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    Facebook HQ, roller coaster, dying man, code of life, Jamaica aid work

    by Hypatia on 02-05-2012 at 05:12 PM
    I was being given a tour of Facebook's headquarters. Facebook was an 8-story tall building with items like a walk-in aquarium and robots. I kept running into people I knew (RL: people I know who actually work at Facebook), and a few I wasn't expecting. I told my tour guide I heard there was a roller coaster and asked if we could see it. We rode the coaster, which was technically impressive but didn't go very fast.

    Still seemingly at Facebook, I was then helping an elderly man who was about to die. He asked me to take off my pants and pressed my knees down onto his I laughingly declined, but then someone told me this was "how it must be done." I took my pants off and kneeled on his knees. The man died, and I saw his essence being uploaded to another plane of existence, where it swirled and played with an infinitely large and beautiful data set. He had become a part of the code of life.

    I followed a white man to his home in Jamaica, where he works as an aid worker. I was interested in becoming an aid worker there and asked about his experience. He gave me a tour and showed me the local population, telling me about the troubles he's had because the poverty is so severe.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Working with coworkers, can fly, semi-lucid

    by Hypatia on 02-01-2012 at 05:14 PM
    I was working with my colleagues, talking about an upcoming feature that was needed. For some reason, I knew I could fly - even in and out of material - though no one else could. When it was Friday night and I wanted to be done for the weekend, I flew through the building several levels below my coworkers to stay hidden so they couldn't assign me work.

    (Note: wrote this up days after dream and forgot most)

    Lucid in Paris, flying, try to save ship, become space shuttle, go to moon

    by Hypatia on 01-21-2012 at 02:26 AM
    I was walking through gardened, sunlit streets of Paris while servants rushed past me carrying flowers and lanterns. Suddenly, I realized I was dreaming. I hadn't done a reality check - the environment was simply unfamiliar and felt dreamlike. Knowing I was lucid, I tried to collect my thoughts and spun a few times to stay asleep. Because I'd been having with dream control, I decided to start by truly flying rather than the sad floating I'd been doing in lucid dreams lately.

    Still in Paris, I flung myself off of a balcony and began to fly. The flying was fantastic - very fast and soaring, yet completely under control. The cities and towns of France were beautiful but also looked rendered, like a video game. I remember thinking that there were no landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, because this was Paris in the early seventeenth century.

    I noted at this point that I was flying in a kind of standing position, with my legs pointed down and head vertical. I wondered if flying on my stomach may be a better experience and tried it. However, it felt just like the hand gliding I do in the real world, and my visibility wasn't as good. I went back to flying while standing.

    As I was flying around, I noticed a ship that had partially sunk like the Costa Concordia in Italy. I thought hey, it's a lucid dream, I'll fly down and save the ship. However, I was unable to turn it over, and was gored and bloodied in the process with skin ripped off my body. This wasn't painful or scary, though, because I was still lucid. I figured I hadn't "assumed" I could help the boat, and therefore couldn't.

    After flying a bit more, I decided to try going to the moon. I became a space shuttle, and rockets blasted below me, propelling me skywards. I landed on the moon and became a person again, exploring a partially unbuilt lunar base with other humans. After that, I flew more, and remember explaining to a dream character that the reason I was spinning in place was to stay asleep. My alarm clock eventually woke me up.

    Note: Went to bed drunk
    lucid , memorable

    Relative's wedding, small bed, pixel ceiling, try to fly, monster

    by Hypatia on 01-10-2012 at 07:19 PM
    My family and I were getting ready for the upcoming wedding of a family member (note: this wedding is upcoming IRL). My sister and I were trying to get dressed and pack our purses. I was in a state of stress because nothing was going well. I couldn't find my cell phone, my hair was unruly. For some reason, I was desperately scooping up potato chips and dip on the floor into a bag, as they were some kind of joke my sister had set up. I eventually found my phone, but it was low on power - how could I navigate to the venue without GPS in my car? Fortunately, a shared shuttle that looked like a cable car and contained some of my relatives stopped by, and we boarded.

    Later in (I think) the same dream, I was in my grandparents' house in a room with many beds. This is the same house my cousins and I would stay in when we were little. As an adult in the dream, I was much too large for my "bed," which was little more than a doll's wooden rocking crib. I woke up (from one dream) in this bed, and realized I'd split it in two. My cousin's weren't impressed.

    I stood up from the bed and realized I was dreaming. I hadn't performed a reality check of any sort. It just occurred to me that this wasn't reality. Once I realized it was a dream, the world spun and I did circles in place to stay asleep. It worked, and I continued with a few reality checks. First, I looked at my wedding band. It was there, and the metal wasn't shifting (my typical reality check), but I realized it was thinner in the dream than IRL. I wondered if it was actually a poor reality check after all and noted that I should think about it once awake.

    Next, I decided to fly, since I'd been having trouble doing so. I used the advice in the forums and simply assumed I could take to the air. And I did - for a moment, but then had trouble and started merely hovering. Boo.

    Some kind of demon or monster came up at this point and grabbed me. I told it to get lost, since this was a *lucid* dream, and if I couldn't even keep monsters at bay then I utterly sucked at lucid dreaming. The monster wasn't particularly scary, but he grabbed me and I was in a pool of water, so it was difficult to spin in place to keep the dream going. I managed to free myself and spin.

    I started thinking about the artistic possibility of this lucid dream, and my thoughts became temporarily lost in books I'd read, like the Wheel of Time series. I was in a long building with a high ceiling, and suddenly looked up. A beautiful, animated lightshow was happening on the ceiling. The entire surface seemed pixelated - made of blueish metal squares. But in clumps and shapes, rainbow-colored groups of pixels were bulging and sliding like a bioluminescent mushroom, sending waves of color through the whole ceiling. I watched the show for a moment, wondering how "surprises" and new images are conjured up in a dream that I'm aware of.

    After I'd looked long enough at the ceiling, I decided to try and improve my dream control. I decided to create the simplest of environments - a blue sky and black ground - to practice flying in. This environment started to come into view, but I struggled to sustain it,
    and eventually "woke up" into (I believe) another dream, in which I didn't realize was lucid and didn't remember.

    Mother schemes to produce grandchildren, girl in a sterile dorm loves dragons, escapes, flies

    by Hypatia on 01-03-2012 at 07:11 PM
    My mother revealed to me that while I had been visiting her, she found my IUD in her house. Apparently, it had come dislodged and fallen out. She kept it for months, deliberately not telling me, so I'd give her grandchildren. I looked at myself and saw that indeed, I was pregnant. I yelled angrily at my mother, flabbergasted that she'd stoop so low. I asked her if she understood that I'd been drinking and doing drugs the past few months, unaware of her schemes, and that the baby would not be well. I screamed with despair, and the noise sounded like a baby's scream.


    The setting is a sterile, white, minimal, hermetically-sealed floor of a skyscraper. Small boys and girls, all aged around 10-14 and all blonde, live here, each in their own small room. They're overseen by adult minders and have never been outside of the building. One girl is curious about the outside and manages to leave. She finds she can fly. The building the children live in, she sees, is surrounded by nothing but high-rises in an endless dystopian cityscape.

    The girl returns and develops a love of dragons. She orders (or I send her?) dragon toys from the internet, which appear in her sterile room in Amazon boxes.

    The girl meets a boy, and eventually both escape. They end up at an art gallery with experimental electronica playing and a circus-like atmosphere. How should the story end, I wonder? Should they live happily ever after? No, the story should end in tragedy, I think. They should meet someone - maybe a tattooed lady? It's been done in Stranger in a Strange land, I remember.
    non-lucid , dream fragment