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    Intense and LONG lucid dream - ADULT - one short lucid dream fragment (all in the same night!)

    by GypsyDiver on 10-26-2011 at 12:21 AM
    I woke up this morning and tried the FILD technique. I'm not sure I had full lucidity in the beginning, but I was at least aware of myself entering a dream.

    I've been reading Stephen King's Under the Dome, so I was trapped in a city under a dome much like that one. In fact, we might have been in the book. Then some countries (and it might have been Naruto related) bombed right outside us. People freaked out, but I became lucid around then (or maybe I always had been, my memory on this one is fuzzy) and dove into the sand and dust where the bomb had hit. I swam around in the dust for a while, then came up and went to this huge department store. It was made all out of glass. I started talking casually to the police chief there. I remember that most of the stuff he said was hilarious, and laughing pretty hard. I know I asked him some questions I've always wanted to ask dream characters, but I've forgotten most of what he said.

    He started leading me around the department store, kind of like a tour. I kind of snapped back to a heightened state of lucidity, extremely aware. I looked at my hands and was, once again, shocked by how real it was. I KNEW it was a dream, I didn't need to do any checks, but I was still just fascinated. I looked at the name plaque for this woman's office that we were standing outside of. Her name was Wanda something. The name was strange, but the door and plaque and woman looked intensely real. I thought, "Okay, time to get some stuff done!"

    There was a door I could try to walk through, but I watched Inception the other night with Leviathen (he'd never seen it) and was now convinced if I tried to leave, my DCs would try to attack me. I didn't want to get shot, so I tried to spin. I could tell I hadn't moved, but I willed myself not to wake up. When I opened my eyes, the police men were coming to tie me to the wall.

    Spoiler for ADULT:

    Then the alarm went off and I woke up.

    (It really was long, like 30 minutes, I just don't remember most of it. At one point I thought, GEEZ this is a long dream.)


    The second dream took place a couple of hours after the first.

    I was running from a large group of people, when lucidity hit me. Something about the running feeling great and how I wasn't tired. I just was sure I was dreaming. I did the nose RC. As usual, it took me a second to realize it was working, that I could breathe.

    Then I woke up.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Dark room, Wooden door - Lucid - Several False Awakenings - Extremely vivid!

    by GypsyDiver on 10-20-2011 at 05:48 PM
    This one has more false awakenings than I've ever had, so it's hard to keep straight!

    I was hanging out with Stats and the rest of the Bridgies. I poked Stats on the nose, and I made her blush. I was excited by that. Then, I found out my mom was a serial killer based through Facebook. She was blonde, and was keeping the stuff she used to kill people in the room next to me. I eventually got so freaked out by the whole thing that I 'woke up' with a false awakening.

    The first thing I thought was that I was disappointed the thing with Stats was a dream. But I was glad my mom wasn't a serial killer. As usual when I wake up, I performed a reality check, holding my nose. But I only held one nostril, so I figured the fact I could breathe was based on that. Then I believe I tried to go to sleep. Either that or I tried to WILD. Either way, when I closed my eyes, I saw extremely weird things so I thought I could do another reality check. I tried the nose again. Once again, I could still breathe. I thought about how weird it was, then I realized it was because I was dreaming!

    I was so excited, I jumped out of bed. I looked around the room, which was really dark. It kept switching between looking like this big Victorian bedroom and the one I'd fallen asleep in. The bed was large and wooden and ornate. Slink sat up and asked me if I was still going to try to sleep/WILD. He reminded me that my mom was still in the next room (from the dream before.) That part scared me, and I got sucked back into the dream
    plot again. Slink managed to convince me to climb back into bed, but I kept thinking about how weird it was that my mom was blonde. Then I remembered I was dreaming, and I thought, "No way, I'm not letting this change slip by!" So I jumped back to the other side of the bed, where the door was.

    I looked at my hands, which looked normal. I focused on them, then rubbed them because even then I could feel myself losing awareness. As I rubbed them, it was like everything came into view. I could see things much more clearly, including the door in front of me. It had been closed, but as I rubbed it opened, and I really looked at it. I was astonished by how real it looked! It was exactly like I wanted! I was really lucid! I started to rub the door on both sides, determined to keep my awareness. Then I thought, "What now?"

    I remembered that I wanted to do the Task of the Month (trick or treating) so I tried to make the door take me to the house I imagined trick or treating at. I kept having trouble opening it, and when I did it was just a really dark room beyond it. So I tried spinning. I thought about where I was going, and spun hard. My vision went black and I felt myself falling. After a minute, I still didn't see anything, but I worried I was going to wake up...
    so of course I did. I had another false awakening. I was very upset that I had spun myself out of the dream.

    After that I don't remember, but I didn't wake up for another few minutes.

    Non-dream - WILD Attempt - Tingling and Noises - Nausea

    by GypsyDiver on 10-13-2011 at 01:31 AM
    Every Wednesday I take a nap, so today I thought I'd try some a WILD. I had three attempts in all.

    The first isn't even worth mentioning.

    During the second attempt, I began counting my breaths. As usual, I started to feel very relaxed around breath 60, and by 100 I had started seeing some swirly colors. Then I heard this noise like... I can't quite remember, kind of a buzzing, maybe, off to my right. I wondered if this was a hallucination, because it sounded like it was real, right there in the room. I tried to get my mind back on track counting. After a little, my hands, which were resting on my legs, started to feel like they had fused to me. I has all tingly and numb. I was sure I was going into SP, and got really excited, but still tried to calm down. I counted breaths and let my heart rate decrease, but nothing else seemed to happen. Then, my eyes opened on their own.

    I was so frustrated! I was sure I had gotten close. I thought, maybe I was too awake, so I laid on my side and got sleepy and tried again. This time, I didn't have any visual hallucinations, either, but I'm sure there were audial ones, because after about 100 breaths again I heard this loud bass sound, like a car was blasting rap. I could almost feel it, and it was so loud. I started to lose track of where I was counting, and eventually the noise faded away. After that, I remember trying to lose track of my body, and focus inward, but I kept feeling like my hand was upside down. It was a weird sensation: I knew my hand was palm down on my leg, but it felt like it was palm up. I kept focusing on it, even thought I knew I shouldn't. I also lost myself in thought a lot, losing the number of breaths I had taken. Near 400-something, I gave up, knowing if I didn't stop, I'd just fall asleep.

    Of course, after all three attempts, I did RCs.
    Something to note, and I wrote about it in the forums. When I got up after the third attempt, I felt really nauseous and sick for about ten minutes.

    I thought I'd post these, uninteresting as they are, because I left my real DJ at the other house. If I don't write about them, I'll regret it.
    side notes

    A couple dreams about ALIENS!

    by GypsyDiver on 10-10-2011 at 04:01 AM
    Alien Abduction! (SUPER VIVID!)

    Last night I dreamed I was abducted by aliens! I know! Slynk told me maybe I really WAS. Freaky thought. Anyway. These aliens took a bunch of humans, seven of us? It was supposed to be an even number, but they screwed up. And they put us on a TV show! A reality TV show where we had to kill each other off. I remember thinking it reminded me of Doctor Who. We were in space, and had a multitude of ways to kill each other. I mostly remember an Asian woman being pushed out into space. It was scary, because none of us wanted to kill each other, but we didn't want to die, either.

    I remember almost dying, but there was a reset when the aliens realized they grabbed the wrong number of people. That's when some of the dead people came back and we all realized that they, the aliens, could control life. The people who had died told us they had really EXPERIENCED what it was like to be dead. So we were all pretty uncomfortable about killing other people. I lied, told everyone I was pregnant so they wouldn't kill me. Even though I could be brought back, I didn't want to experience dying like the rest of the people had. So I avoided being killed. I remember being on some deck of the ship and looking out into a star, which was huge and inferno-y. It really scared me, how huge and hot it was.

    At the end, the aliens talked about keeping us as pets. They said they could keep us forever then erase our memories and put us back on Earth like no time has passed. I told them if they kept someone, I think it was Slynk, they had to keep me too, and let me visit him. They smiled and said they would, then I woke up.

    Unfinished Alien Religion fragment
    (This is unfinished because I wrote all of it, but it was eaten by the word processor. I found it two days later and posted it, as is, to my LJ.)

    I think I was an alien invader from another planet, or somesuch. Or I knew people who were. I was pretending to take over a church. I really WAS taking over, but I wasn't as evil as I was pretending to be. It was extremely odd. I forced people to pray by themselves for long periods of time, I ran around converting people and telling them about our choir. The sermon had no hymns, I guess because I don't really know any! And there was a boy who wasn't converted, and I wanted him to be. Sid was there, too. He said something to embarrass me, so I ran off to the boy, and used my 'me' voice, not my pastor/preacher voice. I flirted with him, pulled him on top of me. I remember thinking, 'three breaths,' was the amount of time he has before he was hard, and then I'd know if it worked. I don't remember if I turned him on, but I did convert him.

    A bunch of dreams and fragments from the past months~

    by GypsyDiver on 10-10-2011 at 03:50 AM
    These were all posted on my Livejournal, and I'm posting them in the reverse order than I had them in.

    Origin of Stats

    Which brings us to the dream about why Stats is called Stats now. Basically, I had this dream last night. Megan Merrill, of all people, was driving me around this new town (where all my OLD friends lived! how fun...) that had this great, enclosed stone architecture. There were coffee shops and used book stores and this fountain in the middle of town. It was pretty cold because we were in the mountains. I had started going to school there, so mom came up to visit. Guess who else went to school there! Stats, of course! Anyway, I went hiking with Stats and mom, and it was fun... then Stats and I went back down to class. My mom called me when we got there and said she was a little lost. I asked if Stats and I should help her, but she said she was fine, just that she'd be late for dinner or something. Anyway. So Stats and I talked about how ze was sick? Whatever it was, ze was having a hard time at school. I recommended ze go to the doctor, but Stats didn't want to miss school. I said ze could get medication and not miss school. Then ze did something adorable. Stats looked around the room and was like, "Hey, everybody? If you could miss a day of school with medication and a doctor's note, would you? Raise your hand if you'd still come to school." A few people did (Specs was in the back row and raised her hand) but when Stats readjusted her question to two days, no one did. Ze looked at me all proud. It was the cutest thing ever! It was like ze was trying to prove a point and had just cited zir sources. I even told zir how adorable it was. So... now I'm calling zir Stats.

    Rodney Fragment

    Last night, I dreamed that I was an assistant to Rodney McKay. I kept screwing up his drink orders and everything he wanted. I think that's typical. Rodney in the dream was just like Atlantis Rodney. I woke up grinning.

    Ron Fragment

    I dreamed I was in love with Ron Weasley. Weird, because I've liked Rupert since sixth grade, but never Ron. Anyway, he was tall and I was hugging onto him. I don't think he liked me back, and it broke my heart. There were aliens! (What a surprise.) There were to kinds of ships, the usual small rockets and some big black balloon looking things. I remember thinking the balloons must be "ours" for some reason. The dream was hard to follow even when I was asleep.

    Movie Premiere

    I dreamed that Slynk and I went to a movie premiere. We had played some part in the making of it. The theatre was this huge building, vertical. He, mom and I kept climbing all the way to the top. It was late. It might have been a showing at dawn or something. When were just about to the top of the building, Slynk sits at this patio table and starts texting. He tells me he's meeting this other girl here, and he's in love with her. I say, I guess that means we're through and he nodded. It was pretty depressing.

    Office Drama - Partial Lucid!

    Slynk, Sid and I all worked in the same building. It was big and covered in glass. All the outer walls were glass. It was very modern. I kept running around doing work. I'm not sure what my job was, but I worked with Sid a lot, and not with Slynk. Eventually, I told Sid off because I think he was hitting on me. Slynk showed up, and I went lucid for a minute. I looked down at my hands and did a reality check. I tried sticking my finger through my hand. I could tell I was waking up, so I didn't want to look too hard at my hands. I did another RC, this time holding my nose. I could breathe, so I had confirmation. I felt like I was waking up, and as I looked at my hands, the dream shifted. I lost lucidity. I was in Sid's office again. Now it was night. We had a conversation that I don't remember at all, but he started telling me he loved me. I said, "No. Slynk," like I was trying to turn him into Slynk. I kept saying it, and eventually Sid grabbed my arm. He pulled me for a while, really hard. It started to hurt! Then I woke up. My arm was around Slynk in bed, we'd fallen asleep that way, so that was why I felt like he was pulling my arm. It was a nice way to wake up!

    Barack Obama super fragment?

    Last night I dreamed of Barack Obama. We were in the past and he owned a railroad company.

    There are more, but I'll post them separately since they're pretty epic.
    lucid , dream fragment