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    1. Hey! Thanks for attempting the RC I mentioned. Iím disappointed it didnít have any affect for you but Iím not surprised and did wonder if it would only work for me.

      Basically I became lucid once from a sensation that felt like something was pulling me up and down from my back and causing the dream to shake as well as my dream body. I then tried this as an RC in another dream and experienced the same sensation. I confirmed this a third time as well and so I believed I had stumbled across an affective RC. My belief was the sensation was caused by me laying on my back in bed whilst dreaming.

      I suppose even though it didnít work for you itís possible it was because you were laid on your side as mentioned in your journal. Or itís possible this is just something I expect to work for me.

      Anyway, Iíll wait and see if anyone else attempts it before I mention this in the thread. Really appreciate you having a go though. Congratulations on the WILD as well, sounds like a good one! 🙂
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