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    Introduction and first lucid dream

    by Hexalyse on 07-10-2013 at 10:29 AM
    This DJ Entry is a duplicate of this post. I wanted to post in in my DJ to give me motivation to write my dreams here, but as it contains some questions and other informations, I thought posting it in the forum would be more appropriate.
    Sorry to the admin and moderators if it's a problem, and feel free to edit/delete it if needed.



    This will be my first journal entry, so let me introduce myself and my little experience first.
    As you can read in my introduction post, I first signed-up on this website in 2008, short after discovering Lucid Dreaming ! This idea seemed incredible and awesome to me, so I read a lot about it. But unfortunately, I wasn't enough commited to it, and with studies and other things, I rapidly stopped practicing.

    Since then I once had a lucid dream without even trying, were I understood I was dreaming because I was driving a "bumper car" on a road (I noticed "wait... it can't work, there is no electricity... Hey, but it must be a dream"), but I got so excited that I woke up after a few seconds !

    And last week, as I had a little spare time alone, I thought about Lucid Dreaming and Dreamviews (thanks DV for wishing me my birthday since then, helped me remember this forum ). So I decided to come back, and this time, to be FULLY COMMITED. I started reading some tutorials as I forgot almost everything I read about it back in 2008, but I only read basic ones. [Next thing I will read is the KingYoshi's ADA tutorial, and the long "Naiya's DILD & WILD secrets", that both seem great ways to begin my journey in the dream world ]

    Enough history :p ! Now, to the real deal :
    During the night of Sunday to Monday, after only three days wandering on DV and on the chat, I had another completely unvoluntary LD (by unvoluntary I mean I did not do any RC as I didn't start practicing it, nor pronounced a mantra etc.) ! So I thought the best thing would be to begin a Dream Journal to help me improve my Dream Recall, and get some feedback and advices about my journey through lucidity.

    I will try to keep a color-code for my DJ :
    - blue will be a normal dream
    - green will be lucid moments
    - red will be dream thoughts, like thoughts that helped becoming lucid, or problems and remarks

    My first LD

    Let's start with my first lucid dream of my DK :

    As it's been two days I had this dream, I must say I don't really remember how it started, nor I remembered it well when I woke up this night. But I will try to retranscript what I noted on my cellphone (in an attempt to remember it later) :
    I think the dream is pretty mixed-up, as I noted that I dreamt about playing video-games with my brother and some friends, then I was in a restaurant, trying to find somewhere to relieve my bladder, and ended up peeing on a restaurant-table (WTF ? O_o), but got caught and had to clean it up.
    The next thing I remember is that I was in my old High School trying to find the exit, and it was night and completely DARK. When I got to the exit, I was on a lawn, but couldn't see anything because it was completely black, and I lost something [my phone I think]. But I couldn't see anything, so I slipt my hand in my backpocket to retrieve my phone, and used the camera light as a torch to search the lawn... and... surprise, I found a cellphone. But before I picked it up, I noticed another one on the ground... and another one just beside it. I began picking phones, and finding more and more phones. Even a tablet ! I thought "yeah, I'm rich now .
    Then I noticed a particuliar phone, my girlfriend's one. And the same just beside, and a third time... and... this is when I thought "Wait, I can't find the same phone model 4 times on the ground. Nor can I find so many phones. So... SO THIS IS A DREAM. Oh my god it's a lucid dream, again [again because I remembered having one, once]. I looked around me, and it was no longer night. I could see that I was now in my mom's house garden, just by a birch tree. It was not really clear and vivid but I noticed some details, like this tree and some plants, the house behind etc.
    I got really excited, like the first time, so I said to myself "Let's find something cool to do, before I wake up. QUICK ! THINK !"
    But I didn't read any good informations on what to do to keep lucidity and stay calm the first time, so the first thing that came to my mind "Let's try to fly". I didn't know how to achieve this, so I just tried to jump as hard as I could. [at this moment I was under the birch, so not really handy]. So I jumped and concentrated a lot ! I did not fly, but I was able to feel myself levitating in the air, like I was able to fight gravity ! It was exciting but there was a problem, like I lost sensation... and suddenly everything became blurry and darker... and I woke up a second later, disappointed that It didn't lasted more !

    Needless to say, what woke me was an urge to pee, so I woke up, went to the toilet, and started noting what I remembered on my cellphone. I was disappointed but happy at the same time, as I wasn't expecting a LD so "soon" ! And even if I made a very long Journal Entry, the lucid part of the dream only lasted a few seconds, I'd say 10 or 20 seconds, barely longer than the first time.

    Conclusion and questions

    The reason I made this post so long is I could have some advices on where to begin looking on this forum to start, what techniques or tutorials or DV Academy courses to follow (I'm thinking about taking a look at gad's DILD classes).
    If anybody here has an advice on what I could do to take advantage of this kind of lucidity (I didn't do any RC but noticed strange things. I'm a very pragmatic and scientific person, so if something is "unexplainable", it's not reality ^^. But this kind of lucidity only happned twice), or what I should do to notice I'm dreaming more often. And more importantly, how I could make it lasts and not wake up after 10 seconds

    Last but not least, thank you to the people in the Dreamviews IRC chat, and especially gab who told me "reading DV is a very good LDing tool on its own". I guess she was right
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