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    Where Do My Nightmares Come From? Part 4 "The Conjecture"

    by HippieAu on 02-23-2013 at 03:15 AM
    These are the side notes for this dream I had.

    So I guess I should preface this with 80% of my nightmares have taken place in my apartment.
    The other 20% percent mostly includes zombie apocalypses (still think that should be apocali) and the odd gangster who tries to rob me or something.
    I've always wondered why that is, I mean to be fair a lot of my dreams in general take place there but it still came off as odd.
    So after I woke up from that last dream what did I think?
    This "Quarantine Zone", houses my knightmares, and The Organization is a sect of my subconscious trying to suppress them.
    This starts to make more and more sense the more I think about it.
    There have been multiple times recently when an nightmare should have appeared because of my expectations, but it didn't.
    This seemed odd to me, but I now understand that it was because my knightmares couldn't physically get to me.
    I think that maybe, for whatever reason, when a knightmare comes into existence, it appears at my apartment, and either I'm already there, or it has to make it's way to me, which wouldn't me too hard considering they could probably take advantage of inconsistent spatial dimensions in dreams.
    In case that last statement has you for a loss, dreams, for the most part, don't have consistent spatial dimensions, as in there is no actual "map" of where ever you are in a dream.
    That's why you can walk into a room and have it be bigger on the inside than it appears to be on the outside, there are inconsistencies.
    I'm guessing that knightmares can take advantage of that in order to get to me after they appear at my apartment.
    However, that was how things used to be.
    Now "The Organization" has them quarantined inside the building, which means they can no longer reach me, unless of course they some how breach it.
    The Quarantine Zone is another example of ISD.
    Were you to just look around the regular parts of the building you probably wouldn't find any entrance to the zone.
    That's because the whole zone itself exists in an inconsistent space in the building, meaning it's probably pretty difficult to find.
    Now I know what you may be thinking, I know the thought crossed my mind.
    Maybe this was just a one off dream? Yeah maybe, however there was a bit of consistency with one of my previous dreams previously that kind of made me wonder.
    You know how she was referring to "Zone" 1 and "Zone" 2 all the time?
    I assumed that that was what you'd call an outbreak, "Zone" followed by a number.
    So were a knightmare were to breach quarantine now, the event would be called a "Zone" 2, something that almost happened that night.
    But what about "Zone" 1? She was clearly referring to a previous outbreak.
    Well the last knightmare I saw was about a week or so previously, and guess where it took place?
    The knightmare was a large mound with fur from it. It sprouted about 80 or so eye stalks from its body.
    However he wasn't the real problem, he would release spores and infect things, turning them into half corpse half serpent type things.
    When I was running away from it and left the building, I remember a bunch of people were rushing over inside the building, as well as giant iron bars coming down and closing off all the exists.
    I remember thinking that the bars were to keep the thing in, and that the people were there to take care of it.
    I believe this incident was the "Zone" 1 that she was referring to.
    As for why she said "In trying to prevent another [outbreak] you almost caused [an outbreak]", I'm guessing that is a bit self explanatory.
    What isn't was exactly what kind of measures they were putting in to prevent another outbreak that almost caused one, that remains a mystery.
    I should also comment on the fact that the bloody zombie virus is held in the quarantine zone as well.
    I guess because the virus is, well, microscopic, it is much easier for it to break quarantine, which is why zombie apocalypse dreams are more frequent (just a guess, dreams don't have to be consistent after all).
    I actually have had quite a few zombie apocalypse dreams inside or around the apartment.
    One more thing, I'm not exactly sure when this quarantine was established.
    It had to be recent though, since this whole lack of knightmares thing hasn't really been a thing until maybe a month or so ago.
    So I'm not sure at one point my knightmares became rampant in my apartment building to the point where my subconscious suppressed them, or "quarantined" them.
    I also still don't know why my knightmares all appear at that old apartment building, who knows why?
    The next time I become lucid I plan on looking into this whole thing further, try to see what exactly this organization is.
    Do they know they're in a dream? That last woman seemed to not, but she did understand the strangeness of the dream world, something I've never seen a DC do.
    Maybe one day I'll go into The Quarantine Zone and take a look for myself.
    For now I certainly know, where my knightmares come from.
    side notes

    Where Do My Nightmares Come From? Part 3 "The Party"

    by HippieAu on 02-23-2013 at 02:00 AM

    This part really has nothing to do with the previous, however it was in the same night.
    It also show a bit of an example of inconsistent spatial dimensions in dreams, which will come up later in future conjecture.

    February 19th 2013

    After a while of resting my friend hudson comes over.
    He says we're going to some kid's birthday party.
    He belongs to group of friends that we know and party with from time to time but we're not really friends with them.
    We head over to his place.
    As expected there's a bunch of pretentious people there.
    I look around and see that the ratio of boys to girls is about 50/50.
    Which means my chances of getting laid tonight are pretty high.
    Speaking of pretty high, there's a few people in the loving area that are pretty stoned.
    There all watching tv or something.
    There's quite a few people scattered about, some but the sink, some playing ping pong or pool.
    The vibe is a bit, meh.
    Hudson's already disappeared off doing his own thing.
    I decide to go sit by the couch and watch some tv.
    The birthday kid is here, just sitting around doing nothing. I decide to indulge him.
    We begin watching a movie and I get really into it (literally).
    It's about this huge battle between cartoon characters and marshmallow people.
    The marshmallows carry over sized tooth picks as spears.
    The cartoon characters are trying to get to this wall that holds all the clones of the cartoon characters.
    It's a bloody battle.
    One of them, a wizard of some sort, carries 2 trumpets, (not like musical instruments like the ones that brought down the walls of fucking jericho).
    He's using them to blow enemies away.
    At one point one of them is destroyed, he still fights on though.
    Then, after an intense battle with a giant marshmallow.

    "Uh oh, where'd my trumpet go?"

    The enemy had gotten a hold of it.
    Dear god.
    They used it to decimate the battlefield.
    The battle was lost, when suddenly, the clones decided to fight for the others, and helped destroy the marshmallow people.
    I really don't do it justice this was fucking awesome.
    When the movie was done everyone in the area was either tired or asleep.
    Jeez, how long has it been?
    I went to go get some water, however there are no cups.
    This forces me to have to drink water out of a ziplock bag.
    After I've finished by beverage I begin to move on, however the birthday boy asks for my ear first.

    "Hey, I just wanted to let you know, you're a pretty cool dude C.J., you're like, the only person here who isn't drunk are high, that's cool."

    "Hey man don't mention it ." I reply.

    I move into the hallway.
    I see that in one of the rooms there is a pool table. Pretty cool.
    I continue my exploration.
    The hallway goes quite a long way down.
    I take a look into another one of the rooms.
    It's bigger than any of the others, looks like it belongs in a mansion.
    I move along and begin to wonder, where's hudson?
    Wasn't he here with me when I got here?
    How did I get here? Didn't hudson bring me?
    Faint memories of hudson arriving at my apartment to pick me up ache at the back of my head.
    I can't remember that well, but I guess he did.
    I look into another room.
    The ceiling is way high up, theres a long dining table here decorated with expensive plates and silverware.
    There are a few party guests eating at the table.
    This place looks like it belongs in buckingham palace or something.
    I keep going and at the end of the hallway leads double doors to a huge rec room where a stage is set up.
    Apparently the birthday boy's little brother is performing some kind of rap.
    There's a lot of people here.
    There all bunched together at the stage so I can't see it.
    I decide to not go by there since I'd just be in a huge crowd of cramped together people.
    A few other people have adopted that same opinion and have stayed by where I am, by the door.
    One of the guys (a guy I met 3 years ago in cuba) decides we should dance, and starts to salsa with me.
    Unfortunately I have to left feet for some reason and am stepping on his feet constantly.
    We swap partners and now I'm partnered with a girl a little shorter than me (also someone I met from the same cuba trip).
    I seem to do a little better, I'm using all my power to try and not step on her feet.
    We swap again and this time I'm partnered with a different girl.
    She was wearing a blue sweater, had elbow long brown hair, and was about my height (no wl counterpart).
    However, she recused to dance with me, which I found quite rude.
    I soon after woke up.

    Where Do My Nightmares Come From? Part 2 "The Quarantine Zone"

    by HippieAu on 02-23-2013 at 01:00 AM

    There's not a whole lot I can say about this with out a wall of conjecture, that's coming later.
    This was quite the revelation when I woke up though.

    February 19th 2013

    I continue in the street for a bit until I transition into the lobby of my apartment.
    My aunt is there, she and a baby, along with my little cousin and some other cousins (I don't know who the baby is).
    I walk to the elevator.
    In my lobby, when you walk to the elevator and look on either side of you you see a hallway separated from the lobby by a glass door.
    I did, except on the other side of the door is a xenomorph from alien licking the glass.
    Oh my god...
    A woman runs out the elevator and catches my attention.

    "Did you hear me? I said in trying to prevent a "Zone" 1 you almost caused a "Zone" 2!"

    She's the same woman from before, talking about that zone movie.
    A picture of a movie poster that says "Zone" on it with a dark green background and pictures of xenomorphs on it appears in my head.
    Is it a spinoff from the alien series?
    I look back to the door and the xenomorph's gone.
    Did I imagine it? Must have.
    The woman remains in the lobby, she's still talking to someone on a headset.
    I decide to head upstairs in the elevator to my floor.
    As soon as I get to my floor and walk out Robert Pattinson is there to greet me.
    He has white make up on his face as though he were straight off the set from twilight.
    He says hey and gets in. I decide to stay inside as we head back to the lobby.

    "So have you seen that girl Rhea around? She's awesome isn't she?"

    "Yeah she is pretty cool."

    "Man, I hope I get the chance to meet her."

    "Yeah... Uh, you know, she's my sister."

    "Oh, cool."

    The elevator opens and he goes to meet my family members, though my sister isn't one of them.
    That woman from before is still here, what's her problem?
    I go up to her.

    "Um, what are you talking about?"

    "There may have been a breach."

    "A breach? From what?"

    "The quarantine zone."

    "Quarantine zone? We don't have that-"

    "Yes, you do, and we've been trying to keep it secure for a long time now."


    "The organization, we're trying to keep this place safe. Earlier there was almost a breach from the quarantine zone, something almost got out, it could've gotten ugly, but we got it under control."

    "I don't understand, what tried to escape?"

    "Something.... It wasn't good okay?"

    "What's going on here, who is the organization?"

    "We're in charge of this place. There are various agents throughout the building, each tenant has to live with one for safety precautions, you never know when things can get ugly."


    "A quarantine breach, sometimes they're small and controllable, sometimes all hell breaks loose. In case of latter, we need to be prepared."

    "So, that thing I saw before, did I imagine it?"

    "It'd be better if you thought you did."

    "So what's the quarantine zone?"

    "This place used to be a mess. Those things had taken over everything, it was chaos. That's when we came in. We were able to fight them back to a certain area of the building, then we sealed it off. Ever since we've
    fought to maintain the peace here."

    I see an entrance to one of the parts of the quarantine zone in the underground parking lot.
    It looks like a fort, made of some sort of unknown bluish metal.

    "I've heard crazy things about the quarantine zone, in some places in there it's winter. The things it houses are even crazier, things you just can't explain, I know they're bad though."

    It's snowing inside the building? What the hell...
    I flash to somewhere in the quarantine zone.
    It's in a room I've never seen before, it's kind of like a small laboratory.
    There's a few normal looking people in there, 2 guys 1 girl.
    There lounging around drinking coffee, must be one of the more tamer parts of the quarantine zone.
    The girl nearly knocks over a silver suitcase.

    "Be careful there, we give that thing a light push and you know what happens."

    Wait, my god. That suitcase houses the zombie virus.
    I'm back with the woman.

    "You're good to go, it's safe now. Move along."

    She points me to the direction of the elevator.
    My family members and Robert Pattinson are gone.
    I head to my apartment and try to forget about what she told me.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Where Do My Nightmares Come From? Part 1 "The Fortress"

    by HippieAu on 02-22-2013 at 11:41 PM

    So, I've been holding out on posting this for a while.
    Well I've been holding out a bit on posting in general.
    I had a lucid dream on monday, but I never ended up making a full fledged journal for it (at the moment it's just jot notes)
    and the day after I had this dream which took a lot more time to write.
    I guess I should make posts for all my lucid dreams here, but it was just bad timing I guess.
    Maybe I'll post it later I don't know.
    But I digress.
    This is one of the most interesting dreams I've had, well, in a VERY long time.
    It isn't lucid at all yet it has to do with dreams and my inner psyche.
    Some of my long running questions get answered and in it's wake more questions develop.
    I'll have a whole "Side Notes" post about this on it's self since were I to put it in the entry those conjecture brackets would take up most of the page.

    February 19th 2013

    We were trying to break into a fortress with untold riches inside.
    We had tried various attempts to get in but all ended in failure.
    There was a large front door in the fortress, however it only leads into my school.
    I head inside to meet with the team in our clubroom.
    Our team is made up of three other girls and myself.
    I'm really eager to break into this fortress.
    I can't help but feel that there's something important inside, something that I need.
    I ask them to head back out and go try again but they've already given up.
    They'd rather eat lunch or go to class or something.
    I ask them to give it one more try.
    The red head girl in our squad agrees and heads back out.
    I can see through her eyes but can't control her movements.
    When you attempt to break in to the fortress you start on a cement platform.
    Below you is some water, and in front of you a large cliff face.
    At the bottom of the cliff face is a small chained up door.
    Because it resides underneath the cliff it's shadowy and dark.
    To the right of the platform is a path that leads to the doorway back to the school.
    As she sits there and ponders a huge axe starts swinging down toward her.
    Now, wait, that wasn't there before!
    I project the thought into her mind as loud as I can.
    "Jump into the water you fool!"
    She hops off and lands face first into the water.
    Then she's back in the clubroom, she never left.
    Makes sense, we were doing all that telepathically.
    Which means that fortress resided within someones mind.
    But, whose?
    (It was mine).
    Now I'm pissed, whoever's mind it is they're not gonna let us in easily, or at all.
    I join the "give up" bandwagon.
    Everyone goes off to do there own thing, girly stuff I bet.
    I go to the front of the school where I left my backpack and jacket.
    I put them back on and start to head out.
    However, before I leave, I over hear someone.
    "Dammit! In trying to prevent the things that happened in the "Zone" 1 you idiots almost started a "Zone" 2!"
    Hm wonder what she's talking about, a movie or something?
    As soon as I leave onto the street I can't help but feel as though I'm homeless.
    Well that sucks, I think to myself.

    Updated 02-22-2013 at 11:48 PM by HippieAu


    Crash Landing a Plane; Getting My Ass Kicked

    by HippieAu on 02-18-2013 at 08:16 PM

    It was one of those lazy days for me.
    I woke up with the memory of my dream still in my head.
    I thought, "I should probably write down some keywords".
    Then I thought, "........Naaaaaaah."
    Then I just lied down back in bed.
    Obviously the next time I woke up I had forgotten it.
    "Goddamn it!"
    The last thing I remembered were 2 keywords, Coscillard (sosillard) and ascalade.
    I was pretty disappointed in myself, I'm usually so good at dream recall.
    I went to my closet and remembered something else.
    In my dream I went to put pants on, and they had my belt already fastened around them, so I didn't have to look for it.
    Then I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror for a bit.
    I stared at my mustache making various faces (oh come on admit it you do it too), then something clicked.
    I remembered everything.

    February 16th 2013

    I'm on a plane.
    I'm in the same cabin as my grandma, for some reason we're the only ones here.
    She and I share a heart felled talk about life.
    We kind of bond for a bit.
    After were done she goes and sits back down in her chair.
    The question still lingers, where is everyone?
    I decided to go into the other cabin in front (there were only 2 cabins, it was a small plane).
    That's when the gravity of the situation kind of hit me.
    There were about 9 people in the front cabin, all of them panicking.
    One of the windows had cracked open and was letting in strong gusts of air that were visibly white.
    Something had gone wrong with the plane, and we had to make an emergency landing.
    Except, there were no airports around.
    I sat down in one of the seats with my head poking out into the aisle.
    Apparently the original pilots were dead or unconscious, because one of the passengers was flying, though he seemed to have experience.
    At this point, I also noticed that the cockpit had nothing separating it from the cabin, it was pretty much a part of it.


    A woman responded to him. She was hysterical and had tears in her eyes.

    "Um...yeah. There's some trees. ;_;"

    But it was already too late for that, we had to land now.
    We started to descend onto a highway.
    We touched down and began to brake.
    Various cars coming are way had to swerve out of the way to avoid us hitting them.
    Eventually the plane came to a nice halt, we had made.

    "WOOH! YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!" I yelled enthusiastically.

    Everyone else gave a rowdy applause, they were happy to not be dead.
    I stepped out and walked toward a parking lot.
    There was a little entrance to what now I can only assume was a planetarium or something.
    There were to officers at the entrance wearing ponchos (it was raining), one a man one a woman.
    The woman made a comment about our proficiency in some way.

    "Yeah, were proficient enough to land a goddamn plane!" I responded.

    I went inside and moved through, I couldn't really remember why I was here.
    I then recognized the voice of my teacher and decided to travel toward it.
    I came across a little area where a wall was blocking my view of my teacher and assumed classmates.
    I had a bit of a hard time getting on the other side of the wall.
    (I think it was because my brain was loading all of the classmates).
    I see a bench with quite a few of my fellow students sitting on it, as well as my aforementioned teacher.
    He was showing pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his iPad.
    Apparently he was explaining how she had gotten some kind of maturity disorder and started growing facial hair.
    I can't help but feel like he's showing us this out of spite for her for some reason.
    We started to walk around for a bit.
    I began walking with a kid I know kevin (I know a lot of kevins by the way).
    We were talking about something or the other, perhaps something about space travel.


    I was in someones house with 2 people, a man and a woman, who were in a relationship together.
    I guess I was kind of "in the mood" at the time, and the closest DC happened to be her.
    I used my unintentional skill of persuasion to woo her and she carefully slipped away from her boyfriend.
    We were about to get away together when her boyfriend noticed what was going on.
    What happened next was actually pretty surprising.
    He beat the ever loving shit out of me.
    I don't mean just punching me while down on the ground, but an actual fist fight.
    Near the end of it he sparta kicked me into a pool, and then proceeded to pummel me some more.
    I didn't feel any pain, though I did get really fucked up.
    I had cuts and bruises and was bleed profusely form most of my orifices.

    This is surprising because I've, as far as I've known, never been able to be beaten in a fist fight in a dream before.
    I remember repeated times where I tried to fight back to which he responded by blocking and destroying me some more.
    I, till this point, didn't know that was possible.