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      I need to try it too. I'm hungry.
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      And I've never seen Futurama... it's by the same creators as the Simpsons, though, right?
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      thanks for your concern. Bathrooms are nice. So much water to bend! :p

      Come on chattttt!

      P.S. If you're reading this, hi fennecgirl! Come on chat too :3
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      It's a Dalek. It's from Doctor Who.

      Specifically, it's a poster from the episode where Winston Churchill tries to win WWII by using Daleks. xD
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      Really? I thought there was just one movie...

      Hopefully, the cartoon series will be good. Cartoons based on movies tend to be hit-or-miss sometimes. =/
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      I'm still undecided about shared dreaming, but I suppose anything could be possible, right?

      When that time comes, prepare your bathroom. Because you will need a place to run to and hide while bawling your eyes out in defeat. MUHAHAHAHA!! >:}
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      Hahahahaha nice! In my reecent lucid I waterbended a huge ass tsunami lol

      That feel when the element is kinda part of you, but you can't really explain it. So magical. So you're a firebender then huh? Guess we'll have to duel some time x)
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      I know! I've been meaning to watch it since it came out!

      Goodnight, by the way. I'm sure you'll get lucid tonight. :3
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      I think I got the whole 'riding dragons' idea from the Dragonsdale books. They're really good books; I wanna read them again now that I've been reminded of them. xD

      As for How to Train your Dragon... I still need to get around to watching that movie...
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      Well, if we're talking about dreaming, then there is such a thing as dragons!

      Now I kinda wanna ride a dragon in my next LD... as if I don't have enough LD goals already!
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    Sandy Landing

    by HawkeyeTy on 08-13-2012 at 12:15 AM
    I was on a mission, to what? I will never know.. I was running barefoot over sandy grounds, and through a maze of fences, when a bell rang. I can't remember much after this.
    Then I realize I'm on my back porch, and I see a duck, but my porch table is on the way so I can't see much. The duck took off, and as it did it turned into a vulture/ostrich with four legs.
    In the next dream, I was riding on the side of a white truck, like you would with a bike that has pegs on it. I rode down my street and saw a guy checking his mail, then I rode back up the street, and ended up taking off into the sky. I realized I was falling to the ground as I was holding a towel, then I shot back up and fell to the ground like a feather. I hit the sandy ground and blacked out. Then I heard people asking if I'm okay, and I told them I was fine. They seemed frustrated about my landing on the beach.
    Next thing I know I'm in a room with a friend of mine and I'm watching him play a game, then he turns around, and I call him a nigger (I'm not racist at all, I only use that name towards my friends who understand me.) Suddenly he turns into a black guy, and I wake up from my dream.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Petrified Popcorn

    by HawkeyeTy on 07-30-2012 at 10:01 AM
    First part of the dream I remember is having a magnetic wrench in hand, and my mom asking why I have it and getting upset about it. I thought that was rather strange, but after that didn't think anything of it. I then proceeded to toss my mother a piece of what I called Petrified Popcorn. She didn't want it, and she tossed it down. I woke up after that.

    Back in school, and driving a new car!

    by HawkeyeTy on 07-08-2012 at 01:08 PM
    I've been trying Vitamin B-6, it works very well.

    So I was driving my normal car, and had stopped to put some stuff in it for my friend and I to go on a trip, all of the sudden I find myself closing up the car and going down the road, but I feel like I forgot something. So I pull into a driveway, there are other cars passing on the road behind me, I open my trunk (by this time my car had changed to look different.) and everything looked fine, so I closed it, and in the house who's driveway I was parked in, I heard two people talking about me. So I turned the car around then pulled out of the driveway and went back the way I came, finding myself pulling into a school. I was greeted by my fellow classmates as I drove by, then I proceeded to park and get out of the car. I greeted them, said a few kind words, then realized I forgot my iPod at home. The next thing I know, I'm in a classroom. The teacher is going around taking notes from people to make sure they're taking notes during class, I told her I don't remember having to do so. She told me to start reading and taking notes, so I start flipping through the pages and I remember it being about planet earth, but in the pictures everything looked hexagonal. It was all so colorful, quite vivid.
    After this part of my dream, I woke up and recalled the dream to attempt to remember it the next time I woke up, I fell back asleep and had a short dream.
    I had a dream I was in tree houses high above a forest floor, and to get from house to house you had to jump. Well I noticed that instead of jumping, I just stepped from one place to the other, and the boards felt so loose beneath my steps, that I thought I was going to fall. After this I woke up again and recalled these vivid dreams.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Just fly away

    by HawkeyeTy on 06-17-2012 at 04:22 AM
    I was in a junkyard type landscape and it was dark out with some fires spread around the place, I remember hearing someone on an ATV coming, then I saw them, I didn't see a dream sign I just knew I was dreaming. So to get away, I willed myself to fly and I did, taking off like superman. Just as I started to feel the wind in my face, everything went black as the dream was ending, and I remembered a way of prolonging control but by that point the blackness I saw was the backs of my eyelids which ended up opening.
    lucid , memorable

    Father got hit but he didn't die.

    by HawkeyeTy on 04-05-2012 at 07:35 PM
    I saw the spotless cheetah again, but this time he had an accomplice. In the dream I called it a Koala Bear, but it moved as fast as the cheetah. My mom and my dad and I were out front, and the Koala went after my father. He had a Machete, he swung but he missed. The Koala grabbed the machete between it's teeth, and swung at my Father's head. It did not miss, I saw the machete go into the side of my father's head, and my heart sunk. Although he got hit, he did not die. He stood there, clueless as to what had just happened. I didn't wake up normally, the transition to the waking world was slower than normal, though it was fast enough to where I didn't feel the transition.
    non-lucid , dream fragment