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    Summer Competition 2023 05.06.23

    by Iluzjusz on Yesterday at 02:51 PM
    Today nothing specjal, just dream Fragment

    I was waiting with my friends in school for exam. Someone tried to check porn on my computer. Also I remember part of this dream was in hospital. I was in corridor and I was talking with random patient

    Summer Competition 2023 04.06.23

    by Iluzjusz on 06-04-2023 at 11:17 AM
    I was afraid like yesterday - today I will have problem with sleeping because I went to bed at circa 3am LT and it passed 2-3h untill I drift off. But good ending happening (sometimes)

    Dream (DF) 1#
    I dont remember this dream very well, only some pieces:
    On the begin I remember my dream looked like GTA (IV or V). I had some shooting with cops and I went from outside to interior of building. In the end part of dream I saw something like HoI4 game. I saw "battle" between my and enemi tank divisions. My division won the battle but it lost entire ammo supply and organization and I started to think my template of division suck.

    Dream (DILD) 2#

    Non-LD part
    My friend sent me to buy some food for our party. Some chips, alcohol etc. I started to count money he gave me and I return for more money then I went to shop. For some reason my dream changed scenery. It was just random moment - no after passing door nor rotate behind my backs. It looks like I have hole in memory bc I was walk forward to shop and my dream just changed. Now I was on my bike with half empty beer can. I wanted to drink some of beer but in last moment I saw police car passing me so I abandoned that idea (In my country drinking in public is illegal. And still I was on bike ) but police just passed me and nothing happened.
    I parked my bike on car park and passed 4-5 cops. "What happened here? What is going on?" I asked myself. I saw one policeman is pumping something like industrial hosepipe. I ignored that fact and just entered to market. For some reason my other friend respawned with me (I don't know him from real life. Just random NPC). We walk through supermarket corridor and stopped at kebab kiosk to buy some fastfood. I checked the prices
    -What the fuck, why evrything here is so expensive?!
    -Because customers are buying it anyways
    I was really hungry, my friend also. He ordered "rollo kebab hamburger". I ordered traditional polish cutlet in bread roll. After few moment cashier said:
    -Here is your order
    -That cutlet looks awfully. And where is roll? I ordered cutlet in bread roll
    -No rolls for you!
    The cashier started making new order and he went to backroom. After few moments he come back
    -My manager said everything will be prepare good but I cannot promise that he dont use his ass to mix your kebab sauce
    After that I just make sure the cashier started my order and I just left the place without paying. He was calling me for money but I just ignore him

    Lucid part
    Scenery of dream changed. Now I was with my childhood friend outside. I started to think that something is wrong. That isn't the place where I should to be. I check where I am and I made reality check - it's dream. My friend told to me
    -Lets go that way - he pointed direction with his finder
    -No, no let go that way - I pointed my direction
    -Nah, my way is better
    -Okay then. See ya!
    And I just flew away My friend was scared and I just flew away from him. It's was my fist time when I flying in LD with full control. The felling was so nice. And I can feel nice fresh wind on my face when I was flying forward. And the view of my city was wonderful. I decide to land on roof of the high building. I wanted this because it was abstract for me - just random flying person standing on the roof. In the meantime I trying to recall my three-step-goal but I failed. "Anyway - this is LD and I have fun! I dont care about step goals" I though.
    When I was trying to land on the roof I recognize I have problem with that. So I decided to just fell down from circa 3-4m. I didint feel any pain and It was something new for me. In normal condition mistakes in my dreams are painfully. Anyway I reach my roof and again I look for my city view.
    My friend respawned near to me. I saw his happy smile. He was proud of me.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Summer Competition 2023 02.06.23

    by Iluzjusz on 06-02-2023 at 04:40 PM
    Today I remembered 3 dreams, but I lost memory of first one before I woke up from bed.

    Dream #1 (about 11 a.m local time)
    I was in some sort of village in 1939-1945, probably in Poland. Weather was was windy and cloudy it was a little bit dark like autumn evening. I was running away from gestapo or other nazi agency (it wasn't specified in my dream). I asked people for help or place to hide but nobody responsed so I crossed the main village road. It was made of mud and I almost slipped. I entered to someone backyard and I opened door to basement. I saw 2 people inside (probably the owners) so I ask them for hiding. They agree. I went inside and man led me to special place in his basement. After crossing hidden door I was in some kind of forest. It was dark like night, and I saw snow and frozen mud. We went to the end of main road of tha forest and that was my place for hiding

    Dream #2 (about 1 p.m local time)
    I entered to area of big jail. I was outside on the road. Structures was made of red bricks and architecture was old. Weather similar like in dream no. 1 - windy and cloudy but I dont remember what season it was. I passed side road and entered to building. I was in dark room probably in undergrounds. For some reason I had long sharp knife and magazine. I tried to hide that knife because I dont want to have any problems. After that I left the building and I left the entire area. On the end of dream I passed main gate.

    More LD!

    by Iluzjusz on 03-30-2023 at 10:47 AM
    Yesterday like 2 days ago I played asrm during WBTB but nothing happened. I just didnít drift off. But today I had exactly the same circumstances like 2 days ago:
    - I went sleep at 0200 local time
    - I woke up circa at 0730
    -Before nap I drunk 1 cup of coffee
    - At 0945 I went back to bed with prepared asrm
    As in previous attempts I had problem with falling asleep so the fact is this ASRM is working as anchor. Good enough because even if I must wait 40-50 minutes to drift off still Iím relaxed so I donít feel anger, mad or other negative waiting-related emotions.
    Btw I never had so low "cooldown" between lucid dreams. Usually I must wait 2-3 weeks for next LD, so 2 days it is very quickly!

    Dream 1 (lucid)
    I had sleep paralyze when I realize fact Iím sleeping. I tried move my left hand but it was blocked. Alse I felt very unpleasant feeling on right side of my chest. I felt my body is bending I direction of that feeling but I tried to let my hair down (this is my first time when Iím using this idiom so I donít know if this is understandable Ė Iím tried to be relaxed). And I woke up.
    I went to toilet. When I looked into mirror I saw my face have some kind of offset. I donít know how to describe this Ė it was a little bit moved. Then I saw my head in mirror is rotating slowly. ďOh címon. What the fuck. Of course this is dreamĒ I though. I went outside of toilet and my grandfather went inside. I recognize that everything are light (Iím Ė in almost every dream, especially in LD, I have night. Sometimes Iím almost blind so dark my dreams are) ďThis is not night time, weird. Maybe this isnít a dream?Ē I used nose plug RC and I check my hand shape Ė Itís dream. And in this moment I woke up.

    Dream 2 (non lucid)
    I spend more minutes in bed so I drift off again. But this time I had short non lucid dream. I was onboard as 3rd officer. I was repairing valve from firefighting system.

    Nice LD chaining

    by Iluzjusz on 03-28-2023 at 03:51 PM
    Yesterday I got an idea that I can play ASRM from Pornhub on earphones during WBTB so even if I fail then still I have chance for nice dream. And I done this.
    First, in morning (0630 am) I set up alarm clock and I woke up. According with the plan I played prepared looped ASRM and I went back to sleep. I had problem with falling to sleep and max what I got it was deep relax. Not bad but it wasnít my goal. I spend 1 hour in bed and I woke up.
    Next, because of cancelled 2h of e-learning I had some time for nap so I repeated my procedure. At 0950 I went to bed and I played prepared looped ASRM. First about 20 minutes was the same Ė just regular relax but I decided to stay in bed anyway. After few more minutes I fell asleep.

    Dream 1 (lucid)
    I restored my awareness in late pre-dream state. Right before the dream started. I felt like my eyes was trying to open by itself so I was focused on keeping my eyes closed. But they opened anyway. ďFuck itĒ - I thought and woke up. Habitually I grabbed my phone for time checking and before I even looked at my phone I recognized fact Iím in dream. I felt sleepy and dizzy and I hardly stand on my feet. Anyway I reminded that I wish to talk with my subconscious so I went to my door with intention with that intention. When I opened the door I saw nothing. Next room was much more darker and the only thing what I saw (exclude empty corridor) shadow (and only shadow) of unspecified person. I went to next door with same intention Ė I want summon my subconscious behind door but next room was empty. After that I woke up.

    I still had 1 more hour of free time so I stayed in bed and I drifted off almost instantly.

    Dream 2 (lucid)
    I donít remember that dream very well. And to be honest that lucid dream was more like half lucid but still this is success for me.
    I was in my bed. I saw via my opened door that my mother and grandfather come back to home so I decided to do nothing. For some reasons I didnít recognized them as NPC although I was aware that Iím in dream.

    I woke up and again instantly drifted off.

    Dream 3 (non lucid)
    This dream wasnít lucid BUTÖ BUT it was about I was making entry in DJ on this forum. And in this dream I made well accurate description of 2 previouse lucid dreams. Even somebody replayed to me but I donít remember what about it was.

    Iím not sure if I woke up after that dream or not

    Dream 4 (lucid)
    Same like in dream no. 2 that dream was more like half lucid and my memory from this dream isnít perfect. Anyway, I remember much more than in dream 2.
    Because I was still hearing ASRM so I decided to make some fun. But for some reason I didnít even tried to summon someone to play with me and I spent that time alone :/

    Dream 5 (non lucid)
    I was playing in video game. Something between simcity and city skyline. Nothing special, BUTÖ sometimes in that dream I was thinking about lucid dreaming

    Summary: That nap was awesome! Itís my record in LD chaining. And even non lucid dreams were related with lucidity. Tomorow I have free day, so I will do the same thing
    I'm wondering on one thing. What exactly helped me with lucidity? It passed almost one month when I started with ADA and in this period of time this is 4th "lucid-related event" (I'm counting failed WILD during competition when I was close to enter into dream), so my theory is: That asrm probably is working as anchor for me and because I'm training ADA so maybe my WILD skill is boosted?