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    The sailor does not control the sea, nor does the lucid dreamer control the dream. Like a sailor, lucid dreamers manipulate or direct themselves in the larger expanse of dreaming; however, they do not control it. Lucid dreaming appears to be a co-created experience. ~Robert Waggoner
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    The New Technology, Infection, Transforming, and the Supermarket

    by h1nchm4n on 10-20-2013 at 11:03 PM
    It's been over a year, but I'm going to start making DJ entries on here again. I've been keeping them in my own journal but I ran out of space. I will be labeling weird stuff in red and lucid stuff in blue. Also, waking life in green. This dream was extremely vivid and different than anything I've experienced before. (Except while lucid.)

    Last night - Friday October 19th

    The first thing I remembered was being in a very large super market. For some reason, it was extremely crowded (much more crowded than I've ever seen before, even on black friday.) Most people were in the very back of the store waiting for a certain item to come out. I believe it was some kind of new technology that acts like an inhaler, but is basically equivalent to eating a full meal. I was immediately interested so I got one, along with the crowd.

    After I bought it, people were trying it out in the store. Inhaling meals. The mist from these things quickly crowded the air, kind of like second hand smoke. I breathed in some of course. I went home with my new item. My house wasn't the same and most of my relatives were there, even a few of my friends. I told them about the inhaler and how great it was.

    Later on, we turned on the news to find that there was a break out of some infectious disease that turned people into cat like humans. They grew in size and had large claws. These were more along the lines of big cats than house cats. The TV was showing live footage of the supermarket I had bought my inhaler from. It turns out that the inhaler meals were defective. The footage was brutal and showed people transforming and killing other humans inside and outside the store.

    I realized I had inhaled some of it and I suddenly started convulsing and puking violently. The hair on my body began to stand up and started growing and changing color. I grew claws and felt like my brain was changing shape inside my head and my vision began to change. I had become a sort of werecat? I don't know what to call it, but it felt insanely weird.

    My family and friends quickly tied me down, else I'd go on a killing rampage. I roared and kicked to get out because I wanted to kill and unite with my cat friends.

    I woke up around here, about 4 hours in. I went back to bed and the dream felt eerily similar.

    This time I was outside in a very hilly suburban area. It was cooler than where I live and definitely seemed like Colorado or another mountain state. There was another supermarket like the one from before, but on a hill with a different name. I went inside, and like before there were a lot of people. There was no inhaler this time though. I didn't buy anything, and walked home.

    I got home and it was the same house as before, but my good friend and his family lived there. We'll call him C. I talked to C about what happened with the inhalers and stuff before, but he didn't know what I was talking about. His dad seemed to be listening to the conversation under his nose. Out of nowhere, the same thing happened as before. I felt the urge to puke and my legs got extremely unstable. I ran to the sink and puked up this white liquid, which quickly hardened and turned into a thick film in the sink. The feelings somewhat died down and C's dad told me I would be okay.

    I went to the airport with C and his dad. I watched them get on the plane and fly off. Suddenly, the feeling came back and I fell to my knees and began puking all over the airport floor. Nobody noticed me. I decided it would be good to get home and get away from the people before I transformed again. As I was running and stumbling around the giant airport terminals, I noticed other people began convulsing, falling, and puking as well. I made it out before I could transform.

    I thought it would be a good idea to hit the super market before going home, so I headed there. What I saw was horrifying. Cars were on fire and there were dead bodies all over the parking lot. I decided to check it out, so I went inside. Inside there were tons of people, screaming, transforming, killing other people. It was chaos. Different from before though, the people were transforming into bear-like humanoids. Not the cats from before.

    I ran home and locked myself inside. Blocked off the doors and windows as best as I could and turned on the TV. All the news stations were talking about the developing infection. I overheard that the army was on their way to suppress the situation at the supermarket. Outside my window tons and tons of Humvees and other military vehicles sped past. I ran outside my front door and watched as they drove down to the supermarket. I followed them down the road as best I could eventually getting to the supermarket.

    I watched as they unloaded troops and weapons. Helicopters were in the air. They got into position to enter the front door. I was standing on the opposite far side of the road in front of someones house. A little girl came out from the house and ran to me. For some reason, I realized what was going on and became lucid. Her mother came outside as well. I told her the army was here to help and that if the army failed or didn't come back she should run as fast as she can to her mommy. Her mom agreed with me. We watched the army breach and clear the supermarket. We heard lots of shooting, screaming, and explosions. After about fifteen minutes of waiting, the sound finally died down. It was awhile before the army got a response from the soldiers who went in.

    It turns out the source of the transforming wasn't from the inhalers, but from an invisible pathogen in the atmosphere during this time. Anyone is susceptible to the pathogen, but after being subject to transforming once, you develop resistances to it. After a half hour of waiting for the army to come out, I made my way to the front door. The army warned me not go in due to the risks, but I showed the commander my scars from transforming before, and he let me pass.

    The sliding glass doors were broken, opening and closing over and over on the body of a dead soldier. Upon entering, there was a pungent odor in the air. Death. It was completely quiet with nobody to be seen, not even any bear-people. Weird. I started walking down one of the aisles, stepping over corpses of civilians, soldiers, people that failed to completely transform, and creatures that looked just like grizzly bears. While walking down the aisle, the dream slowly started to fade out, and I
    woke up.


    A very interesting dream nonetheless, but I have yet to figure out how to interpret it. I'll edit this later tonight after some thinking.
    non-lucid , memorable , lucid

    The Island of Thorns

    by h1nchm4n on 12-04-2012 at 06:02 PM
    This was the night of November 3rd/Morning of November 4th

    I went to bed around 6AM (Was up late drinking with my friends.) Only got about 4+3/4 hours of sleep. The dream got more and more vivid as it went on. I got more and more aware/lucid as it went on as well. I'm not quite sure whether it started in a street, my room, a mall, or the computer labs at my school. I'll just explain all scenes and how I think they go together.. Again, I will label violent/scary/weird parts in RED

    The Dream!
    I was at home, in my room. My sister kept bothering me. My friend Jesse came over. My friend Jesse is a pretty big stoner, so I asked my mom for $20 for marijuana.

    We went out to this street for I don't know what reason. We were near a car on the side of the road. Two black guys kept talking to me about money and I said something along the lines of "Hey everyone has a use for $20 in today's society!" I turned around back at Jesse and my sister and there was a giant tree I had to go through to get to them.

    In the next scene, its my sister, Jesse and I at some sort of store. We were just messing around at the store. Opening random items, tasting things we had never tried before etc. I was eating some sort of Ice cream with my hands as I walked down an isle. The isle slowly turned into the entrance to the computer labs at my uni.

    There was a cop there, so I devoured whatever was left in my hand. I talked to the lady at the front desk to use the computers. She yelled to a teacher that his shift was starting soon (I had shown up for class.) There were a lot of chairs along the side of the wall, where people were sitting/studying. I noticed the lady was talking to my Composition teacher who was sitting in one of these chairs. For some reason I got really absorbed by his face. There were suddenly two of him and his face kept changing.

    I became lucid somewhere around this point.

    He started explaining some concept to me and I was envisioning what he said. He got to a climax in his speech about "YOU NEED PHYSICAL STRENGTH!" I was then on a beach. Me and a group of five people were at one end of a rope, and six on the other. The other team was pulling us pretty slowly. The rope went around a pole in the middle, so both teams pulled in the same direction. We were fighting over a very beautiful naked woman.

    I gained some strength and in one big jolt, won the game of tug of war. All the other competitors disappeared once it was over. It was me and this beautiful girl on a tropical island. The island was completely square with beach on all sides. Nobody could get off of the beach as the rest of it was ALL thorns. I kept trying to have sex with this girl, and the scene kept getting creepier. It got really stormy. We turned around one of the corners of the island and down the beach I saw a very strange figure. It was a giant monster. I grabbed the girl and said "It's okay it's only a dream."

    I tried to make the monster go away, but I kept focusing on it. It was still slowly approaching. I saw a ton of eyes looking at us from the thorns. The monster kept changing form/shape which is why I was attentive to it. I realized I was paying too much attention to these details, so I turned 180 degrees. Everything disappeared without attention on it. The day went back to normal and the things were gone. I ended up talking to the girl/teasing her in the water. Because I was lucid, I wanted to know what its like underwater, so I tried summoning some goggles. I wanted to explore.

    It didn't work, so I turned around and to my luck, there was an ambulance floating in the water. I kept trying to open the things on the ambulance knowing there would be goggles inside. I couldn't open it, so I just ended up going underwater without goggles.

    It was beautiful. The color and clarity were so vivid. There were small white fish as far as the eye could see. There were pink streamer like seaweed strands floating in the current, like they were hanging down from the top of the water. The ocean bed was covered in coral and other wild life. There were giant snails and there was a very tall coral formation. There was an octopus on the side, and a mermaid laying on top in a giant white anemone.

    At this point, my phone woke me up (Stupid low battery .) I didn't want to waste the day away, so I didn't go back to bed. I am ready for REM rebound tonight!
    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    The Jungle, The Great Move, The Zookeeper, MY DREAM GUIDE

    by h1nchm4n on 11-08-2012 at 10:26 PM
    Before I start this entry, this was the most amazing and moving dream I have ever had.. in my entire life.

    The Night of November 7th, 2012.

    Some Preknowledge:

    Last night, I went to bed telling myself I would remember my dreams, and I would attempt to WILD 4 hours after going to sleep. I went to bed at around 2:30AM and WBTB around 7:15AM. My roommate then woke me up around 9-10AM when he had to go to class. I went back to sleep and woke up at around 12PM. So I got a lot more sleep than I usually do.

    I think this experience helped me identify my dream guide.

    The Dream!

    The first part was kind of vague. I was in a jungle with this girl I have been off and on with. There were other people there, I don't remember who. We were at some kind of outpost (like a camp,) and people kept coming and trying to kill us. Being my violent self, I didn't have many problems dismembering the people that approached us. They ended up killing everyone but me.

    After long fights that lasted days (this was weird,) I noticed a sugar glider at my feet who seemed very happy to see me. I don't know what it was, but I could tell this was not an ordinary animal. For those who don't know what a sugar glider is, it is a very VERY cute version of a flying squirrel and they live in forests/jungles. It beckoned me to follow.

    I followed it over the dead bodies, and it showed me the main camp. The main camp was filled with many types of animals, some that could communicate. There were also humans there. The sugar glider then brought me to the top of a mountain. You could see EVERYTHING. There was a convoy a couple miles away. They were poachers/zookeepers trying to capture animals. There were also police there with them, because the humans in the camp were supporting the animals and resisting capture as well.

    I followed the Sugar Glider for a very long time. It showed me many areas, and introduced me to many people and animals. I knew my purpose now. I helped defend and support the camp for years. (Weird again. My dream lasted years, and along this time, I bonded with two other defenders; named Rick and Alison. My awareness of the dream got greater and greater as time went along.) I also bonded a lot with the sugar glider, whom I later named Bud. He was with me at all times. Either showing me knew things, or sitting on my shoulder as we fought for freedom.) After years of fighting, the camp eventually was getting taken over. All the animals decided to pack up and move.

    Many of the defenders were taken into custody, but Rick, Alison, and I escaped with the animals. The only way this fighting was going to end was if the humans and animals split up. Bud knew this, and so did Rick and Alison. I did not want to leave Buds side. I embraced him and started crying, and he clung onto me. He didn't look sad. He was so emotionless while I was kneeling there in sadness. He knew this was the only way it would work out.

    The defenders went one direction, and the animals went the other. I kept looking back, through the branches, making sure the animals were going to be okay.

    After a long travel through the brush a couple days later, we started walking along a very low path on the outside of a mountain. I looked up the mountain and saw the animals traveling along a higher path. I was confused as to why they were walking the same direction as us, so I lept up the mountain to where they were traveling. I met with one of the mammoths I had become good friends with and talked to him. He said they had been ambushed awhile back. He said that Bud had been taken into custody by the zoo leader himself. Bud was the only one who had been taken.

    The animals and defenders decided it was a better idea to stick together, and I lead the group as close to the city as we could get. We set up camp, and Rick, Alison and I went into the city to search for the zoo's business branch.

    This is when my alarm went off to WBTB with WILD. It was surprisingly fast, and went a lot more smoothly than ever. The dream resumed where it left off.

    When we got to the business branch, we waited in the parking lot for a bit. Soon a Cadillac Escalade showed up. A bunch of men in suits got out, and one opened the door for a very important looking man. I told Rick and Alison to stay back and to let me handle it myself.

    The important man turned out to be the leader. I talked to him for awhile about what was going on, and he recognized me after some conversation. A year ago, I guess I killed his brother in a battle. I had a flashback and I remembered a long fight with a man who looked similar to the leader. I saw bud climb out of the car and he perched on the top of it to observe us.

    The leader was enraged, and he ordered his men to open fire. I made a green bubble-like shield around myself, and the bullets deflected everywhere. I teleported behind one of the guards and snapped his neck. I teleported behind another, kicked in the back of his knees, and used his momentum to throw him into the ground. The others ran off.

    The leader screamed, and took out his gun. I deflected a majority of his shots, but one ended up skimming my left shoulder. Pain surged through my entire arm. I have never been shot in a dream before, the pain was indescribable. I fell to my knees for a second, and the man laughed. Bud was still watching from the top of the Escallade. The main walked over to me with his gun pointed at my head and said something along the lines of "It's amazing how someone so powerful can be put down with such a simple wound." He continued laughing. I knelt there in silence for a couple seconds.

    I shot up from where I was kneeling, and my head went straight into his jaw. He fell onto his back, and I jumped on top of him and started beating his face in. I said "It's amazing how someone so powerful as yourself can be so simple minded and quick to judge." I got up as he was laying in a pool of his own blood. He was coughing up blood and was on the verge of dying. Alison and Rick ran over to me to make sure I was okay. Bud jumped from his perch to my shoulder. I gave him a pet, and suddenly, the pain in my arm was gone. The wound disappeared. There was a look of acceptance on his face, and something told me this was the beginning of something amazing.

    This is when my roommate woke me up on accident.

    Analysis! And why I think Bud is my possible dream guide.

    In the beginning of my dream, when the girl died, I don't think I cared that much because I knew it was a dream. I don't know if anyone else has had this happen to them, but I was in this dream for a couple years (of dream time.) When I saw Bud for the first time in the dream, a voice in my head told me that I should do everything he tells me to do. I'm not sure if it was his voice, or my personal self. I followed him from start to finish, and by doing so, I helped the dream characters I met (defenders and animals) meet their goals.

    Ultimately, I think Bud got taken on purpose. Why did none of the other animals get captured? I think Bud created a test dream/environment for me, to see if I was ready for him to guide me. Sure, in the beginning, he was very controlling, but in the end, he put his trust in me to save him. Even though I'm sure he didn't need saving. He also believed I would be able to do it myself. Normally, I feel lonely in dreams, as if I'm the only one there who knows its a dream. This was different though. I felt Buds presence, as if he wasn't a dream character. It was very interesting, just the feeling of no longer being the only aware creature in my dreams. I actually felt an emotional attachment to him, like a mentor, or a friend, something I've never felt before in a lucid dream.

    I think its safe to say, Bud is my dream guide.

    The Ship, The Alleyway, The Swing Set, The Kung Fu Master and His Staff, and The Doves

    by h1nchm4n on 11-03-2012 at 07:53 PM
    The Night of November 2nd / The Morning of November 3rd

    It's been awhile since my last entry, but here we go!

    I was originally going to wake up at 9:30am this morning because I wanted to workout. But when my alarm went off, I just went back to bed. I'm going to label any violent parts with RED.

    The Dream:
    I was driving a huge ship in a very tropical-like scene. The ship was made of wood, and was gigantic. It didn't have sails. It was powered by motor. There were a couple people on the ship with me, wanting to anchor at a beach to relax. I was driving the ship, where normally, a ship as big as that couldn't go, because of the depth, but I didn't really pay attention to that.

    We found a small mangrove beach, and I parked the boat parallel to shore. I anchored the back end of the boat, then got out to anchor the front. It turned out to be a major pain to anchor it. I anchored it really tightly, because nothing else worked. A few seconds later, the back end of the boat swung out into the channel, because the anchor came undone. The boat started drifting away.

    Luckily, one of the people was still on it, and I told her to drive. I sprinted along the beach, then dove into the water to catch up to the boat. I got on the back, but the girl was not good at driving. I was hanging onto the back end of the boat, as the girl was speeding around turns and rivers. I moved to the side of the boat, which was worse, because I kept getting thrown around. We eventually stopped.

    It was just me and the girl. I seemed to be a much older, more powerful figure. I'm 18, I seemed to be in my late 20s/early 30s. The girl looked to be around 20ish. We were in a town. It was late afternoon, so the sun was setting, and it lit the town up with an orange tint. We were walking along an alley, which was actually kind of like a lowered sidewalk. Our shoulders were level with the road. There was also a triangular roof above us.

    The girl was talking to someone on level with the road. She was questioning him about a man. I don't really remember who. Things were getting sketchier the longer we walked in this alley. People were open wielding guns, pressuring us to buy things, etc. One guy, who seemed really small (like midget size) bumped into me. He was carrying a brown paper bag. I saw a gun in the bag and I assumed he was part of a pickpocket group.

    I grabbed his head, and thrust it into the wall. His head exploded everywhere. Someone on street level, outside the alleyway, started yelling something at us. The girl seemed to be disappointed that I did that. I don't remember why, but we started running. The lowered sidewalk turned into an actual alleyway. We couldn't see the street anymore and the roof was still above us. The buildings got smaller, and seemed to be made of clay.

    It was sunset, and we ran to the end of the alley. The darkness parted, and I was kind of blinded by the sunlight. We were standing in an old playground I think. There was a broken, rusty swing set, and we were standing on mulch. There were black plastic barriers surrounding the area that were about waist high. It was completely silent. The swing set consisted of two swings. One of them was missing. The other, creaking gently as the wind played with it.

    I looked to the left, and there was a man standing there. He had a large staff, which was made of metal, was probably taller than he was, and had some kind of pressure systems on the ends. The girl and the man exchanged dialogue, of which I don't remember. Then the man took a fighting stance, and so did the girl. I figured now was the time to beat stuff up. We started fighting, and the girl seemed to stay out of it. I was wailing on the guy, but every single attack I launched at him, he blocked with his staff.

    After a few minutes of fighting, I hit the end of his staff with my palm. From the other end of the staff, a white dove came out and flew away. The man started laughing. I kept hitting the end of the staff with all force. The doves didn't just fly out, they shot out, like a cannon, depending on how hard you hit the end. Every time I hit it, the guy seemed to giggle, as if it was his plan.

    I then decided to hit the end lightly, and the dove only shot about 4 feet into the air above us. I yelled to the girl to hit it. The girl had some kind of weapon. I wasn't sure if it was a gun or a slingshot, but the bird exploded as she shot it. Some kind of droppings fell to the ground, like an owl pellet. I opened up the pellet, and inside was an egg with some feathers. I snatched the egg. The man with the staff seemed to have disappeared.

    The girl helped me up. Suddenly a man with some serious five o' clock shadow appeared with a cigarette in his mouth. He congratulated us in getting the egg. He asked for a private word with me. He said something about someone being better than me, as if he was my boss or something. He plunged his lit cigarette into my cheek and I woke up.
    non-lucid , memorable , lucid

    The Sloped City, The Army, The Reunion, The Messed Up Dorm Hall, and The Purple Book

    by h1nchm4n on 10-20-2012 at 07:38 PM
    The night of October 18th, 2012.

    Some Pre-knowledge:
    I got to bed really late that night, I went out to a bar and drank pretty heavily, which is why I'm so confused with this one. I'm confused as to why I remember so much of it. It was also pretty eventful and weird, which is also paranormal when drinking alcohol. I did my normal techniques, but I dozed off much faster.

    The Dream:

    The beginning was probably the most vague part. It was a tent event for my old highschool. Everyone was dressed up pretty nice, and I reunited with some old friends. It was a good time from what I remember.

    The next thing I remember was that I was in a large town. The town was on a hill, so it sloped down with the hill. If you were at the north end of the city you could see the entire town by looking south. There was a large river that flowed exactly through the middle of the town, with multiple bridges over it at random intervals. They were roads and pathways, and again, from the top you could see them all. It was very fascinating.

    A group of friends and I were walking over one of the bridges at the top, walking on the far side, so we couldn't see down the river. As we were walking, the people close to the edge were getting their heads blown off. So many of them were dying, body parts were going everywhere. There was a lot of blood. All of us ducked, people seemed to disregard what was going on.

    I crawled toward the far edge where people were dying, and I peaked over the side. A few bridges down, there was what looked to be an army of snipers. I don't know where it came from, but I started picking a few off with my sniper rifle. It was an M24. There were so many, I said screw this. I ran off the bridge, and ran along the outside of the river down the hill, through crowded streets, to get to the bridge they were on.

    I got to the bridge, and there were a TON of snipers. Some of them were grouped up. I killed one of them with a mini-uzi. I ran up to them, I guess they didn't notice who I was or what I was doing, and I threw a grenade at their feet. They all dove out of the way. I killed some, injured some and others lived. I ran right over the bridge they were on to escape. I just ran and ran, down back alleys, major streets, and eventually ended up in a parking garage. It was a parking garage that seemed to be underground.

    I ran to the stairwell, and went up a flight of stairs. The stair well changed, and there were towels hanging up in the stairwell on the second floor. There were clothes scattered about the floor. The stairwell turned into a dorm hall, and this guy in a towel said "Boy its sure messy up here." I noticed a backpack on the ground in the corner. It was open. It had dress attire in it. I'm not quite sure why I took it, but I zipped it up and stole it.

    I ran back downstairs, out the garage, and into a VERY busy street. I merged with the crowd hoping the army guys wouldn't see me.

    I woke up at 8AM, probably due to the alcohol. I went to the bathroom and went back to bed.

    I was back in the same town. I still had the backpack. It was now night time. I found my old friend Alec with a few of his lady friends. We sat down at a black picnic table in some back alley. He was smoking a cigarette. All I remember him saying was "Yo Hinch! You smoke now? Don't tell me you're a nerd over smoking!" I said something along the lines of how I enjoy alcohol more than weed. He brought up some comedian.

    The last part is very fuzzy. He pulled out a purple book. It was pretty large. Hardcover. A picture of the comedian was on the front. I opened the book up, and all I saw were excel charts. (You know how when you open a book, it usually opens to the most opened page?) It was as if the most opened pages were the charts. They were empty charts. I pondered on this with a friend (I don't remember who,) for at least an hour. We finally opened a page with "comedy" on it. There was a picture in the middle of a purple page, and you would read two or three lines, and then the comedian said the pun or punch line out loud. I honestly thought it was the dumbest thing ever.

    I don't think anything happened after that. I woke up again at around 12PM.


    I have been playing a lot of shooting games recently, which might explain all the violence in my dreams, especially this one. I also haven't seen my friends from my old highschool for around two years. And now I realize how much I miss them. I don't know what the bag with clothes in it has to do with anything, I don't need clothes, nor do I need nice clothes. Oh well. The purple book may have to do with my old fraternity's pledge book. It was purple. And I dropped a long time ago.

    another weird dream. It is hard to analyze these, as I don't really talk to many dream characters, and the objects seem pretty random. I'm sure I'll figure out why I've been so violent in dreams recently. I just need to have a few more dreams.
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment