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    Crazy Nightmares Lately..

    by imazu on 09-18-2015 at 01:21 AM
    Crazy murder mystery thing where S goes insane and starts threatening me with a butcher knife and holding me down and drawing it across my face so that it almost cuts me.. it did not feel pleasant.


    C and I are driving through a neighborhood filled with bright red pretty houses and somehow I end up stuck in one at the edge of the neighborhood. There's some kind of demon ethereal being that lives there and it traps me and commands that the only thing I will have to eat is it. Like, I can only eat raw peices of "human" flesh for the rest of my life. I end up sticking a human steak in the microwave and hoping that this doesn't break the rules because I really don't want to eat it raw. There are a bunch of scary scenes that flash, including one where I'm holding an eyeball by the optical nerve and flipping it around, contemplating eating it, trying to convince myself that this is all okay...


    Ugh.. hate this crap D:

    LDs 12th? Night of Comp.

    by imazu on 08-30-2015 at 02:57 PM
    -DILD because S is with me and C in some kind of music store. I get really excited about her being there and try to get C pumped up about it too, but he doesn't really care too much. Me and S hang out at a rack of what looks like post cards. On the cards are sexy pics of Mu that both of us freak out over. C is not impressed lol. S is wearing some clothes that are not normal for her; they have lots of bright blues on top of the usual black. Her attitude is unusually perky, too. She leads us out to her car and as we go outside C turns into Mu, now wearing a baggy black sweater, dark jeans and some sexy shades. After S shows us the awesomeness of her ride, which seems to be a black Chevy Neon, Mu gets in the driver's seat and S climbs into the back where I'd been planning to sit. Surprised, I say, "So I get to sit next to Mu?" and she seems surprised that I even questioned it. I speed around to the passenger side and get in and my recall ends.

    -DILD again on the back porch of some semi-familiar house. It's dawn and the sun has not yet risen. Pink light bathes the open field and treeline in front of me and creates a beautiful scene. The air feels great, too. I am astonished that this is a dream, but I just KNOW it is so I start singing to the beauty and floating up. I "take a chance" and fly out over the trees. The light begins to fade and it seems more like deep twilight now. There are big, incandescent floodlights spaced far apart throughout the forest I am now above and I go to each of these like a moth. I land at each light and look around. There's a crude dirt road (not big enough for a reg. car in my opinion, more like for an ATV or 4-wheeler) that winds past each of the lights and nothing else around but the pine forest. I'm no longer singing, but there is some music that has taken over with the same tune and I'm really enjoying it, very peaceful and happy. I fly up and land on top of something tall, I think a tree, and take a good look around. Big fluffy pink clouds are gathered along dips in the land like steam and I start to see tribal-looking DCs running around. Some of them are singing to the song and some are dancing with each other. Some young ones are playing with each other, just tumbling around on the ground. I get caught up in the fun and lose recall for a bit.

    -Recall starts back up and I'm lucid again with a couple of generated cat anthro DCs, a girl and a boy. The girl is a soft pink and the boy is dark stripey blue/black. We are exploring at twilight and find ourselves at a creepy wooden shack. I go inside alone and start exploring. I start to see chopped up pieces of anthro bodies all around and as I get deeper the quantity of these increases. I find no doors and start to hear crazy cackling laughter echoing all around. I confront my fears head on and continue walking through, determined not to give in to the freakishness. I finally reach a room that is practically FILLED with bloody, skinned body parts and the cackling is REALLY LOUD. I turn the last corner and all there is is a small table and chair. On the table is a rotten green-fleshed cat anthro head with a huge grin and white eyes. I sit next to it, grin in its face, and laugh. I figure I might as well go out the same way I came in, so I do so without incident. The girl cat anthro is still outside, so for fun I throw her in the door and slam it behind her as I leave.. so mean lmao. Recall ends here.

    Updated 08-30-2015 at 07:59 PM by imazu


    LDs 11th? Night of Comp.

    by imazu on 08-29-2015 at 02:43 PM
    Got to bed really late and had no hope of getting lucid, but somehow it worked out! Woke up several times and the last bit was lucid!

    -WILD into my livingroom, feeling very prickly. I feel like all my hair is standing on end and really hard, like plastic. In some spots the hairs feel like plastic hooks like on velcro. Sounds are really loud and clear and things feel freaky. I push through this and float out the front door before immediately thinking of the moon rock eating task. I zip back inside the open door and down a hallway. I hear my daughter whining and getting closer quickly. I reach a table at a corner of the hall and it has a bowl of rocks on it, among other junk. I look through the bowl and find a grey rock filled with holes which I KNOW is a moon rock. It feels really hard and I'm hesitant to bite it, but I do so carefully. It hurts my teeth a lot but finally breaks in half. I try to chew the half in my mouth but it won't break up anymore. It tastes like salt and minerals. I finally just swallow it like a pill. When I turn around, my daughter has crawled around the corner and is watching me. I grab her and phase out of the house through the window. I figure she's gonna follow me anyway and I might as well take her with me. This turns into a long non-lucid about live action D&D in my grandma's old back yard, very fun.

    -DEILD back in (an actual chain! It's been so long! ) to my living room and Lk is there walking around. It feels odd and very real and I'm not QUITE sure I'm dreaming so I do an RC and sure enough I am. Lk has some kind of problem going on or some kind a question he needs answered and we both know that H can answer it. I tell Lk this and he agrees. I figure H is coming over, but Lk just sits down and gets on the phone with him. I refuse to give up on H coming here, so I decide to help it along with my expectation powers. I think to myself that they're just talking on the phone while he drives this way. I walk towards the door that leads to the car port and I see headlights pull up into it. I walk out and H is in the driver's seat of a big, nice SUV which I think is white. He gets out and I move stuff out of his way so he can get to the door. As he goes in I stay really close to him and put off an intimate vibe and he leans down and kisses me on the forehead... I'll take it lol. This devolves into a NLD where we all try to figure out the problem or whatever it was.

    I'm gonna count that kiss persuasion as mind control because I didn't use any language or signals etc.

    Updated 08-30-2015 at 02:54 PM by imazu

    lucid , task of the month

    LD 8th Night of Comp.

    by imazu on 08-26-2015 at 01:58 PM
    -Long NLD about preparing to run from a tornado which eventually gets me lucid as I'm standing outside. Like my previous tornado dreams, I've been left behind as I try to gather things. I do a nose RC as usual and look around to see that the storm is gone but the sky is a flat grey. I think hard about tasks and points and finally think that I want to eat a moon rock, but then I immediately remember I want to summon someone first. So I turn around with a joyous feeling, expecting C to be there, and he is, standing down on the ground looking up at me (I automatically float when lucid most of the time). I happily call him up and he floats to me and we fly off together. He seems weird though and I look over and he's a weird-looking toilet brush in my hand. I just drop it and let it fall to the ground, sadly not thinking of the new Challenge task. My awareness fades pretty quick after that, I need to remember to stabilize..

    LD 7th Night of Comp.

    by imazu on 08-25-2015 at 03:06 PM
    Lucidity and points at terrible cause.. awful nightmare spurred by stupid show I watched last night involving a dead baby :<

    -My daughter has some kind of problem and somehow we decide the best course of action is to euthanize her ourselves, painlessly of course. For some reason we're going through this process on the roof of some unknown public building here in town in the middle of a bright, hot day. As the process goes on, my daughter just keeps playing around like nothing is going on, since it hasn't taken full effect yet. This is just all way too much for me and I freak the hell out. The sheer amount of awfulness springs my lucidity and I channel it all towards getting the hell out of there. I immediately run and jump wayyy up into the air and fly away in a straight line as fast as I can. Scenery speeds by in a blur and my recall ends.
    lucid , nightmare