where I meet my friend C and someone else whom I can't remember (I'm not sure I knew them in real life) (it might have been C's friend M, though). I think I see a place where the person I'm looking for might hide, in a thick tree, but M demonstrates that they already looked there, and that while it looked like a good hiding place, she showed that it was actually a bad one, and she was easily spotted. I wanted to go and look the way they had just been, but C told me no one was down there. I thought that the person we were looking for had to be on this "map", and it wasn't my way, so I was going to check her way anyway. I walked in that direction until the snow suddenly ended at the left side of my old elementary school. It was pleasantly warm there, like it was suddenly summer in that area. There on the pavement was the person we were looking for, along with some other people I can't remember. I found it curious that my friends didn't walk to the end of their side of the map before concluding that he wasn't on that side, as obviously if they'd just walked a little farther, they would have found him. At some point I was following footprints in the snow, but I can't remember when, or if it led me there.

    In a different dream(?) I'm in a meeting of middle-aged to older men, and I'm Matt Murdock from Netflix's Daredevil. The meeting is just in an old room of somebody's house, with a long table with chairs squeezed in. The room has paneled wood walls and looks like it's out of the 70's. The meeting is over or I have to leave early - I can't remember which. I walk over to one end of the room to put on my shoes to leave. Beside me is a man in a suit sitting in an adult-sized Wild Thing, a purple spinning electric chair thing my brother and I had as kids. In the dream I could still see. Everyone in the room disliked me and thought I was a laughing stock. They (in mock friendly voices) told me I'd tied my shoes wrong and directed me how to fix them, in a way that tied the laces together. I pretended I was unaware, thanked them, and then said I'd go out to the driveway now and wait for someone to drive me home. I walked carefully so that my shoes didn't trip me up, all the while pretending that nothing was out of the ordinary. I got a little satisfaction out of thwarting their sabotage. On the driveway, the blonde woman from Daredevil (I don't remember her name) came and said she would drive me home. For a moment I felt bad making people drive me places when I could actually drive myself, but then I remembered that although I could see, I was still blind.

    G/T and Stuff

    by Graywolf on 04-05-2016 at 11:34 PM
    Writing this hours after I woke up so I don't remember much.. But I had a G/T dream tonight, which is very very nice, and I've had one or two other G/T dreams recently too, so that's A+..

    There's this society of tinies that are in need of help, so I relocate them to this old rundown house that's been halfway reclaimed by nature already. The structure would provide them protection while the state of it would allow them to cultivate it as they see fit.. I stay for a little while and then leave.. I think there was 1-3 other people with me as well. Later, I come back, and a lot of time has passed. They're all happy to see me but maybe a little apprehensive about it, as I said I wouldn't be coming back. I don't remember what I was there for, but a tiny says to me that he's been struggling to grow enough food to feed his family, and he needs my help. I go into one of the rooms they don't use, which used to be a teenage boy's. There's a wide crack in the floor, and i dig through it until I find a couple handfuls of peanuts. Last time me and the people I was with were here, we knew there were peanuts around (we saw them on the "map" on the top right of our vision - which the dream had taken right from WoW) but we couldn't find them. I was very happy to give them to the guy. I knew that every peanut could be planted and would grow a plentiful peanut tree. A couple handfuls would be way more than enough for them at that size.

    There was some other thing about a ride that was somehow the "equivalent" of Splash Mountain from Disney World. I think there was something to do with cats on it? It was significantly less scary for me, for one thing. Splash Mountain freaks me out IRL. There was a part that was equivalent to the end of splash mountain where you go down the hill and splash into the water, except we were actually underwater for a bit. This was kinda scary to me.

    There were times during this dream (these times happen fairly regularly now) where I wasn't aware that it was a dream, but I was aware that I had some control over it, and that my expectation of reality affected reality itself. I used this knowledge to try and find a tiny out where it was more dangerous for them, at the bottom of the stairs (which were now the stairs at my house), and I was going to ask them what they were doing there, just because that would be a fun plot point or whatever. I struggled in making them appear, and I'm not sure that I actually succeeded. I think I must have to some extent, because I remember being surprised to see two children with the mother tiny, when I had just been trying to summon a single adult tiny.