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    I'm interested in lucid dreaming, although unfortunately I've never had one myself. I've attempted before with only my dream recall improving and eventually giving up. I hope to stick with it this time and achieve lucidity!
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    Wanting to achieve lucidity/natural interest in lucid dreaming.


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    Getting Closer to Lucidity

    by Harvoification on 07-25-2012 at 07:54 PM
    Once again, I had a dream where I was able to fly, although this did not happen until the end. It started in the countryside, I was staying at a country house, presumably staying with a friend or relative. He looked like what I remember my great grandfather looking like.

    A woman on a train mentioned she saw something, maybe helicopters? I donít know, I canít remember. A man suggested it was an escort, and she denied it because she thought he was talking about a Ford Escort.

    A couple of people appeared in my dream, such as [SNIP] who I glimpsed walking into a shop (after I received the ability of flight, I kept going to the shops for an unknown reason) and [SNIP] who I saw twice, excluding the part where he runs from me. The first time we didnít talk, the second time we did, although I cannot recall what about.

    There were also parts with [SNIP] and [SNIP], and I was trying to avoid dog crap. Towards the end of the dream I flew to the bottom of the garden, where earlier I had been avoiding the dog feces, and spotted [SNIP] with an unknown woman. I knew they were there because I had a mini-map which told me where they were - the same mini-map as Second Life.

    They saw me and ran. Thatís when they complained to the house owner (the man who looked like my grandfather) about me, and [SNIP] accused [SNIP] (another familiar face) of telling me they were at the bottom. Thatís when I took off and just started flying. I flew until I came across some children playing in their back garden, two were on a trampoline and one wasnít. The one that wasnít seemed amazed and questioned me about how I was flying. I told him I was still learning to control my ability which is why I couldnít hover perfectly. I landed and then his mother came out, she asked me if she could ride on my back as I flew and I said I didnít know if I could hold the weight. She jumped on and suddenly I had a jet-pack, I pressed the button to increase the thrust and a menu appeared from Second Life. Then I saw the woman and wanted to change her to a younger woman, which I did. Then I stirred, rolled over, and woke up. I was semi-conscious towards the end because I wanted to change the womanís appearance, which actually worked. I wasnít in full realization I was in a dream, though. Just partly, in a way I was, but it didnít occur to me I was lucid and I should try and control other aspects of the dream. If I was fully conscious, maybe I could have lucid dreamed. The only problem was the shock from a semi-conscious part of my brain realizing Iím dreaming, because I could change the woman, woke me up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Grand Theft Auto

    by Harvoification on 07-25-2012 at 07:50 PM
    Extremely vivid dreams. I canít remember them in much detail as unfortunately, Iím writing this at night where Iíve had a whole day to forget what they involved. I do remember a black jet, much like the one in Captain America. It was flying over a city.

    The main dream I was somewhat of a gangster. No really. There were the Ballas from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and I think they were giving me trouble. I scared them off, and then I saw a can thrown my way. I looked around and [SNIP] was approaching me. He simply said, ďI need £100.Ē In which I replied ďI donít have ď£100.Ē He pickpocketed me and ran with my wallet, then [SNIP] yelled ďGo get him!Ē which is actually pretty out of character for him.

    I chased him down, pushed him to the floor, and kicked him. This unnerves me as I have nothing against the guy. It also disturbs me that my dream self was so out of control and had a lack of empathy.

    A few nights back I said Iíd listen to that lucid dream inducement video the night in which I posted it. Well, to clarify, I havenít, and I am having an easier time remembering my dreams without it. It may be coincidence, I donít know. What I do know is: Iím trying WILD tonight.
    non-lucid , memorable

    End of the World

    by Harvoification on 07-25-2012 at 07:48 PM
    A couple of strange dreams, both with an apocalyptic twist. On one of them, the Reapers (from Mass Effect) were about to attack Earth, and all we had was modern day weapons and technology. For some reason, we were on a huge battle ship with smaller vessels surrounding it, and Richard Hammond was with me. He was made the captain of this ship. He stressed his dislike for this idea as he hadnít a clue on how to captain a small ship, let alone something as big as a military battleship. We disembarked on one of the smaller vessels, and Richard said he was going to fight with his men in the smaller boats. The dream ended when a (I think) Reaper landed in the sea right next to us, and a huge wave enveloped us.

    The next dream was similar, I was with my family, and [SNIP] and her mother. Also with an unknown woman who I have no idea is. We were navigating the city via the rooftops, avoiding the giant monsters/machines that were destroying everything in their path. At one point, before I was on the rooftops, I saw a T-Rex, taller than any building in the city. It could literally flatten a whole area this size of a city with each step. I had to run up the building (very similar to one of the abilities Alex Mercer has), without the monster seeing me. I was successful and got to the rooftop with my friends and family.

    There were also Reaper looking things, from Mass Effect again. Not the huge ones; but the destroyers. There was also one that look like it was a Tripod ripped straight from War of the Worlds. I think I was told to avoid them seeing me, but I got a rocket launcher and attacked them. To my surprise, there were actually damaged with the resulting explosions, which is when they started targeting us. We ran inside the building and came across a terminal, and the woman I mentioned before (the one who I didnít recognise) retrieved a CD from the monitors and stressed it was important.

    Then we got to the streets again. It was night now, and I remember [SNIP] not doing something I told her to do. Every time she didnít do it, we both got hurt, and I had a sort of X-ray vision. She refused to do it right up to the point she dropped to the floor, in cardiac arrest. Someone resuscitated her, and then I too, fell. My vision blurred and went a dark grey and black, and I couldnít see any colors. This vision vanished when they got out the defibrillator and used it on me as they [SNIP]. We got up, crossed the street, into what I think was a lift. Somebody mentioned [SNIP], and her mother told everyone she was now in the army. My mother replied saying that thereís another way to do things, which results in her not joining the army. A choice and consequence system again, like Mass Effect. Her mother simply replied that if you go that route, she doesnít call again for the rest of the game.

    Eventful Night

    by Harvoification on 07-25-2012 at 07:44 PM
    Three dreams. The first was the main one, with a lot of the squad from Mass Effect 2 (I'm a nerd), including Tali, being trained under some commander. He looked a lot like the commander from the film Avatar. There were a few who werenít from the Mass Effect universe, the most notable, Alex Mercer. Again I dreamed about this guy, maybe he can become a dream sign. If I see him, then I know I must be dreaming.

    The second was simple really. It still had the commander in it but it was just about a guy dating what looked like Foxface from the first Hunger Games. It ended when the commander hovered above her house in a helicopter. I remember, before the commander arrived, her boyfriend coming to the door, who actually looked a lot like Thresh, another character from the Hunger Games. She opened the door and said she he canít come in because she was babysitting. They kissed in the doorway, and one of the children who was being babysitted claimed that it was weird what they were doing. They stopped, the two children walked off, and before she closed the door she kissed him again. If I see any Hunger Games characters in the future, Iíll hopefully know that Iím dreaming.

    The third and final was the smallest. Alex Mercer (again) jumping from building to building in a vast city, riding on a helicopter, and then jumping off to land on the roof face first. He got up and the place he landed was a restaurant, so he ate there. He could only order his food when the neon light switched on under the bar, and he had to be quick enough to order before they turned back off. Pretty random, but Iím noticing Alex Mercer popping up a lot in my dreams. If I see him, I have to be dreaming, considering that heís a fictional character.

    If I see him again, I hope I will come to the realization that Iím dreaming without being shocked awake.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Predatory Instincts

    by Harvoification on 07-25-2012 at 07:38 PM
    Strange dream. Canít remember the chronological order in which it happened, but at one point I was Alex Mercer, at school, finding it hard to resist my predatory instincts and hurt other students. I remember using the hammerfists and the spikes entering underground, then stopping the spikes from coming back up. I was successful in conquering my hunting instincts without anyone getting hurt. After this I started running up the school buildings, and I found a woman on the roof. I brought her down to safety.

    Later on (or earlier) I remember I was in a white, sterile room with a group of friends including [SNIP]. I then took down one of the walls and there was a perfectly flat field with different buildings. I came to the conclusion we were inside [SNIP] head, walking around his subconscious. It was very strange, it was like we were seeing prominent buildings from [SNIP] life such as the [SNIP].

    There may have other parts of the dream, although I canít remember. The strange thing is I actually remembered this dream on a night I didnít listen to the lucid dreaming inducement video on Youtube. And other nights when I have, I can barely remember anything. Maybe the video is halting my progress? Iím going to try again tonight without, then tomorrow night Iíll listen to it again.
    non-lucid , memorable