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    1. Happy Birthday!
    2. Happy Birthday!
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      Oh, I hope your SO is ok! And hopefully the robbers got caught! And I'll keep you in mind when I get something testable in VR, it might be a while since working full time and my long commute don't leave me much time to work on it. Free cakes would be awesome! I hope you're doing well.
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      Hi! I would probably be at your shop a lot if I lived near you, baked goods and chocolates... yum! It's been a while so I just thought I'd say hi and how's it going? I've been busy between work and an online class dealing with making virtual reality games. I'm just at the beginning of it. Do you have an android or ios phone and like creepy games? I'm not even close yet, but my goal is to make a virtual reality game for mobile devices, and I want to make a creepy one with several ways you can choose to play it to get different endings. If that sounds like something you would like I can keep you in mind for when it's ready to be tested. Well I hope things are going good for you. Lucid dreams to you.
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      Hey Hukif! Life is well but pretty busy. It's been keeping me distracted from dream life lol.
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      Yeah, it’s a great paying job doing what I always wanted, or close to it. Programmer, but not game designer. But I’ll keep at game design on my own and maybe get my own business going. That’s cool that you have your own business. What do you do? And even better that you’re expanding.
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      Hi! Not much going on with me, been busy with work a lot, and a long commute, trying to keep up with some dreams. I'm glad you made it through those earthquakes ok. How are things going with you?
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      Happy birthdayyyyy ^^
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      When will we get to read about your forest giant battle ? ( remember to post it before the 15th of this month so you get the points and your golden star on the board )
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      Going to dedicate my time to your RC, I hope it pays off in the long run man!
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    Friday June 9th 2023

    by Hukif on 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM
    Ah, too many people here.

    Am walking around, become lucid while going the corner of the street and then see a lot of dogs come by. That scares me and then they start barking at me. My ex-phobia doesn’t helps but thankfully it’s a dream so just crush them with gravity and once they start to whimper let go and look at them run away.

    Teleport out of the way and end up on a city, I don’t like cities. Jump down and fall on the ground forgetting cities at night are filled with people, and everyone is now looking at me since I am completely fine unlike the concrete around me… damn.

    People start screaming and some cops come and point their guns at me, what? So when someone falls from the sky and may be hurt, your first reaction is to point your guns at them? I look at them in disappointment and then they start opening fire… yeah no. Stop the bullets with gravity making them all go down to the ground, take the guns with TK and then push everyone back with wind blades.

    That kind of kills them, but it’s ok they started attacking first. Some more cars are coming my way a few kilometres from where I am at so crush them also with gravity before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around the street, become lucid… once lucid get mad, I am still mad about yesterday. Want to kill so many people right now. Keep walking to cool down and let off some steam, while doing so end up finding some people so just teleport to another quieter street.

    While walking realize there is a huge wall, so this seems to not be a street… people are coming out, a lot of people. This is a “vecindad”, it seems. Meaning that I will get even further annoyed. Teleport to the roof before people realize I am there and just jump through a few roofs until I reach the end of town.

    Jump and then do an air jump, this time hitting harder so I can reach further up, over to a forest and just sit down to relax and meditate before I wake up.

    Thursday June 8th 2023

    by Hukif on 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM
    Already forgot.

    Wednesday June 7th 2023

    by Hukif on 06-12-2023 at 05:01 AM
    Reading is fun.

    Am on the phone, become lucid because it has 0 weight and then just decide to browse for future mangas that are upcoming… but then decide against it. Toss the phone aside and start flying towards a volcano that is close to our house. That guys been giving trouble so far and I want to go watch it.

    End up getting blurry vision while flying over there and start to fall down… damn I really am weak right now. Settle down on the ground and start to meditate, once I am feeling better get up and then something comes down crashing.

    It is an airplane, it crashes in front of me but manage to grab its head and stop it. Don’t do much besides that before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    Am walking on the street.

    Become lucid while walking and decide I shall be doing something else, so prepare to leave when something catches my eye.

    There is nobody outside! Start to try and scan and apparently it is like 3am right now in this world and people are all asleep. And yet I see some sun light?

    This is strange. Look up and surely there is some small star circling around, check with Scan and apparently this small star is moving around a bigger one, binary star system? Well that makes sense but we shouldn’t be receiving star light… oh, but there is also several moons ok that makes sense.

    End up finding that to most people this current light is toxic so literally nobody stays up this late or even works at this hour, so I can just take my sweet time exploring.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around the street, become lucid while doing so and once lucid decide I will explore to the centre of the town. End up finding a library, so teleport inside and then use Scan to find interesting books.

    There are a few on occult stuff but right now feeling like reading something about adventure, which is exactly what I do. The story isn’t all that good but the whole series is like 9 books long and they are relatively short so should be able to find them in a day or so.

    Towards half the book, where I learn that the main protagonist was actually not real, realize that even if I can finish quickly that doesn’t means I can finish fast enough inside of a dream… damn. Teleport outside and instead start flying towards space while reading to try and stay longer in the dream and plan to make time be mine, but wake up due to my alarm going off.

    Tuesday June 6th 2023

    by Hukif on 06-12-2023 at 05:00 AM
    Annoying little brats.

    Am preparing food, become lucid while doing so and decide I will be leaving now. Teleport to another world and end up on top of a giant tree. Start going down slowly and then see something coming from above so just jump all the way down while looking up, to see a giant snake coming down at me.

    Fall down on the ground and them just jump out of the way and look at the snake hit the ground head on, some dust comes up and then it lounges at me from within; just step back while smashing its head down and jumping up the tree again.

    Just sit there and watch around, not much to do and this snake reminded me of another dream, but don’t dwell too much into it and instead just be there waiting for something interesting to happen.

    Back to sleep.

    Am in the bathroom… actually just spend the night there, non lucid. Get out of the bathroom, go back to the room with husband, prepare something for a snack, we turn on the TV and select a series.

    Monday June 5th 2023

    by Hukif on 06-12-2023 at 05:00 AM
    Not much done, galaxy jump.

    I was eating something, became lucid while doing so and go outside. Look around and don’t see much of anything to do, fly outside of the planet and end up looking at the moon. A few rocks pass me by and it actually looks good so just watch all of that and do nothing else.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something online, become lucid while scrolling down and get out of the room, go eat something from the fridge then get outside and jump over to another world and back to DW.

    End up in the middle of space so not much is done other than watching space. I am feeling tired in waking life and also tired in dreams to some extent so just make sure to clean myself taking advantage of the void of space.

    Clean my body, take out any impurities, make sure my web of dimensions is still tattooed in my cells and that I am still using my training skill.

    Back to sleep.

    Was talking to myself, become lucid while doing so and decide to leave. I liked the view from before and so teleport back to the space location was on. Could see a few galaxies really far away from me so teleport on the event horizon of one and then use the force generated to create a fake foothold and jump as far out as I could.

    The event horizon didn’t give much and nearly destroyed the galaxy while jumping… this time just create the foothold myself and keep on jumping like that. At first I only get as far as a few light years but with enough practice, and protecting the structure of each galaxy and creating the footholds with TK so that nothing breaks down allow myself to jump far enough that I can travel between galaxies while jumping. That’s so much fun actually, that keep doing it before waking up.