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    Student at Arizona State University studying Computer Science. Been interested in lucid dreaming for a few years, just started really trying the past several months or so. Really enjoy snowboarding and wakeboarding, am a certified scuba diver, and love filming epic moments.
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    Lucid Dreaming, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Scuba Diving, Programming, Filming
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    Longest Lucid to this Day

    by imrossed on 02-12-2014 at 03:34 AM
    Feb 10-11 2014 (Lucid)

    The Chronicle Dream
    * *I had a dream about the movie chronicle. I was a character with super powers alongside about 2 or 3 other friends and we were in a warehouse hiding from people looking for us.

    Space, Summoning, Dragon Dogs, TotM's, and Reviving Zombies (Lucid)
    *This lucid was very long, and several times I woke up but went back into the dream through DEILD technique. It was also hard to recall absolutely everything I did just due to the sheer length and detail of the dream*
    * *Realized I was lucid. I knew I wanted to get to space, and an elevator was probably my best bet. I scan my surroundings and see some large skyscrapers in the distance, and knew they had to have elevators. I run over to them, crossing streets, sidewalks, and train tracks to get there. I stop at the nearest one, figuring I can figure it out with this one. I go around the side of the building and see 2 elevators in a section of the wall. I went to the elevator, and pressed the "up" button on it to call the elevator. It opened immediately so I stepped inside.
    * *It was a fairly deep elevator, but the buttons were to my left just on the wall. I noticed there were only about 10 buttons and thought to myself that wouldn't work, so I waved my hand over the buttons to add more and a few more popped up. I wanted more so I did it again, but this time many disappeared. I do it one last time and a whole bunch appear, and I figured it was enough. I notice the text on the buttons keeps changing and the numbers are not consistent. Either way, I choose a high up button, and the elevator starts moving up.
    * *It arrives fairly quickly on a high floor and I step out. I'm reminded of being in the John Hancock tower in Chicago as people were eating and just sitting around there looking out of the big windows. Looking out of the windows myself, I notice it was sunny in the sky with clouds extending forever in every direction. I start to be disappointed, but tell myself I can work with it. I remember techniques from DV to kind of trick your memory and what not so I decide to try it here. I told myself that we really were in space and what the windows were showing were just holograms chosen by the people inside. One of the hostesses kind of agreed with me and soon bright nebulae started to form in the sky. Giant twirling mushroom like things, large wormlike colorful nebula clouds, and other incredible sights starting passing by.

    * *I decide to try a few other things while I'm in the building. I thought about doing some task of the month while I was at it, but had trouble remembering them. I get slightly angry since I helped partly come up with some of the tasks, but then remember the soulmate task. I asked who my soulmate was to a girl nearby, but I forgot what she said! I know she didn't specify a name and said something along the lines of I didn't need one, but I can't fully remember.
    * *I also decide to try to summon a celebrity. I start thinking of female celebrities that I like, and Taylor Swift comes to mind, then Selena Gomez. I decide to summon Selena Gomez. A technique comes to mind from DV where I stick my hand behind me and then believe they'll grab it and then pull them into view. So I thrust my hand backwards and kind of say "come on up here" trying to beckon her into existence. I feel my hand get grabbed by another, and pull the person forward and, sure enough, Selena Gomez is the one attached to my hand. I'm ecstatic. We head over to a couch to sit down and talk, but I don't think much is actually said.
    * *I also remember the task to dig your heart out and give it to someone. I knew there were plenty of DCs around to give my heart to, so I just started trying to dig my fingers through my chest. I'm normally able to phase through walls fine, but my fingers just did not want to penetrate my chest. After trying a little longer, I decide I'll try it later with another way of doing it.
    * *At some point later in the same dream I'm just outside the building, back on the ground. I remember I want to ride a dragon, so I start calling out for dragons. I think of Eragon and how he calls out with his mind, so I yell out for Eragon's dragon, Saphira, with my mind as loud as I can. Doing so, I notice far in the distance two dragon are climbing all over a large building, and I call out to it with my mind. It reacts and starts flying over to me. When it lands I notice it's some sort of dragon hybrid with the body of a very large Rottweiler dog, and the wings of a dragon. I think it's perfect and it lets me on it's back. It takes off and we go a bit in the air, and it decides to land after just a little bit. When it lands it actually falls over and I kind of hop off. I notice it's a lot smaller than when I first saw it, especially the wings. It told me it wasn't used to being ridden, but I thought that was off since he's mine, and should be used to being ridden.
    * *Later I remembered the task of reviving a zombie. So I start looking around for a zombie, and notice that my DCs seem to have all pretty much disappeared. I reach this small wooden cabin, when I see this figure in ice at the edge of the porch. Realizing this is the zombie I was looking for, I run up to it, and think of ways to thaw it. I decide to just use hot breath to melt the head portion and free it's face first. So I tilt it on the ground and start exhaling all over the face. It's slow at first, but soon it just all sorta melts away.
    * *I notice immediately that the zombie trapped inside is my co-worker I, but with a green face. I think that it is weird she was the one my brain picked to be infected, and also weird how it's not a very gory face, just green. She notices me and scowls, and starts trying to break free from her icy prison. I realize I can score bonus points here by reviving with a kiss, so I swoop down and kiss her for a brief second.
    * *When I stop I notice the ice has all melted and she is back to normal, although looks offended that I kissed her without her permission, and then she walks away. I think oh well, at least I accomplished the task.
    * *Later in the same dream I created a whirlpool. I was in a boat and we were just headed somewhere. I think it'd be cool to just create a whirlpool, so I think about it, and the boat starts turning right, and the waves get more rough. I realize I'm creating it the wrong way and won't get to see it since I'm looking out the left side, so I somehow just flip the direction of the whirlpool and I see the center start forming out in the distance.
    * *I wonder what things I'll see when we go down the center, but am interrupted by attacks from whale/narwhal creatures. Our boat is fighting back, but knowing it's a dream, I just kinda fling them back and forth with my mind, but it's not doing much good. It's now stormy and rainy out and I wonder how much control I actually have at that point, then I wake up and can't get back in.

    Updated 02-12-2014 at 03:38 AM by imrossed

    lucid , memorable , task of the month

    First WILD into a Long Lucid

    by imrossed on 02-05-2014 at 07:35 AM
    Feb 3-4 2014 (Lucid)

    Sky Diving Through the Dream
    First Successful WILD woo!
    * *I let go of my body and fell through my bed. I just let myself free fall and knew a dreamscape would create itself out of the blackness. As I was falling I recall very loud and potentially scary growls and noises, but I just simply let it happen and wasn't scared. Eventually the dream formed and I was sky diving towards land that appeared far below. It was beautiful too, everything was vibrant. The colors of giant lakes were bright blue, and green rolling hills extended in every direction. I was heading for a small town directly below me.
    * *I landed, and decided to explore a bit. There were houses scattered every which way with no rhyme or reason to their planning. The style seemed half modern, have medieval as the houses were primarily different tones of wood. I found attractive girls nearby and I had urges to be with them. Most ignored me until I complemented one, and then held out my hand, and she took it. We walked a bit, eventually I woke up, but I was able to fall back through my bed into a new dream scene

    Scary House and Trying to Get to Space
    * *As I was falling, I eventually found myself in a house. It turned out to be a modern brothel, because the girls in there were all scantily clad and I just knew what it was. I found one attractive girl and sexy time with her ensued. (My mind was feelin dirty I suppose, ha)
    * *After that is finished up, I decide to tell everyone I'm going to space. So I remember my friend T's advice with using an elevator, so I start looking around for one. I even ask a DC if he can show me one and he looks excited and starts walking somewhere. Eventually he goes in a door that looked ominous and I was scared to go in.
    * *As I get scared, things start happening. It gets a bit darker, the door behind me slams shut and I can't open it, and I start hearing creepy noises. I start to panic, but catch myself. I say out loud, "this is a dream, nothing can hurt me or scare me, and I am in control."
    * *Immediately it brightens up and I can open the door again. I decide to go outside and think of a new way to get to space. I think, well I know I have trouble flying, so maybe I'll use something I know can fly. How about a broom like in Harry Potter? So I ask a DC for a broom, and he hunts one down in the garage-like room we're in. He grabs a blue looking, rather short, modern "broom" and it's not like the classic ones in Harry Potter.
    * *I take it anyway, go outside, and try to use it. I can kind of fly, but it's awkward and reluctant. I'll go forward like 50 feet, then sink back down, or start getting pulled backwards, or other such things. I no longer expect it to work, and it works even less. Eventually I wake up, and couldn't get back into the dream.

    School Prizes, Wrong Order at Chipotle, Scheming Marksmen
    * *I was at school with T, A, and other friends. There is some big meeting and someone is winning a prize if they can guess something. They have to guess who is the person in a drawing. The drawing is a giant piece of paper that someone was going to draw a person on. I was supposed to pass the paper on to the person, but I decided randomly to start the drawing and put a stick figure on it, and then pass it on.
    * *The person (who is going to draw on the paper) eventually gets it, looks at me, and I feel they're mad I ruined it with the stick figure. But they start drawing anyway. Eventually it's finished and they say a big thanks to me for starting the drawing and everyone is clapping. I'm confused because all I did was put a stick figure on it, but just went with it.
    * *The person who had to guess who was drawn was now up. And from my perspective it was so obvious that the person who drew the picture had drawn themself, wearing the same clothes, and they were even standing in the same pose, with both arms up like a gymnast finishing a move. But they couldn't guess it and they didn't win the prize and it was really embarassing for them.
    * *Soon it would be lunch time and this lady is going through the crowd asking who will be eating there and who is going out. As she asks me, and I say I'm going out, and I also notice she has handed things out to everyone. She says ok and then hands me a piece of cheese with mustard on it. I'm revolted by it so I just chuck it when she's not looking.
    * *Heading outside I ask my friends where they're going for lunch and they all reply Chipotle. I say that sounds good and they all get on their bikes and start going. I realize my bike is way back so I run to go get it. It takes a bit, but I grab it then head off and either catch up to A and T or they waited.
    * *As we're riding, it's downhill on a street and we are all trying to catch jumps. I'm reminded of the downhill roads you would find in like San Fransicso. There are a lot of small ones we find, and they're fun, but soon there is a giant one I see. Friend A goes off it, but jumps off on the side early. I decide to do the full thing. I get goin as fast as I can and hit the jump that's maybe like 10 feet higher than the ground. The launch I get is incredible. I go probably 100 feet into the air. T and A are amazed. I remember knowing I wouldn't get hurt, because it was a dream or something, but I didn't get lucid.
    * *We get to "Chipotle" but it's like an outdoor Native American burrito shop that's run by 3 women. Anyway we order our stuff and then hang out while they make it. T and A get their burritos and then they hand me a quesadilla, and I ask why they didn't give me a burrito like I ordered. The one who took my order is embarrassed and starts making excuses about how long it takes to re-do it, in the hopes I will just take the quesadilla.
    * *I say I'll take it for free or if they refund me. They say no, and then one offers a free tortilla with it so I say that's fine. The one who owned the shop like refuses to cooperate and give me a tortilla, and I realize my quesadilla is just like only beef held together with the one tortilla. I throw it down at that point and it goes everywhere and I demand they give me the burrito I payed for.
    * *My friends have all left at that point to go back to class and I figured I'll miss class. They start making the burrito again (but now remembering, they never did finish it). Guys showed up at that point who were all bragging about how good a shot they were.
    * *For some reason I had a plan, and pulled a gun on one of them, right next to their face. I said sure he might be able to hit anything, but is he fast enough to stop me. Then I set the gun down, and say it was just to show them they're not all that great. The people around me are stunned and the two guys who were showing off are pissed. I tell them to prove they can hit a birdhouse maybe 150 feet away. They say it's easy and one nails it dead on. Then continues to hit hard targets he picks out. I eventually woke up around this time.
    memorable , lucid , non-lucid

    Zombies and Attempting to Revive One

    by imrossed on 02-05-2014 at 07:17 AM
    Feb 2-3 2014

    Zombie Revival Potion (Lucid)
    * *I noticed an inconsistency in my room and became lucid. I stabilized and thought about what to do. I debated on either the task of the month and the year, then remembered the zombie revival task and went about for that task. I thought about ways to revive a zombie and realized I can just make a potion and that should work. I went and filled up a potion in a spray bottle from my sink, and the liquid was pink so I figured I was good without any extra ingredients. I headed outside through the front door to look for one but right when I about hit my street, I woke up. I tried DEILDing back in, but it wasn't happening.

    Flesh Eating Zombies
    * *I had a scary dream about zombie like creatures. But they weren't totally typical. They didn't care about anything other than eating humans. I was with my sister M and then a friend of hers at the house and when I realize there are a bunch outside. I immediately run inside to hide, and they basically give up looking for me the moment I'm out of sight.
    * *At one point my older sister E says she'll distract them so we can either escape or figure out a plan, and she just runs for it and they run after her. I'm really distressed about her doing that so I run to my room (going outside first and then through my window) to look for my machete (which I don't really have) in my closet, but have trouble finding it. I see my airsoft guns, but know they won't do much damage. I eventually wake up while looking.

    Updated 02-05-2014 at 07:38 AM by imrossed

    lucid , non-lucid , task of the month

    Weird Games, Experimenting with Lucid Powers

    by imrossed on 01-30-2014 at 08:58 PM
    Jan 29-30 2014

    Took LD supplements (8mg of Galantamine and 500mg of Choline) and had longest dreams and LDs I've ever had. I preferred to DEILD and keep trying than write them down. These are written much later, so details weren't as clear and some dreams were forgotten altogether.

    Why Am I Working at Scottsdale?
    * *I was working at a store in Scottsdale, but it was outside, really dark outside, and weirdly futuristic. My manager asked me to help this girl out but I didn't even have socks on yet. I told her to wait one moment, and she was like trying to help me with my socks. I got them on, with my shoes, then help her. She wanted to download an app or get it working or something, so I help her and when it works she opens it and it's a game she wanted to play. My friend SK shows up with ST, just to say hi or something. I ask why she is all the way out in Scottsdale.

    Finding an Attractive Girl (Lucid)
    * *One dream I was lucid that I have is I'm looking for an attractive girl. I'm outside a house and decide to look there, but realize I should look on the second floor. Keeping in mind it's a dream, I jump to the second floor, but still have to grab on to the railing and hoist myself up.
    * *As I land I want to go in the house, but only see windows and no door. I just tell myself I'll be able to go through the windows and then hop through them. I phase right through as if they weren't there. When I get in there, I realize there is a girl actually outside on the second story, so I hop back through the windows and go up to her. She comes up to greet me and she is extremely attractive, with dark hair, vibrant eyes, and around my age.
    * *It's like she knows me because we're extremely comfortable around each other, and I'm finding myself turned on. I keep reality checking and stabilizing to make sure I don't get too excited and wake up. She still acts her own though as she doesn't just do whatever I ask, but acts how she wants to.

    Creepy Worms, Super Kids, and Levitation (Lucid)
    * *I was in a house with 3 other kids, and there were mosquito type things flying around that eventually turned into like flying maggots. We knew these were dangerous so we tried swatting them or something. I told one of them to get me strainers, with small netting, and it takes a minute to find one. Once one of the guys grabs one, I find another and take both to go start catching them. When I run back though, they're all gone.
    * *It was slightly eerie, then the doorbell rings. Someone gets it and there is a girl who tells us there are giant works taking over the house. And we see there is a weird slimy material on the outside of his front door frame. We run outside and there is a man there who claims it was he who did this.
    * *I run at him to attack him, but notice he is surround by little kids. I didn't care and keep running, but then one little kid gets this evil look on his face and runs at me. I freak out and run away, but this kid is faster and tackles me and is surprisingly strong. I realize all those kids are enhanced to protect him. The one who took me down goes back to the man.
    * *I forget some details here but I realize I'm dreaming and am with those kids in a happier setting. We're playing a game of some sort, which is weird cuz it's like football but I'm running with otter pops and have to empty them out at the end zone. I'm running and only one girl is chasing me, but I get just close enough as she tackles me to empty it out.
    * *As we're heading back I ask her what her powers are, she says speed and strength. Around here I wake up again and get back into the dream, and want to get my own powers. I try out levitation, but I know it will be slightly tricky to wrap my mind around the concept and believe I can do it. I decide to stand on top of a bench and just trust fall to the ground knowing I can stop myself. I do it and it works, and I swing back up to the top or the bench! Amazed, I try again, and it works a second time.
    * *As I keep trying, I fail every now and then, but knew I could do it at that point. I tried floating up to a trampoline, and it half worked. I know I wake up again around this point as I go back in imagining the feel of the trampoline.
    * *One of characters says at a point, "well now he's going to get aroused" or something similar, and I take it as a queue they're done doing things and I should do what I want to now. The girl nearest me is very attractive and my age, so I take her hand and bring her towards a pool. She is willing and follows me. Sexy time begins at the pool.

    Lucid Fragments
    * *I'm in a garage, lots of beat up cars in there, but I know they're supposed to be nice. It's still weird though because they're like glitched like a video game and are half stuck inside each other or a wall.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    January TotM, and many more

    by imrossed on 01-20-2014 at 06:29 PM
    Jan 19-20 2014

    Lord of the Rings Fragment
    I'm having a dream about a new Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. Aragorn and Legolas are both in it.

    Psych Sub-Box and the World's Largest Flamin Hot Cheeto

    Later, I get a box that's supposed to be like a Loot Crate, but for that's weeks corresponding Psych episode. I tell myself I need to watch the last 2 episodes or so because I don't want to open the box and spoil it. It is supposed to, contain little momentos or items from the episode.
    I went grocery shopping with my friend T to like a Safeway, and they must have been almost closed because some lights were off and certain aisles were cut off. All I was really getting was some flamin hot Cheetos and some other food item (I think either salad or yogurt). As I'm looking for flaming hot Cheetos I see a box containing the worlds largest flamin hot Cheeto. It was about 4-6 inches thick diameter and maybe 5-6 feet tall, according to the picture on the box it was in. The price tag is only like $15 so I send a pic of it to T and he heads over. I grab a small bag, then something else and T shows up so I show him the Cheeto. He picks one up and it falls over and we realize there are two sizes. The $15 ones are like 2-3 feet tall, and the 5-6 foot one is actually just under $170, but is a pack of 4.
    Soon an old high school friend D shows up and I go to talk to her. She says she's busy and tells me to go wait at the front, and it was rude and I was offended, so I tell her I'm leaving and say goodbye, while heading to the other checkout. After a minute or two of checking out, D shows up and apologizes saying Target made her lose her manners. We catch up a bit on if she's in school, still working at Nordstroms and such. Then I wake up.

    Basketball Camp
    I'm at a camp or get together with a lot of old friends,and it's at a basketball gymnasium. I show up with my friend T, but a lot of old friends come too, such as B, and also P, my cousin, is there. I remember there is a basketball challenge and my group is out in like 15 seconds. When leaving we have a ton of bags and I notice T left one. I call after him and he says he is coming back. I had a free hand so I figured I'd help. I think it's heavy, because in a little bit I hit some chairs and it throws me off balance. I dramatize it a little bit for attention, but then I actually fall and people rush up to me feeling bad. I was fine, and get up.

    Semi-Truck Crash
    At one point I'm driving and as I'm driving there is this massive semi-truck wreck. I was like the only one on the highway besides one other car. I see it all in slow motion like on a video and it's flipping long ways and such. Cops come and soon there are tons of cars in the area all stopped. Eventually they get the guy out of the semi, and he's supposedly famous, one of his eyes is stitched shut, and does stunts and tricks in YouTube. Some guy asks him with a microphone how he feels and he says ok. The guy who owned the mic mentions he just came from an injury as well or something and gets shut down by the famous guy.

    January 2014 TotM, Random New Years Resolution
    I walked in front of a man and thought what if he a duck bill on his face, and sure enough he did, and I instantly realize then I'm dreaming. It woke up me up, but I just visualized going back into the dream. Walking along that little corridor, and I slowly reformed. It started black, but I just kept feeling the walls knowing my sight would come in, and it did. I made a right turn, looking for the next DC I could find, and I came to a pool at a giant waterpark. I found a guy with long blonde hair who just came from the pool and was probably getting ready to leave.
    I said "hey what's up" and he kinda just acknowledged me, but didn't give me a response. I wanted to stay positive to get a good response, so I say, "I've got a question for you when you have a moment." I get back "ok, just let me finish and find my shirt." He turns around and I realize if I don't force it, he won't give me an answer, so I just grab him by the shoulders and say "what's your resolution this year?" He looks at me with confusion and says "uhhh captain TV collar" ad walk away. Very odd indeed.

    Snowboarding Uphill
    I'm in Colorado or someplace snowy and am with my dad and my little sister. My dad has some sort of motorcycle with him, but it's also like a motorized scooter. Somewhere in between, I guess. It's slightly malfunctioning and wanting to go full speed even when not squeezing the throttle, and wants us to try riding it. I try first because I don't want my little sister getting hurt, and when I get on it, it shoots forward.
    As it does so, I realize I'm going backwards up a mountain where skiers and snowboarders are coming down. I keep going and get to a point where I'm at a steep hill (it basically angles vertically after a bit), and I go as fast as I can at it, to make it up. I make it just high enough to grab the ledge with one hand. The cycle falls back down, and my sister takes it. I tell her to go really fast to make it up, but she just goes to the right where there isn't as steep a hill. At this point I'm just snowboarding, but it's uphill, which is a really interesting sensation.
    After I get to the top of the hill, I want to go back down it because I see some people doing really cool tricks off the jumps here and I want to try them. My dad and sister could care less so they leave. I go to strap into my board, but I realize I don't have my boots with me. I talk to the DCs around me, but I just give up since I can't board without the boots. I go back to the place we were staying.
    A couple of my friends are outside where we were staying and I hang out with them outside as well. The weather was extremely nice, just nice and cool, but no wind. I recall eating fruit roll ups at this point (it's weird because I haven't eaten fruit roll ups probably for over 5 years). I'm just taking big bites out of it, and it's extremely chewy, sticks to my teeth and what not. I remember that fruit roll ups usually have shapes in it that you pull out, and I recognize the face of Spongebob on it. My brother shows up later at some point.

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    lucid , non-lucid , task of the month