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      Get on chat! Magic time
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      Ima win so big, blow off yo wig.
      Take you to town, yeah you're going down.
      So get on chat, you big fat cat.
      A magic duel, let's see who's the fool.
      I don't think you dare, after receiving this scare.
      So prove me wrong, ain't got all day long!

      // Dream Gangsta Matte87
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      Yo man, my book arrived today, it's awesome =].
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      i don't know who you are, nor have i talked to you on here, but I have read some of your posts~ i like what you say
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      hash, when you do the sitting technique take note of how sleepy you are. if your fairly awake do the 130 degree angle, if your kind of groggy do the 120 angle, adjust you sitting position to your alertness and awareness in that particular momment. peace. namaste.
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      if you go to a party and there's a big bowl of raisins sitting out, congrats, you just joined a cult.
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      I kept staring at the quote in your sig and finally got it.
      It's from waking life
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      Good to hear I at least make some-one laugh
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      Thanx hashmash :-D
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      class is starting!
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    "To know one's self is to be blissful always"

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    September 21

    by hashmash89 on 09-21-2011 at 04:10 PM
    Going to bed 1-1:30
    Goals: Recall
    I jues tem being in a wooded area and going to sit down on a bench, on the far left side, the benhc basically just a pieceo f wood.

    7:OO I rem being at a swimming pool with some random people, im walking around the edge of the pool trying to balance, everyone is actually doing that, its like a race or something, i rem sandra was watching us, there is one point where i stop worrying about the race and just dive in.

    The dive takes a long time and feels very wierd, i seem to float in the air for a while before hitting the water, the whole time sandra is yelling that were not suppoesed to dive, when i get in the water i can see that it is only about 4 feet or something but i manage to dive without hurting mysef. I get up and sandra keeps talking about how were not supposed to do that.

    Before i dove in, there was a part where we are all walking around a corner of the pool, when we do there are all of these ducks walking in the dirt, there are mostly little grey ducks but there are also some that sem to have just hatched, they actualy look wierd like they have no detail, just little yellow duck shaped things crawling around, i just rem trying to walk trough without stepping on any and telling the others to do the same

    8:34 am walking down the street of a strange neighborhood with jessica, we pass a house with a lot of trees, i just realized this dream is mixed with some rpg elelments, it wasnt a neighborhood but instead like a grove, one of the trees starts talking to us and telling us all about the world we are in, the gameworld, telling us the leaders of different factions and stuff.

    The tree talks a bout another tree not far to the right that is supposed to be a part of some tribe and its the tree of one or omething like that. He said these people love the tree because it taught them they were all one. I rem the tree was talking as if the other tree was wrong, as we walk away i look at the tree of one, its not much bigger than the other tree and is mostly empty of foliage. I rem saying to jessica that the other tree got it all wrong but the tree of one knows whats going on.

    *Flash of getting off a plane or going down and escalator or something, there is a person speeking overhead, there is something i want them to talk about, instead they start talkign about christianity and how this christian band is visiting, when i here this for some reason i completely lose my shit and start hitting the dude in front of me in the head with something, it turned out the dudes in front of me were that band, i knock a like cowboy hat off his head, he turns arounds looking all red, his head bald, he doesnt say anything, dont rem mch else.

    September 17

    by hashmash89 on 09-18-2011 at 06:36 AM
    Going to bed 1-1:30
    Goals: MILD, drink something
    I rem bein at a waterpark, i think getting ready to try to get on a waterslide

    *Flash of walking or driving past a huge outdoor skate park, all of the ramps were different colors and there was a lot of sculptures and stuff of random shapes that was different colors too. I rem seeing some little kid in rillerblades there, this made me think that in the dream it was a school day and i wondered how the kid got out of school

    *Had a dream i was playing soccer, but we are playing with a ball about the size of a marble, it was more like a soccer practice, i rem that guy billy was there. I rem the coach sends us to run around the school campus, looked kind of like my old highschool, we take off running and i want to just run slow and take my time, the coach says to run at a quick pace as soon as i start thinking this, i think that billy might run slow too but he actually takes off quite fast, in the dream i considered runing with that dude travis but didnt see him anywhere. we start running and right away someoe steps on my shoe causing me to stumble and both of my shoes fall off, i consider putting them on but the dream shifts and i am in the middle of a game, instead of a ball we are playing with a small gray marble that you can barely see in the grass, i rem really struggling to even be able to kick it. Last thing i rem is making a run as my teamate brings the ball into the box, i yell send it in several times and he passes it a bit ahead of me, i run and slide just barely making contact with the marble, it slides in to the goal slowly, i take off running and celelbrating.

    *I rem beign with my dad and maybe my sister, its night time and we are kind of in a strange wooded area, but its still supposed to be close to wherever were staying, i just rem leaving a kind of garage or shed and starting to head toward where we were staying, i rem as we leave the building we are in we see my cat, in the dream i figured hed left the house and walked all the way over. i pick him up and we start to head back.

    *pretty sure i had a school dream cant rem though

    8:30 Had a dream i was at an amusement park with jessica, we are waiting in line to get on this ride with a ball you get in and it spins, for some reason i get on by myself, as it starts spinning i start making faces at everyone in line, as it goes faster and faster i start yelling and pretending like there is really something wrong with me. This one dudes face was priceless causing me to crack up in the dream, the next time the rdie passed him i yelled, youre face cracked me up, this made him smile a bit. I also noticed while spinning, my old creative writing teacher, when he saw me he said something like oh i rem this joker.

    *Quick flash of sitting out in the car in front of the house, my bro is sitting out there too, just rem my neighbor walking up and just hopping in without asking, when she gets in she tells me i really look like i want to smoke

    September 11 & 12

    by hashmash89 on 09-12-2011 at 02:29 PM
    Sunday September 11 2011
    Going to bed: 1:30-2
    Goals: Recall
    flash of being in the backyard of jessicas house or somewhere similar, i rme there being a humanoid lizard about as tall as a human as well, i rem it drinking some poison, and it talked to me about how its able to do that and what it is, saying there are all kinds of poisonous snake creatures, some take snake form but some could even be human, he was trying to convince me that someone i knew was one of these snakes too, and that they had been tricking me, he said something bout how thats how they had so much enegy to watch me or something, I akso rem the lizard chasing me like it was trying to kill me, but later in the dream i rem when it was telling me all this stuff, i freak out and start panicking, and he starts laughing almost like its a joke and it doesnt mean to harm me at all.

    *I rem being at some kind of school or something, i really cant rrem what it looked like, there is some thuggish black dude and i rme him making talking a lot of shit to me for no reason or something like that, but later in the dream he needs my help to find something on campus, first time he asks i just ignore him, second time i just agree with what he say without rwally hellping.

    *Vaguely rem the waterparrk, possibly driving or being driven at some point.

    *Vaguely rem talking to jessica, i rem wanting to tell her about a dream, not sure which one.

    Monday September 12 2011
    Going to bed 12:30-1
    Goals: Recall
    I rem being in this like science lab, at first im fighting all of these skelotons, they are so far away i just pick them off through a sniper scope, the rifle shoots like blue lasers or something, this goes on for a while until a dc comes into the mix and i have to fight him.

    We are still in the lab in a large room with two floors. He launches a missle at me somehow, as soon as he does i take off around the room trying to outmanuever it, jumping up and down the stairs, but cant seem to shake it, i jump downstairs run to the left and then turn to face the missile, i fire three blue energy missiles at it but miss all three, the missile crashes but does i escape the damage. I quickly fire blue energy from my hand at the dc, a bald guy dressed like a warlock or something, i fire many blue things at him and when they are all about to hit him, i slam my hands together causing them all to blow, he falls backwords and a ball of colorful light appears in his head, this makes me think im making progress.

    September 9

    by hashmash89 on 09-10-2011 at 03:13 PM
    Going to bed 1:30-2
    Goals: Recall
    LUCID 7:25
    Had a dream where i go lucid in my living room, i just know im dreaming, i rem keeping my calm this time and just walking around the living room looking around and trying to decide what to do. I rem to try to brighten the dream and try some verbal commands, noting noticable happens, i notice by looking out a window that it is dark outside, i figure i should try and make the sun rise, but rather than just walk otside i try to phase through the door. I walk up to the front door and jam my left shoulder into it trying as hard as i can to force my body through the door. No luck, the dream kind of fades and im in the void again, shortly after i must start dreaming again but not lucid.

    *Short dream of being at a soccer practice, i rem the coach being the same from highschool and alot of the peopl as well, i rem david was there looking pissed and miserable as usual, we are all doing something when the coach calls us over to practice penalties. We all line up outside the box while one person goes up to the spot, i rem we couldnt see at first so we spread out down the line, while watching that dude tyler comes up in between me and someone else and puts his arms around our shoulders. He was talking about something but cant rem.

    8:41 Flash of being in the lving room, i rem playing with my cat, he goes off, runs throught the room and somehow hits his tail on a stool, this cause his tail to fly across the room. I freak out and try my best to get my broter to take him to an animal hospital but he just sit there,

    10:14 In the middle of some swampy woods, with a bunch of random dcs, on a kind of fieldtrip or somehting, I rem being up in some like fort or something with the ckass, the teacher tells us to come down all the way from another fort across a river/swamp area. We alll start climbing down this ladder and plop into the dirty water. I rem hearing the people behind me complain about the long swim, to try and get it over with i head straight into the water and start swimming as fast as i can, when i came up for air i wasnt near as far as i wouldve liked though.

    *I rem being in the restauranti used to dream about.

    September 7

    by hashmash89 on 09-07-2011 at 03:21 PM
    Going to bed 12:30
    Goals: Recall
    Had a dream that i was driving down a rural looking road at nighttime, im driving and i see a car parked on the side of the road, next thing i know i run over some stuf and have to pull over. The car on the side got into a reck and ther is debris under my car. I get out while the owner and a cop are looking around. The owner is some dude with an orange shirt and really short hair. When he walks past me he smiles and looks at the cop. I know in the dream he can smell weed on me and i just hope the cop doesnt. The dudes car door is under my car i notice as well as a handle, i consider trying to drag them out but just wait.

    They figure out what to do with the guy in oranges car, and he has another dc with him now. Im leaning on my car when the cop comes up to me and without saying anything turns me around and starts checking me for stuff. I say excuse me can i ask what you are doing, he says something about weed, he continues to search but doesnt find anything. In the dream i am so relieved not to have anything. I rem the other dcs kind of laughing and i know they ratted me out. I tell the cop, i dont have any weed, you cant do shit. I walk to my car and get in, i tell the dcs, fuck you guys, way to stick up for a fellow stoner, as i drive off.

    *Have a flash of walking into the living room, my sister and that girl tara is there, they are eating some sandwiches and are dressed for like a soccer game. When i see tara i keep trying to walk back and fourth past them, trying to get her attention. I go into the kitchen to get some food, i see the wrappers and stuff from their sandwiches and also see some pizza boxes on the table. I considered getting some food but all of it is covered in meat, my brother offers me part of his sandwich, i just decide to heat up some rice and veggies.

    *Have aflash of hanging out with jessica and getting ready to tell her about my lucid dream from last night.

    *One last flash of being out at a soccer practice for some younger kids, i just rem hanging out with alexis there, at one point i kick a ball to him.

    *One more flash of walking through a school hallway, halfway through there is a class sitting in the hallway with huge pieces of paper, they are drawing full size pictures of themselves. I rem as i walk by this one big dude pushes me further down the hallway, i just keep walking and laugh about it. On the way back i wonder if he has some kind of problem with me but he is talking to someone and i walk by.