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    A New Beginning

    by I_C_U on 06-19-2010 at 08:53 AM
    A New Beginning ( DILD )

    Normal Dream

    Length: Medium
    Vividity: Great

    I was at the airport, and it was shaded by a dark green light. I was waiting for my next flight, which was apparently heading to France.

    The scene suddenly changed. Now, I am at my room, but the green shade was still there. I looked at my watch suspiciously, and the time was 32:10. " That is wierd. " I said to myself. I raised my hands slowly, and pinched my nose.

    It finaly occured to me that I am Dreaming!

    " Alright! " I was excited. My hair stood up. I moved my first steps and broke the mirror and jumped outside. I took a look at my surrounding, and it was green. No one was there, I was all alone. I could hear my footstep's echoes. I felt kind of afraid, but remminded myself that it was just a dream. I found the source of the light, it was emitted at the sky - a green Sun.

    I wanted to go there and desperately tried to levitate, but barely raised a foot off the ground. I decided to make a portal, but nothing appeared. I focused and imagined creating a portal and nothing happened.

    I became desperate, so I tried finding my DG. " I want my Dream Guide, so if you here me please come. " Suddenly that green light was falling at my direction. And the place started fadding, getting darker. I couldn't see anything but that light falling, and it exploded, with pretty green crystals. A piece fell at my head, strangely, it felt like a smooth hand. The crystals began forming a person. That person was a girl. About the same height as me, still glowing, I barely got to see her face. " A-Are you my Dream Guide? " I hesitated at first. She began disappearing, and everything was black again. And I woke up.

    Finally. A Lucid Dream.