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    Hello Ladies.. DRAT! - Wednesday - 2012-08-29

    by Iapetos on 08-29-2012 at 08:23 AM
    [COLOR="royalblue"]Non-Aware (Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="blue"]Partially Aware (Lucid Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="navy"]Fully Aware and Vivid (Astral Projection(OOBE)[/COLOR]

    I did the fluid routine tonight as well. I drank 1 glass of apple juice and 1 glass of milk then I went to bed 22:05
    I did not meditate or calmed my mind or anything this night, just to see what would happen and I trusted that I would wake up during the night no matter what! Even though I feared a little that I might close my eyes and the next thing I know it would be morning. But no... This night worked out as good as the previous night.

    I have always convinced myself that my meditation routine before bed makes my dreams more stable and not chaotic and random and therefore easier to become aware of. Well I was right....

    [COLOR="royalblue"]I had a really weird dream about me and my friend Axel doing parkour in an old city very high up. But I felt no fear I just jumped over buildings like nothing. I had some more dream scenarios here but I can't remember them because I didn't note them.[/COLOR]

    I woke up 01:15 and since I sort of knew it was the first REM period I tried to DEILD. I thought to myself "Ok now I am going to wait 10 seconds and then if I feel different I will try to put my finger through my hand!". Nothing happened and I didn't do a reality check (maybe I should have). I was too tired to record my dreams so I fell back to sleep.

    [COLOR="royalblue"]I were in a school and I think I were with, ehm you probably don't know what it is but in Sweden we call it "Jönsson ligan"(The Jönsson league) . We were going to crush a wall a steal a safe. But nobody did their job so we failed. Although my dreaming self changed and I was myself and I saw my old french teacher, which I hate.
    He gave me the only F I have. My dad were with me for some reason so I told him "That is Nils...". And my dad answered "But he looks like a good teacher, well dressed and a smile." "I don' t care dad! He sucks!".
    I walked towards him and said "Hi do you remember me douche bag?" and he just did his annoying giggle and said "No I don't who might you be?" "It's me Christian from your class in 2012" but he answered "Is this a joke the year now is 1999". o. O
    I walked inside some other classroom and see my old classmates and I was aware enough to realize that I was dreaming.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="blue"]I remember that I said something witty can't remember now though, and everybody laughed except the teacher. I started talking to two hot girls.... Lucidity gone. :roll: (I never learn)[/COLOR]
    The dream started to fade and I was staring at my eyelids. I tried to DEILD, nothing happened so I went up and recorded my dreams. The times was now 04:08

    [COLOR="royalblue"] I remember talking to an hot girl from my previous class, but I can't remember about what anymore.
    Then I was looking inside my wallet and saw that my legitimation and bank card were gone and I got super nervous and knew that my dad was going to be furious. I have some notes about a talking Donald Duck and a TV but can't remember that anymore either. Then I woke up 05: 55 and closed my eyes, I thought about writing down my dreams and for some reason I started to dream that I did write them down but I didn't... So all I remembered upon awakening was some keywords.

    UFO - I dreamed that I saw flying aircraft that didn't looked man made.
    Devil - I dreamed that I was fighting the Devil.
    HIMYM French - This dream was interesting because I heard French! I were out with Ted to buy a present to Barney and some woman started to talk French with Ted I asked the woman what she said but then she just said Tralablablaolala in french accent. Not sure if I really heard French at first though since I don't speak it myself, I might have heard stuff that my brain remember though.[/COLOR]

    And I finally woke up around 07:13 to go to the bathroom :)

    This night's dreams were too chaotic for me to become lucid in, so the next night I am going to do my regular meditation routine and see if I notice any differences.

    Updated 08-29-2012 at 08:26 AM by Iapetos

    lucid , non-lucid

    Best Lucid Aid of Them All! - Tuesday - 2012-08-28

    by Iapetos on 08-28-2012 at 07:24 AM
    [COLOR="royalblue"]Non-Aware (Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="blue"]Partially Aware (Lucid Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="navy"]Fully Aware and Vivid (Astral Projection(OOBE)[/COLOR]

    I read a thread last night written by someone called "idkwhattoput". By talking to him I realized that he was way above both my level and many other members of this forum even though he was almost completely new to lucid dreaming.
    My first suspicion to that came when I read that his smallest problem was to FULLY control the dream.

    Sure to get lucid is a task in itself but I have overcome it to at least have at least one lucid each week, but to stabilize and maintain the dream is a completely different story. I have practiced for 4 years and only managed to do that a few times.
    Yet this guy claimed to do it easily as pie... I just had to ask him what his secret was.

    He told me that it was by triggering a natural Wake Back to Bed or Awakening by drinking lots of water on any other fluid before going to bed. Then after visiting the bathroom he just did a WILD attempt.
    I have always been able to master the DEILD and a perfectly timed WILD, because when it is in the right moment it is as easy to count to ten... But I have never been able to find a way to regularly wake up naturally in order to do that.
    So I could not believe it was this easy, but I gave it a shot.

    For some reason I imagined every glass of fluid as a 40 % chance for me to wake up and I drank two.

    Then I went to bed 22:10

    [COLOR="royalblue"]I had some super vivid dream where I was a superhero flying around fighting criminals. At one point in this dream I grabbed a sniper rifle and tried to shoot the Joker but it was like he was invincible. I also saw Batman and lots of stuff happened in this dream, but I didn't record it so I don't remember the details.

    I had a brief awakening 01:15 and recorded the dream quickly and then dozed off.

    Then I had a dream where I was outside and my previous Taekwondo trainer told me that I was going to compete in three matches so I had to hurry. I thought to myself "But I am not doing this sport anymore, I stopped 8 years ago..."
    Why am I here? "Maybe I stopped by to watch a match and now just randomly decided to compete ah well it might be fun." I went to my parents that were seated in the crowd and told them I needed sleevelets, then I realized that I have no other protection either nor a taekwondo suit. "We can't buy everything" they said. "But how am I supposed to compete then?" I complained. "I guess you just have to fight in that grey shirt" mom answered.
    "Ah ok what ever.... I need to run there now if I am going to make it.".

    I started running through the big arena I where in and the competitors were outside, I met an old friend Ralph that asked me if I was back. But I just answered "No I am actually just doing it for fun. I am allowed to kick the head now right?"
    "Yeah you are but just make sure that you don't miss and that they get free kicks in your stomach."
    I went out to a big grass field and saw the taekwondo-mats. Then I saw some guy playing soccer.

    I woke up 04:03 and wrote some keywords and I wondered if I had woke up because the dream had ended or if I needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn't felt the urge so I thought I should try a WILD attempt. I closed my eyes and did some old Michael Raduga non-physical state testing like "Observing images, listening in.." As I listened for strange sounds I heard a tone in my ear, I don't know why but I thought that it meant that I am still in REM, not sure about that now though.
    I were on my back and got uncomfortable and switched to a side sleeping posture and started falling asleep unconsciously.

    I remember feeling the daydream to dream transition and was lucid for a brief second, but lost it immediately.
    [COLOR="blue"]I were looking out on a big crowd and I remember thinking "This is a mistake I am not the artist that is supposed to be going out here... Hmm I might dare to do it since I am dreaming". I think the real artist that was going to sing was Eric Saade and I went out and started singing "Manboy, manboy!"[/COLOR] The dancers looked strange at me, and I panicked and realized that I don't know the whole song. I grabbed the microphone and said "Sorry I am not the real artist.".

    I jumped off the stage that was really high so people looked with these eyes at me :shock:
    I remember that it wasn't a normal crowd but actually a school prom and the students were eating at big tables.

    The dream changed and I was on a party in my own house although it looked different. The whole me was different my personality was weird and even though people liked me as a funny guy they couldn't endure two minutes with me. I was kind of like Jim Carrey. I tried to hit on some girls but failed miserably. I also went up to my room and I saw huge spider crawling o my wall! Although I am not surprised, there are tons of spiders in my real home.

    I look up into the sky and I see a herd of stars moving super fast. [/COLOR] [COLOR="blue"]I realized that I was dreaming but just a second after watching those stars I realize that I am[/COLOR] looking at the back of my eyelids...
    I wondered why I had woke up, but didn't had to think for long because I felt that I had a pinched nerve in my elbow and it hurt a lot.

    I had long vivid and stable dreams this night. And best of all I found a way to give myself a DEILD/ WILD opportunity.
    So I thank "idkwhattoput" for that and I hope that the coming nights will finally make me progress my stabilization and maintaining progress.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Dream DEILD Flying - Monday - 2012-08-27

    by Iapetos on 08-27-2012 at 10:33 AM
    [COLOR="royalblue"]Non-Aware (Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="blue"]Partially Aware (Lucid Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="navy"]Fully Aware and Vivid (Astral Projection(OOBE)[/COLOR]

    I went to bed very late, around 24:00 because I played some Dead Island with my friend. But I didn't remember much dreams from this night, however I fell asleep again and dreamed this:

    [COLOR="royalblue"]I woke up and my mom asked me how the swimming in school worked if we were free to do what we wanted or if we had to earn a swimming badge first. In this dream I took my sheets and pillow to the sofa in the room outside of my bedroom and for some reason I fell asleep there. Then I remember hearing my dad yelling my name from downstairs in this dream and my mom said "let him sleep". I visualized myself walking in a town and I think I dreamed about it for a bit until I suddenly got more aware and sort of realized what had happened. I remember that it wasn't as vivid as a normal dream, but I tried to chain the dream and I got lucid. [/COLOR] [COLOR="blue"]I realized that the first dream I had was a false awakening but I flew to a house that looked like my real house. I was considering yelling "I am dreaming!" to stabilize but was yet again... worried that I would scream for real as well. So instead I screamed "MOM! Can you hear me?" and I hear an answer "Yes what is it?" and I answered "Uhm don't wake me up I am dreaming!".
    "Ok..." she said. Then I went downstairs and went out of my house, at first I considered choosing a jacket but then I thought "Hmm that's unnecessary I am dreaming." I got out of my house and I flew up into the air with great control for a change. I looked in through my bedroom window but didn't saw myself. Then I thought "Oh right I am in my TV-room in this dream. I also thought "Hmm is it an OBE if I see myself? Or do I have to wake myself up... Nah not going to risk it let's try out some stabilization techniques. This dream seems stable enough to try out all of them!"
    I did a nose-plug reality check, but it didn't work! So I can't relay on that one anymore, I then went to my stair and felt it with my hands and I even licked the rail just to see if it helped :eek: But I actually lost my lucidity...[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="royalblue"]I went upstairs and I think I had a nosebleed so I went to the toilet and grabbed some paper, but then I woke up.[/COLOR]

    When I woke up my hands were paralyzed and it hurt when I tried to move them, but it gradually faded away.
    The time was now 08:37
    I then asked my mom if she had heard me when I yelled. But she had not :cheeky:
    false awakening , lucid

    Guided Semi-LD - Sunday - 2012-08-26

    by Iapetos on 08-26-2012 at 11:31 AM
    [COLOR="royalblue"]Non-Aware (Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="blue"]Partially Aware (Lucid Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="navy"]Fully Aware and Vivid (Astral Projection(OOBE)[/COLOR]

    I went to bed late and knew that I wouldn't remember much dreams for the early night, although I might have a chance with the later morning dreams. I went to sleep 23:39

    [COLOR="royalblue"]After I fell back to sleep in the morning I had a dream where I see two girls, but for some reason I could see a slightly red color on the edges of one of the girl's head. And on the other girl the edge was green.
    I wondered what was happening then I see man come in to the room with a cat wearing black latex and a top hat
    o. O

    He told me he was going to teach me Remote Viewing and seeing auras. I didn't trust him or at least I was a little afraid of him so I went to his office to look for papers or information of who he was. Although he caught me in the act and told me to follow him. He said he wanted me to meet someone.

    I then hear a voice from unknown direction saying "Close your eyes". "Imagine being on a traveling train seated in a blu chair." I did and saw it very clearly. "Good your almost there, can you see me waving my hand?" the voice said.
    I saw a brown haired woman waving in my vision and then she said "Now your here!". And I was on that train.
    "You are now in the dream" she said. "You see that guinea-pig on that table? Concentrate and you can understand what it is saying.". I looked on it and saw something glowing from it's legs and the woman told me to perceive it's energy.

    Then I hear a voice "Hey you there. Haha I can talk and you understand me!". I looked in shock and so did the rest of the people on the train. The guinea-pig stood up on two legs and was as crazy as the guinea-pig in the movie "Doctor Dolittle."[/COLOR]

    Then I woke up and I had my eyes closed. I heard a ringing tone and it kind of sounded like the sound you hear when you yawn, but higher pitch and louder. But it wasn't constant it came in bursts like an alarm clock. I thought to myself that it might be a biological alarm clock (not realizing until now how crazy that idea was). Then I opened my eyes and the sound slowly faded away. The time was now 03:28

    I had more dreams after this, but I didn't noted them because I at the time didn't considered them as important x.x

    Hangover DEILD - Saturday - 2012-08-25

    by Iapetos on 08-25-2012 at 12:23 PM
    [COLOR="royalblue"]Non-Aware (Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="blue"]Partially Aware (Lucid Dream)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="navy"]Fully Aware and Vivid (Astral Projection(OOBE)[/COLOR]

    I got home from a party about 03:15 and went to bed immediatelly, no usual falling asleep routine today, because I already knew my recall was doomed to fail.

    My parents woke me up and I had headache and was really tired so I yelled to them "Close the door and let me sleep!".
    They understand :P later on this motning they even made me toasts with salmon on it and with that my favorite morning drink of apple juice ;)

    Anyway when I went back to sleep I had some dream I can't remember but then I woke up and I did a DEILD by misstake, if you could call it that.

    I was thinking random thoughts and suddenly made up a little story in my head. I thought about a little house near a beach and me feeling the water with me feet, for some reason a friend was there as well. [COLOR="blue"]But then suddenly the daydream got more vivid and I can actually see and feel the sand with my hands. I stopped a moment to think about my hangover and I could kins of still feel it, and even though I was very aware I was not aware or smart enough to resist my greatest enemy to my lucidity. A hot chick (blonde)....:roll: I walked to her and she was very seductive herself and I was in her trap. Bye bye lucidity. [/COLOR]

    [COLOR="royalblue"]I am not going to explain details I am just going to let the readers here use their dreaming uhum imagination. She was very, how to explain it with proper words, ehm naughty, asking for it...
    And for real i don't really like these girls I am more of a guy who feels sorry for them. But in this dream I was all over her. Although the real thing never happened but we got far into foreplay. We went to her house and it was really messy clothes everywhere not cleaned for weeks maybe months. But when we was going to rock "the casbah" her friends came into the room. Around me she behaved like we were a couple, then something weird and embarrassing happened.
    My two friends Tom and Eric walks into the room looks at "my girl" and do the "WOW" with their mouths, walks to me and say "Hang on to her and congratulations man!" and I believe Eric said "Lucky you" with a smile.

    I went out in a yard where "the girl" and her friends were. They talked about different stories but I remember a guy said to me "Do you know where your girl is from?" "No" I said and shake my head" and he answered "She is from Nigaru".
    I looked at her and back at him with a weird gaze and thought to myself "Is she from Africa? or where is Nigaru it sure sounds African, ah well she is not really my girl so why do I have to worry?".

    Then I see some guy throwing a iPhone speaker and another guy catches it with his ear :shock:
    "How did he do that?" I yelled. And instead of answering they tell some weird story that I instead of only hearing, starting to experience, Inception in other words. I remember that they made fun of him jokingly and told him that he is the superman whose only power is to use his ears. Then I see some guy standing on a church tower and take down a cross and yells "F*ck Christianity we are the new rulers now!". Then I am back in the yard talking to the people.

    I went to look for "the girl" again and I open the door to her room and say "Hello?" and stick my head through the door run. I see 4 girls sitting on a bed and I get pushed by some guy that runs away laughing and the door closes.
    One word "akward". "Uhhmm have you seen" I suddenly realize that I don't even know her name and the girls look funny at me. I then see a girl I know crying and cold me I walk past her...

    And I see the girl I looked for and then I think to myself "Nobody seems to do anything I need to ask her how she is doing.". I tell the girl "that I need to talk to the girl who is crying" but she just answers "Yeah ya" like nothing has happened. When I go to the crying girl and ask her what's wrong she say "I got breastcancer" I see her cry and say "Don't worry everything is going to be fine, they can fix it you know." I remember feeling stupid for saying that but she said "They are going to perform surgery next week."

    Then I woke up 11:54. And I was kind of worried that it was a precognitive dream, even though I don't believe in such.

    Updated 08-25-2012 at 12:56 PM by Iapetos