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    1. Hello! I went to visit you today! Not sure if you remember.
    2. He is doing better now. Thankfully nothing was permanently damaged. ! Wish your commute time was shorter. Maybe you can move in closer to your jobs location? Unless its too expensive I guess. Yep, we have been giving out a lot of cakes lately. Mostly normal cakes, but once a week will make the super expensive shiny kind of cake and yeah, things are tasty and sweet lol
    3. Oh, I hope your SO is ok! And hopefully the robbers got caught! And I'll keep you in mind when I get something testable in VR, it might be a while since working full time and my long commute don't leave me much time to work on it. Free cakes would be awesome! I hope you're doing well.
    4. Hi there! We had some issues with a robbery, my SO was shot in the leg. I have an android and do like creepy games yes. Ifc I do, sing me up for it!
      haha you would probably get a lot of free cakes for people at your workplace XD
    5. Hi! I would probably be at your shop a lot if I lived near you, baked goods and chocolates... yum! It's been a while so I just thought I'd say hi and how's it going? I've been busy between work and an online class dealing with making virtual reality games. I'm just at the beginning of it. Do you have an android or ios phone and like creepy games? I'm not even close yet, but my goal is to make a virtual reality game for mobile devices, and I want to make a creepy one with several ways you can choose to play it to get different endings. If that sounds like something you would like I can keep you in mind for when it's ready to be tested. Well I hope things are going good for you. Lucid dreams to you.
    6. Oooh thats awesome! Once You get one out forma mobile You won't Even need todo work anymore. Good luck with it 😀 also right now we have a bakery and chocolates shop
    7. Yeah, itís a great paying job doing what I always wanted, or close to it. Programmer, but not game designer. But Iíll keep at game design on my own and maybe get my own business going. Thatís cool that you have your own business. What do you do? And even better that youíre expanding.
    8. Damn, is it at least a good paying job? Good, how are dreams then? Still going strong at lucidity? Meh quakes, they were just kind of scary. ANYWAYs have my own business now, and looking to expand on it. Sorry about before, guess I got a bit crazy eh.
      Do miss speaking to you.
    9. Hi! Not much going on with me, been busy with work a lot, and a long commute, trying to keep up with some dreams. I'm glad you made it through those earthquakes ok. How are things going with you?
    10. Yo girl! Been a while since we last spoke, how are things?
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