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      Great! Absolutley awesome xD
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      No problem. If you need advice, just ask.
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      Yeah I requested a scheduel change
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      Today he stared at me
      I said out loud in front of him, "SO MR. STINKY SAID, SHE'S A HOTTIE!" I think he'll hit on me tommorow now :'(
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      Happy Birthday!!
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      Lol I'm a peanut, d-d-d-da da da! I laughed so hard at that!
      What's also creepy, there is this other pretty girl in the class named Kayla, my friend. He said he'd pick the first name he saw on the computer, he just clicked her name, on purpose. "You're lucky, Kayla, the computer likes you!" What's funny, is she said "I, don't, like, the computer." I laughed so hard! Sorry for going on about, Mr. Stinky, but that's his nickname, lol.
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      OMG me too! I have had many "horrible" nightmares about him.what's weird? he stares at me when I eat lunch
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      chicken is good, lol. Totally awesome.
      I love ur avvie!
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      Awesome! And I love cats, lol. Always glad to make new friends! I'm girly and popular, but I'm not mean like some of my friends in real life, lol.
      Thanks for the add ♥
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      You sound a lot like me! ^_^
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    Hospitals, rapists, and memories

    by guitardreamer on 12-12-2013 at 05:30 AM
    BLACK: Regular
    BLUE: Dream
    RED: Notes
    PURPLE: Quote (specific words I remember clearly)
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    I'm not quite sure how this dream started or ended.
    Date: November 30th, 2013
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    I was in a hospital [ it looked like one I'd been in before ]. It was quiet, which made me feel very uncomfortable. It didn't seem right. A man [ He appeared to be in his early/mid 20's and had brown hair, young face, was tall, thin, and had dark eyes. He seemed very familiar ] grabbed my arm and pulled me away from where I was. He mentioned something to a woman by me [ I believe she was a nurse like figure, but I'm not sure ] about "finding all the pretty girls in the hospital and raping the f-ck out of them." [ I don't think he thought that I'd heard him. That, or he didn't care if I did or not. ] I began feeling incredibly nervous, but I hid it to the best of my ability. We passed my family [ always female members from my mother's side or my father. None of them ever noticed me, save my father. He glanced at me but said and did nothing ] two times. Some time along the way I mentioned something about "not wanting to be treated this way again." The man looked at me and we sat on some stairs [ the "nurse" woman stood off the the side. The stairs were hard stone ] and he asked me, "You've been raped before?" [ those words rang in my head over and over when I woke up ] I mentioned something about being a virgin but that I'd been sexually abused in the past [ this is true. I have been ]. He raised his eyebrow and almost seemed to feel sorry for me. I thought he'd let me go. Suddenly, he pulled me to my feel and literally dragged me to a room [ more details on the room below ] that looked like both a physical therapy facility and an x-ray/CT scan room. He had the nurse take me to a machine on the far right side of the room. I faced the closed end of it. The man said "We're making sure you won't get pregnant. STAND STILL!" I was shaking violently by this point. I was scared. He had the nurse woman spread my arms out and made me stand holding some bars on either side of me. After this, the man literally growled and tore me away from the machine. He took of my jacket [ it was red ] , leaving me in my tank top [ grey ], jeans, and socks. I noticed my dad outside the room and I told the nurse to shut the door. She did this. The man pushed me onto my back [ I landed on another machine that was on the floor. I hit my back on two bars ] and I crossed my legs over each other and put my arms over my chest. I started pleading with him. "Please, please don't!" I cried over and over [ I was literally crying ]. The man towered over me and he ripped his shirt off and started trying to take my clothes off. I kicked at him and screamed repeatedly. Eventually, I think, I got so afraid that I just woke up. The ending is blurry.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    About the room-
    It was on the top floor in the west side of the building. The sun was setting outside the single window which had blinds over it. The room was cold. The colors were desaturated, but there was blue and white all around me -ironically my school colors-. There were various "machines" strewn about. The door that I saw my dad out of was on the right side of the room right next to the machine I stood by. The door was a flimsy plywood sliding door that had no lock. The only light in the room came from that one window. It was dark-ish

    Various notes-
    I remember that I didn't scream for my dad's help because I didn't want him to see me so vulnerable. I would rather be raped than have him see me like that.

    No one seemed to notice what the man was saying. The nurse never spoke or made any noise.

    The man was very familiar and was rough, then gentle, then rough.

    My dad looked through me when he gazed my way.

    All I could think about when I woke up was the mysterious man who'd made me do something sexual (no details because I don't want to say it) when I was 5 years old.

    Around the time I started to faze out from the dream, I remember that the man looked animalistic. He also started to "melt." His image literally just began to melt.

    I remember my dad (after the whole ordeal, probably) saying something like "Oh I never wanted this to happen again. It's like 10 years ago."

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    If you can offer any help here, I'd appreciate it. This dream hits home in too many ways. I've had more and more dreams like this one, lately, It's as though my subconscious is trying to make me see something.

    Another Nightmare

    by guitardreamer on 02-13-2013 at 11:19 PM
    (I've been having so many nightmares recently)

    I woke up in my room, my clock said 3:38 AM. I could hear my brother and sister in the living room, and I wondered why they were up. My dad came in and told me that school was canceled for the day because the teachers had some big meeting in Indianapolis. I got up and the dream kinda derped for a moment because I don't remember what happened .... After that, though, I was inside of our church -ew- and I was with my little sister. We went outside because we saw my brother outside. I suddenly sensed that someone out back. That's when I saw someone darting back and forth. It terrified me, because I could feel that he wasn't a good person. I told my sister to go inside, but she didn't listen! The guy came around and he had a knife, a long one, too. I started screaming at her to go inside, but she kept saying no! I pushed her behind a car because he kept getting closer. He came closer and threw the knife at me, with more appearing in his hands. I picked it up (he was a terrible aim) and begged him not to kill me. He said nothing, but kept coming closer.
    Then the dream ended.

    It was scary... Just saying.

    Meteor showers...

    by guitardreamer on 12-11-2012 at 05:00 AM
    This dream I had last night was incredibly vivid. Like, no joke. ...Here goes!

    I was sitting in my back yard, in a tree, actually, one that I always sit in when I think. I looked overhead, gazing up because the stars were out. All of a sudden, a shooting star came whizzing past in the sky from east to west before disappearing. As I watched it, amazed, I remember saying "I wish wish all my heart that I would meet Ashley Purdy." Then, all of a sudden, another shooting star went by! I smiled, again wishing the same thing. Then, the sky seemed to be filled completely by shooting stars! I found myself in the middle of my yard then, looking up and grinning. I felt a strong sense that my wish would be granted, and felt a joy that I haven't felt in the longest time. I couldn't help but think to myself as I went inside that all that had occurred meant something. Then, I woke up.

    So yeah, that was a really really short dream, but it's so vivid that I can replay it over and over in my mind. The shooting stars were like pixie dust, I tell you. I was lovely I wonder if maybe this dream means something. I don't know. My dreams heave meant something before...

    Seeing Myself Die

    by guitardreamer on 10-16-2012 at 11:08 PM
    This is a nightmare I had a few nights ago.

    I was holding a young girl, an infant, in my arms. I was inside a building when a man pushed me into a room, slammed the door, and locked it. Inside, I saw a woman cowering in a corner, sobbing so violently she was shaking. I heard something being released through small rifts in the floor, and I felt suffocated. I was in a gas chamber. (Just to let you know, I was 20 ish in the dream. Six years older than I am now) I held the baby against my chest and fell to my knees, not wanting this baby to die. She cried and cried until I shushed her, calming her. They opened the door and took her from me, and I heard her screaming. The other woman lay dead before me. I stared in horror at the corpse before screaming for them to give her back to me. The baby, that is. The man from before laughed and kicked me hard in the abdomen, causing me to fall backwards.

    From this point on, it was like I was outside my body, watching the proceedings from afar. I saw him laugh as a woman ran up, a large wooden beam in her hands. She drove it through my stomach, and I heard a myself cry out, blood trickling from my mouth. She pulled it out of me, making blood spill EVERYWHERE. She drove it in again...and again....and again. I was begging for death. She laughed, torturing me until there was so much blood around me I thought I had to be completely drained. I saw her drive the stake into my heart, and, hearing myself softly grunt, I watched my body slump forward.... dead. In the background, I heard a child crying until silence came and I woke up.

    Note: This is the first time I've ever seen myself die in a dream.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    I'm Alive XD

    by guitardreamer on 02-12-2012 at 02:36 AM
    Yeah this is my first DJ in a long time XD

    Last night's dream is little more than a fragment.

    I was in my backyard, I know that... Sometime during the dream I saw either Sephiroth or Vincent Valentine, I can't remember which. All I know is that in the end I got kissed by one of those guys. Then I woke up.

    Fail XDDD
    non-lucid , dream fragment