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    Name: Harley
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    "The space between spaces!"
    Whatever I feel like doing at the time that I feel like doing it.
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    05-10-2013  10:26 PM
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    Recent Entries

    Attack of the Cults!

    by HoC on 05-10-2013 at 10:26 PM
    So this dream started with me being at home and some guy kept on trying to get into my house because he wanted my bank details, so I hid away from windows so he couldn't see me. Then I went to school and it turned out this guy was a cult leader who bought my school and turned every student into a cultist, except for a few people who were being oppressed by this cult. I hated this cult, but the only way to continue being a student was to join, so I reluctantly joined. I remember thinking everyone was indoctrinated or something, but then I found some people who were against the cultists. After some time of walking around the school, I found someone who broke something so I offered to fix it. Eventually I came to this room where these people from school were setting fire to a bunch of cult stuff, which would have eventually burnt down the school as well as the cult. I joined in, and then we all left. I then ran through some woodland like places and found a newspaper which had a picture or the fire.

    Then I woke up.


    by HoC on 03-26-2013 at 10:29 PM
    In this dream I was in some kind of fantasy looking place, it was high up and kind of hilly, there were windmills. I met this guy who I did not know, and he told me to come with him, so I did. He took me to this room with showers in it and there were people lying on the floor. He went and stood by one of them and said something which I can’t quite remember. What he said, however, caused me to go over to this girl who was on the floor; she had like a golden, honey kind of coloured skin, maybe she was from some kind of ethnic minority?. I woke her up and she got angry at me, proclaiming how she had too perfect skin to be with me, so I touched her skin and I was like “wow! This is amazing!” I looked across the room and saw a necromorph from dead space, having a shower. It was around this time that I remembered something, but it wasn’t real, it was another false memory as far as I’m aware. I no longer remember this memory, but about 5 hours ago I could remember it.

    Nuclear Zombies!

    by HoC on 03-10-2013 at 12:05 PM
    So in this dream, me and some friends were at some kind of convention, and not much was really happening, however, eventually we heard news that somewhere nearby was going to be nuked, so everyone started to panic and I decided to get as far away as possible. I eventually got separated from my friends and stole a car. I ended up getting the car stuck on some train tracks, so I left and continued on foot. Eventually I arrived at this town and the nuke happened. Luckily I was far away enough for it to not have much of an effect on me. This town was kind of ruined, and I found a friend hiding there. We found another car and decided to see if it was working. While in the car, in that same town, we saw a zombie! We quickly got out of there and headed back to where we live. Once at my hometown, we were reunited with our other friends, and it turns out there's a zombie apocalypse going on. We saw one of my neighbours on his roof, because he thought staying on his roof was the best idea. We didn't see any zombies for a while, however, while I was with some people who were planning to protect the town from zombies, we got told that 7 zombies have been sighted, and then everyone ran off to deal with the problem, except for me, I hid. Then, a zombie came out of a vent and into the room that I was in, but suddenly a group of zombies opened the door and they somehow started communicating and all left. I headed back to my house and found UV lights around every possible entrance. It turned out that the zombies apparently don't like them, so the best way to protect yourself from them was with some UV lights.
    And then I woke up

    Psychiatric hospitals and more false memories

    by HoC on 02-24-2013 at 08:34 PM
    In this dream I was outside, it looked like the sun was setting, and there was a guy selling ice cream. Some stuff happened, I'm not too sure how to describe it, it was kind of hectic. I then, for some reason, got admitted to one of those places that people with mental health issues may go to. While in there I met this guy who I apparently knew, and I had memories from school of this guy, but he's not a real person. The memory was that I accidentally corrupted some of his school work, but I lied about doing it so I said that I just found it like that.
    I don't remember much else, I remember sitting in this rectangular room with chairs all around the edges, a window in the corner of one side and a door on the opposite. This room was also in another dream.

    Christmas Cards and False Memories

    by HoC on 02-22-2013 at 12:50 PM
    I was in my house and I guess it must have been some time around Christmas because my uncle and his wife gave me some Christmas cards. I opened one of them and found a bunch of writing inside, it didn't use my name, instead it called me something like "Modest Nerd", which really confused me, because I'm not really either of those things. The rest of the writing looked too difficult to read, so I didn't bother. I got told that the card was from this person called "Lydia", I only know one person by that name, and we don't really talk anymore. My uncle and his wife started describing her to me because I guess they thought I had forgotten who she is. I started remembering a girl fitting their description, and all of these memories took place in their house, but I haven't been to that house since 2011, maybe even 2010.
    I woke up shortly after that, and I'm aware that these memories aren't real, but they still seem like they actually happened.