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    Huntstreet's First Lucid! - 3/22/12

    by Huntstreet on 03-22-2012 at 04:11 PM
    FINALLY. Last night I decided to set my alarm at 4:30 to do a WBTB. I believe I had already had 2 dreams in my sleep before this. And I remembered one of them when I woke up (of course I was too lazy to write anything down). I was entirely too tired to get up and do anything at all, and I was going to give up and just lay back down. But I started thinking about lucid dreaming and having random thoughts about them. I dozed off, and then the next thing I know I'm dreaming walking down a sidewalk. Something triggered the fact that I was dreaming. I don't remember what it was, but I remember it being obvious. I did a nose RC and something I've never felt hit me. I breathed through my nose and this feeling of pure happiness overwhelmed me. I knew instantly that nothing could feel this way except for a dream. I'm so glad that I now know how a dream feels!

    Anyways, on with what I did in my dream. Well, unfortunately it wasn't very long or vivid (which seems to be normal for people's first couple of lucids). I think one of my subconcious fears is having a nightmare while lucid because I keep seeing people talking about that. The dream was dark and hazy.. I knew it was turning into one and all I did was say a command along the lines of "Daytime!" and the dream world turned daylight and whatever was waiting to scare me had gone away. I honestly couldn't think of anything to do in my dream. My mind was blank. I could tell the dream still wasn't very stable, so I decided to try fixing that. But I couldn't remember what to do :/. I yelled out "stability" but it didn't work. I think this is because I didn't say anything after the word stability, and I also didn't really believe that it would work, therefore it didn't. I then lost lucidity...

    I really don't care that I lost lucidity that fast. I'm just happy that I had my FIRST lucid dream! I was always afraid that I would get too excited and lose lucidity or wake up, but I just told myself to stay calm and I did.

    3/15/12 - Trying To Save.. Again. And my discovery of a dream sign.

    by Huntstreet on 03-15-2012 at 08:05 PM
    Wow. After my dream last night, this happens:

    This dream was the dream before my last one. At approximately 6:30 at night. Therefore, I don't remember much of it because my recall still isn't that great. But I'm working on it!

    Anyways, once again I am encountered with a sick person. Something is terribly wrong with him. I don't remember for sure, but I think he looked normal. But something inside of me knew that he was very ill. It's almost as if in my dreams, I have the ability to sense people's illness. Almost like a sixth sense. (Possibly a dream sign from now on). I tell the person that I'm looking at to tell me what's wrong. He shakes his head no. I then sense that it's an OD on a certain drug. In the dream, I am a doctor (ironic because that's what I'm studying to be in college right now, which might be leading to all of the "saving people" dreams). I continue to try and pull the information out of him.. he won't listen to me. I say, "You need to tell me right now what happened so that I can adequately heal you." Once again, nothing.
    I don't remember much after that, but typing this out helped a lot. I also remember seeing another ill person. I don't remember details though.

    Hopefully the ability for me to sense illness in people will be a reoccurring factor in my dreams so that I can use it as a dream sign.

    3/13/12 - Trying To Save a Friend and Car Chase

    by Huntstreet on 03-13-2012 at 09:45 PM
    I didn't remember any of my dream when I first woke up. Then I thought about it in the shower and I thought of one thing, and the rest came to me.

    I was in my college dorm, which looked nothing like my actual dorm. My roommate's dad and sister were there. For some reason his sister wanted me to drive my truck around so she could take pictures of it. My stupid response was "Only if I wash it first." My roommate has a terrible allergic reaction to peanut butter. He walks in the dorm and has a rash covering his whole body. He can't talk at all and he just simply points at the Epipen and looks at me (obviously wanting me to inject him with it for his reaction). His dad looks at me and shakes his said as if to say "no." Obviously this would never happen, but I just look at my roommate helplessly. So he just walks to his bed and passes out face down on it.

    The dream then skips to me hanging out with J and C. (Me and C had recently hooked up with 2 girls from our college). The girl that I hooked up with was texting him and flirting with him, which pissed me off. So I left with J. J and I were walking through the campus which looked nothing like my actual campus. While walking, we saw the two girls. I said to J, "Bitches." and we kept walking. We met up with J's friend who I've never met before. His friend is in a car and we get in.

    The dream skips again, but we are still in the car going down the road. We come up behind this car that just had a creepy look to it. I can see through to the rear view mirror of the car and there's a symbol hanging down from it. I don't remember what this symbol looked like, but in the dream we knew that it meant that they were mexican drug lords. They were there to kill us! They look back and see us behind them. J's friend stomps on the gas pedal and speeds around them. The whole time we were going through town going fast as hell trying to get away from them. The whole time we didn't say a single word to one another. We didn't have to, we all knew who they were in the dream.

    Then the dream ends to my alarm waking me up for class.