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    There's another world which we live in everyday,
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    Glass stall.

    by Hallucinogenic on 08-18-2011 at 05:20 AM
    I dreamt i was going to the cinemas with my ex-boyfriend and my family, we were looking at all the posters and were excited, just as everyone was going to get chocolates and such i really needed to go toilet so i went. When i got there, there were to entrances to different toilets but i couldn't see what pictures they were so i sat down on the floor and concentrated, for a second i thought it was the males because it was a sign i didn't recognise but then i saw that there was an arrow pointing to the males toilets across. So i got up and went into this one and saw that you had to pay to get in. So i got my bag and started going through it to find change but i wasn't sure exactly how much i needed. A couple in front of me were putting in there money so i decided to just put the same amount as them. Anyway, so i got my turn and started putting in money and people started to line up behind me, i pushed a button and all this stuff came out of the dispenser, like keys and money + i had all this stuff from my bag all over the table under it. By now there was a huge line behind me and everyone was getting frustrated, i tried to rush but there was just so much stuff.. i kept leaving the table and realising i left something behind and having to go back. FINALLy i got in the bathroom and there were a mix of people everywhere. I went into one of the stalls and realised there were someone elses stuff in there, but no person, but the person was behind me and she left the stall. I locked the door and looked around and realised the sides of the stall were see through and you could see everyone in there stalls and everyone could see me.. i was so frustrated i REALLY needed to go to the bathroom and everyone was around... and i don't remember the rest.

    Bus ride with an ex.

    by Hallucinogenic on 08-18-2011 at 05:10 AM
    I dreamt i was getting onto the bus after a long day at uni, and the bus was full as usual, only one seat left right at the front next to someone else, that someone else just happened to be an ex-boyfriend. Anyway so i sat next to him just on the edge and facing away from him. The bus ride was really long and as time went past i was falling asleep and relaxing more so moving closer onto the seat and such. By the end of the bus trip i was laying down my feet on the seats across from me and leaning on him, when i woke up i realised it and sat upstraight. When i looked outside i realised i didnt know where i was and asked the bus driver.. i had missed my stop by an hour, so i got off the bus.

    Back from the dead.

    by Hallucinogenic on 08-18-2011 at 05:06 AM
    I was at some sort of casino type of thing, and it was full, my friends and family were there too. Anyway so i see my cat (that died a few months ago) and im so excited to see it because it should be dead.. so i run up to it and im hugging it and so excited.. but no one else can see it except for me and my sister.. So i came to the conclusion that its my cats ghost. But either way i was happy to have it back for a little while.

    Tight set of stairs

    by Hallucinogenic on 08-04-2011 at 11:44 PM
    I was at a formal or something it began like it was in the past when everyone was younger but then its like the dream decided it was in the present time after all, we were all sitting down and i couldn't find my friends so i sat with some girls i use to be friends with but no longer were, i was being rude to them by sticking my finger up at them and they were half shocked and half amused, they ended up going away from me and i was scared i was alone, and i felt awkward, from a distance i could see my friends and went over to them, we all went into another section of the building which seemed to be a shop, i lost them again and walked around aimlessly, until i saw another of my friends, Mary in the card store buying cards for everyone. i felt relieved and went to go find her, it was a tight squeeze in the cards store but i got in there and she was buying graduation cards for everyone, i was going to get one to so i went to look but couldn't find one i liked. Me and Mary went into another shop which was like coles or huge food store, and heard music, on our way out we jumped to the music into the air and landed gracefully all across the rest of the shopping center, i got off balanced while she kept walking and had to lean on the side of a shop to push myself up and start walking, whilst trying to not fall i lost her again.

    I went out of the shop trying to find someone i knew again. I went down stairs were it was a carnival. Some other girl Crystal came to me that wasn't a friend of mine but she had lost hers so we walked around together, Mary finally found me and we walked off together with Crystal. We all ended up meeting with an old friend of mine ashleigh with her mum and we walked together.

    We walked into this room which had a stairway. ashleigh said it was great fun and we should all go together. we went into the stairway and it was getting smaller and thinner, in the end to get down the stairs you needed to lay on your stomach and try to slide through the hole. once everyone got through we noticed that there was 3 tiny little steps that we could of walked across to get to the same place.

    Once we entered the game begun we had to find a way to open some kind of a door or window. I found a switch which i pressed and it made something in the other room buzz, we went to inspect. Other people from my school were also in the room, but not just from my highschool but from my uni too. Me and Mary saw a pretty vintage phone on the wall and i was really upset for not bring my SLR camera and i asked Mary if she had one she said she didn't bring it but she had a normal camera. I said well i don't need a normal camera i need a SLR. so i went back into the previous room to find my bag which had a normal camera in it that i could use anyway so i went and saw it on the table, ashleighs mum was still sitting there and so was 2 other girls from my uni... the end?

    Coloured circles

    by Hallucinogenic on 08-04-2011 at 11:36 PM
    I had a dream which had an old Buddhist kind of feel, or like something off airbender (haha) . Anyway i was there with my parents and it was like an opened huge section with stone walls surrounding it, it was very beautiful. I was there with my parents, and i found some kind of circle on the ground, i called my parents and told them. they got rather excited and we all went off to remove all the snow from these circles. as we got deeper through all the snow we started to see the circles had a colour and an inscription, as we neared to the floor all of the circles started appearing and we were all excited to recover such a mystery. Once all the show was pushed away we could see a huge circle.. of circles we then took the colour from the circles and put them into pots. My parents got each colour and put them in an individual pot but i had mixed them all together in a sort of mess. My colours had then started to go a browny colour but theres was all bright and beautiful. The colours had turned into those… sweet rollers. like the fruit rollup things. i took my sweet gooey colours and ate it, it was very sweet and overwhelming. the dream ended with that?