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    A taste of dream drugs

    by Ibis on 07-05-2012 at 03:03 PM
    This dream was mainly about trying new dream drugs. And the great place I started the search was at the school. (obvious)

    Dream drugs
    I am walking down the road with some girl on a blue bike. I don't know where we are going, but she wants to show me something.
    Since I take the time to notice my surroundings; a road, grass and a perfect blue heaven, I also take the time to wonder if I'm dreaming.
    With a practiced hand I plug my nose. I can breath trough it.
    Yes! Finally! I am filled with content. I finally caught a dream in the act. It was hard to believe first that I actually was dreaming, but in the end I didn't wanna deny it either. I had missed to many shots at being lucid.
    Since I have no specific plan, I leave the girl and take another way. She follows me, so I decide to use the technique I found at Dreamviews.com: simply turn my back to the dream character and forget about their presence. And she disappeared - both from my focus and my dream.

    The next thing I recall is being at my school, in the wardrobe. People are changing their outfits for a play they're having. I'm in it, so I write a note behind my ear to remember to change my clothes before the show; it might be fun. In the meantime, the drug issue returns. I try to figure out which person that is more likely be a drug dealer at my school. I suspected Ludde would know, but he would deny me it. I still went over to him, to ask for drugs.
    He laughed at me. And this is the first time; I mean my very first time; I have used mind control in a dream character (DC). And it worked. He froze in his laughter, with a blank stare directed towards nothing. His mind felt empty, like a puppet I had stuck my hand into. He was under mine control.
    Not to be mean, but he is not the most interesting person out there. And now that he was mentally handicapped, there was no way he could direct me to the dealer. So I let go and went out of the wardrobe. (strange - Ludde was in the girls' wardrobe..)
    Outside, there is a hall with two large windows and gray walls. On a bench in the hall, flocked by students, sitting by a table was a guy in a cap. He seemed larger than the rest, and handed out things to certain people. I had found my drug dealer.
    With victory in my lead, I went over to him and talked to him. I remember we said something about dope, and pills. Then I tried fishing out a 100 dollar bill from my pockey, but all I found was 2bucks. And I gave it to him.
    He opened up a board, slipped the top lock aside and opened a set with many white round pills. He fingered out a large one, and gave it to me. Besides me, somebody else handed him 2 bucks, and he gave them another large white pill. Lucky me. Now I went out of the crowd, and took a look at the pill. It looked like nothing special. Almost a little like a pain killer. I also considered if it would do any damage on my rl pain, but quickly vanished the thought away. This was a dream, with no connection to my real life body. I lifted to pill to my mouth, and tipped it over to swallow it. I instantly felt comfortable, and a bit happier. As I walked towards the wardrobe, I also acted a bit goofier, and more open towards other (talking more).
    I thought it was a shame though, that I hadn't taken LCD. I will never ever insert illegal drugs into my body in my real life. It ill ruin your brain. But in dreams drugs aren't real, but you get the effect. Or some of it. LCD would have been interesting to try.
    In the wardrobe, people nagged about me having to hurry and blablah-. I barely got in to the show in time. At the show, I met a cool guy/ or became a cool guy. I still ain't sure. I think both; that I suddenly got a multiple personality disorder of some kind. I don't know his name, but being him was nice.
    At the show we goofed and laughed around together, and thus the show was a failure.

    The next thing I remember must be when we walked down the street. It was later in the day, and some girl had joined us. This time I think I were the guy, and a "friend" of "me-guy" had joined me, together with some girl. The girl seemed a bit like Andy, only more innocent and more "into" thing. She was cool.
    I now remembered that this guy might carry some drugs, and popped the question.
    "Sure" he said. He had understood I wanted LCD, and fished something out of his jacket pocket. I decided that I wouldn't take it if it was a needle attached to it, but luckily it was some orange fluid in a tiny bottle. I popped it open, and drank the contents. Instantly, I became a lot more goofy. A tingling sensation took place in my upper stomach area and I wondered if I'd feel this good and happy with my life as I woke up. (This is not the real life effects of LCD. Scary/happy hallucinations are the general effect. And off course a destroyed brain and empty wallet.)
    I looked at life in such a bright perspective, as we went over to a grassy hill. The girl sat on top of something that felt and looked like a gigantic mushroom. The boy popped an idea. I was into it, but not the girl. She jumped off the mush and left us alone. I returned to the feminine form, and my friend went away, chasing the girl.
    This time, I think I decided to give the whole drug thing a time-out. I could barely hear a mower in the distance and knew that the sound came from the real world. Some guys were cutting my meadow again. (turns out I was right: the guys were back when I woke up. They left the field of white flowers alone though, I am grateful they did.). Due to the drugs, I didn't care much more about it and continued down a path leading to a swimming pool. I tried to return to my guy form, without success. I felt that I might be waking up.
    The next thing is a bit personal, so I'll leave that part to the blanks..

    Other than that - there was a part of my dream where I was at a house. Erlends little brother showed up. At first I had thought it was Erlend, but I was wrong. He had hockey hair and liked to play Zelda with Erlends little sister. (E has no little brother. That is all from my imagination..)

    Then I woke up! Glad because of my success ^^
    lucid , memorable

    Tricky Rc-fail.

    by Ibis on 05-17-2012 at 12:36 PM
    Me and Sigurd were not really talking. But it was coming along.
    Astrid was the connection between us, I was very happy alltogether, anyway. Something is just way better than nothing.
    I was hanging with my friends when Astrid went out to play football and I started counting my fingers. There was something fishy about the whole scenery.
    Five fingers. I pinched my nose. Air came trough, and I thought that I wasn't holding it right. I tried again; more air, but a little less than before. Wtf! This couldn't possibly be a dream, could it? I felt a sudden urge to convince myself otherwise (for whatever reason..)
    I counted my fingers. Now I counted six, but as I looked at my hand again, I saw five. Must have counted wrongly.
    Counted again- six. When I looked at my hand I saw five. I wanted to tell my friends about my counting-glitch, but tried one more time.
    Six fingers. Five. This scared me; was something wrong with my brain? I turned around to look at an icecream booth at the other end of the hall. There was a lady behind the disk, but no icecream or commercial. I tried looking for something dream-like, something blurry or wrongly placed. What is odd is that I didn't think at all that the icecream booth in the hall of my school was a little out of place.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    my ninth, crappy lucid, but it had it's moments.

    by Ibis on 04-21-2012 at 02:32 PM
    I only remember the part of the dream were I knew where I was lucid (except for some t-shirt stuff I'm not writing down.)
    I was walking down the stairs when I suddenly thought, Hey.. I fell asleep; I'm dreaming.
    But man, this lucid was of really poor quality. I could not look any more the 2 meters in front of me, and it felt like someone was trying to push a lit over my eyes the whole the time. And at the same time, I was at the brink of waking up.
    The best moments was when I ran of the porch of my house. I screamed, because it was much higher than in real life. I was heading for the parked cars, but luckily avoided them. That was a real thrill
    Then I ran off into the night (because it was really dark outside and I had nothing to do) and before I knew it I had flapped my black feathered wings open and was heading full speed for the heaven. Ah, it was wonderful. I did a salto (spin in the air) and just played around. I spotted my friend L. on the ground and landed next to her. She ought to show me something, and I tried it.
    I suddenly felt like I had bad time and took of again. As I was getting higher and higher, I suddenly crashed into an invisible barrier. Thinking I could make it trough, 'cause it was just a dream, I did. On the other side I was back in low-quality mode, in a room with no doors, no paintings, no people. Nothing. The walls were a light lemon color, and the floor were white.

    More I can't recall to scribble down, so I'll just post a little picture. I like pictures.

    Note to self: In daylight my wings are white, yet they are black at night ^^

    Updated 04-21-2012 at 03:23 PM by Ibis

    lucid , side notes

    Short lucid (my 8th. one)

    by Ibis on 04-20-2012 at 04:20 PM
    Yay ! Lucid!
    I was running away from something, or for something, I don't remember which. I was in a parking lot I can not remember from real life, but suddenly I stopped and realized;
    Hey. I thought it felt a bit like.. air. Why am I doing this? This is ..a. dream. I shouldn't have to run.
    I got the satisfactory feeling of realizing this just like that, but started feeling my body in bed. I resisted, trying float back into the dream, and luckily managed.
    I then set running after what had been chasing me, and I generally remember having fun before I lost my lucidity again. No big deal, I'll make it stay longer next time

    Um okay, I'll just note here that I had been focusing on living in the present, and I had been drawing a lot, the day before. Drawing sometimes work a little bit like meditation. So I think that daily focus is key. Notice your surroundings.

    "You can't live on a breath in the future, nor from the past. You have to breathe now." I just love that quote. A man on TV said it yesterday. (Yesterday was a really great day, and this is starting to look like a blog post. I better shut my trap. Have fun )

    Faker (videospillfigur)

    by Ibis on 04-04-2012 at 09:04 PM
    Place: Online game; mountains, cliffs, magic
    Purpose: Starting a new game
    People: Me and the "team" containing at least 1 girl and two boys + one or two more bad asses
    Mood: Nervous, excited, determined/set

    Plot: I started off as a new user in a dragon form. My name was Xena or something. I was wondering how to make some new friends/ a group when I met up with some guys. They were high leveled and respected "professionals" in the game world. They were like the cool gang.
    "Hey-y!" said the girl.
    "Hey.. are you..? X---- "(somethingsomething i can't remember, Xever, or something. Said one of the boys. Apparently I looked like Xever1001, and could have been his extra, new character. I understood that this was a famous character, almost a legend in this cyber world, and an old friend of theirs that had been of the game for a while.
    "Hey-y! Yeah! Hey old dude!" said the girl. And everyone in the group was excited and flocked around me.
    "Yeah--.." I said, even though I knew that it was wrong. Now I was a fake.
    "Wanna come on our mission?"
    I don't remember answering, only that I know I came along. Their mission was to get some kind of book.
    I was a dragon, as I said before, and now I used my awesome 8meterlong flame thrower of a dragon mouth to melt the book out of stone on the opposite side of a cliff. The girl got a book (she was a grey dragon) and the boys muttered excitedly.
    When she got back with the book (sorry for being unclear in the past sentences. It is hard to tell a dream in a way that makes sense to others..) we celebrated and had a light talk with each others. They asked me something about Xever's past. And when I couldn't answer, the grey dragon girl shouted:
    "Hah! I knew it!" I had thought she would be madder, but in the end, she gave me an irritated and disappointed look. I weren't exactly welcome to join them as they left with the book/key.

    A new start, part two.
    I decided to go start at an other level. I wanted a fresh, honest start this time. I entered an older level, in fact the seventh level that was made in this game. (Or at least, seven something, it might have been my new beginner lvl as well. (Seven is the number I connect with Erlend, I don't know if it matters, but wanted to note it. There.))
    I knew I could have trouble making new friends and companions here as the server was old and most players had quit or grew way past the beginner stage. At least the heaven was free of clouds and the fields were green. In the corner of my eye I could see a market, or the beginning of an old village, with a few characters. There was an old lady with a hairband there.
    As I walked across the grass field, thinking that I might not make any friends in a while and that I will make it anyway, a guy comes by.
    "Hi." he says friendly. "Who are you" he was nice. He was great in fact, and I knew that he would be my friend.

    The end-

    (Interpretations: Could this be a bit about starting high-school, getting away from my friends. Not having much to keep on to, neither to weigh you down. A little fresh air. Not knowing where it goes, but that sometime, it will lead to something good.)

    Updated 04-04-2012 at 09:07 PM by Ibis