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      Good luck in the competition!
      I hope it helps to keep you motivated!
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      I'm excited to see you back! Good luck working on your recall, I'll be following your DJ!
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      I just started participating in a lucid dreaming study from the university of Adelaide
      I'm not supposed to do any induction techniques for the first week of it. I'm also probably going to sign up for sensei's competition, you should totally join as well! They have a lower league that you could join. I like the competitions because it's filled with people that help motivate each other and we all get really excited about dreaming, it's fun I'll pm you the link in case you're interested
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      Hey! How is your dreaming practice going?
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      As soon as I saw "thanks heaps," I knew you had to be from Australia!
      Welcome to DV, it's nice to see a fellow Aussie face!
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    1. Individual
      Individual liked blog post by ~Dreamer~ On : All the Time in the World *Lucid *Dares
      27th January, 2015 Side Notes: I was reading an old DJ entry I have saved on my computer from 2011, and was surprised to see how effortlessly I used to have long, stable lucid dreams. I had...
      Liked On: 01-28-2015, 12:30 AM
    2. Individual
      Individual liked blog post by AnotherDreamer On : WILD and The Chocolate Cake Man!
      Dream #1: WILD I was laying in bed, focusing on feeling my dream hands as I was falling asleep. I started moving them to focus on the sensation, then I started to move my feet as well. I rolled my...
      Liked On: 01-27-2015, 12:24 PM
    3. Individual
      Individual liked blog post by Antoia On : 01.26.15 LD: Second Market
      LD. Ran around place. Met lots of DCs. Forgot a lot of things. It's funny how my personal goal is to talk in-depth with a DC because my usual LDs are devoid of people, and then my brain starts...
      Liked On: 01-27-2015, 04:03 AM
    4. Individual
      Individual liked post by ~Dreamer~ On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      You can totally keep those points Nfri, it was my mistake for not updating the TotM link! I've fixed it now so it links to the current month's tasks. :)
      Liked On: 01-26-2015, 06:22 AM
    5. Individual
      Individual liked post by JoannaB On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      I napped and remembered a fragment. New total: 0.5 pts "I get by with a little help from my friends." Go Beatles
      Liked On: 01-26-2015, 12:35 AM
    6. Individual
      Individual liked post by PercyLucid On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      In order to spice more the competition and the Lucid Dares, the following users have been dared to a Lucid Dare (worth 20 pts here) Check the...
      Liked On: 01-26-2015, 12:26 AM
    7. Individual
      Individual liked post by PercyLucid On thread : Lucid Dares
      Here are the Dares :) Individual Summon a random animal. What animal shows up? Ask it a question. bemistaken Find a big box and open it. What do you find? KonchogTashi Ask to a DC, "What...
      Liked On: 01-26-2015, 12:00 AM
    8. Individual
      Individual liked blog post by ~Dreamer~ On : CanisCurtainus *Lucid
      25th January, 2015 Lucid Dare attempted: CanisLucidus - Build a couch fort with me. Once we are safely inside, blow it apart with a Super Advanced Fart. I'm not sure whether this began with a...
      Liked On: 01-25-2015, 01:17 PM
    9. Individual
      Individual liked post by Sensei On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      The competition begins on Saturday, January 24th, at 8 PM YOUR time (wherever you are.) The competition will end on Saturday, February 7th, at 8 PM. Rules: Honor system: Be honest and trust...
      Liked On: 01-24-2015, 05:32 AM
    10. Individual
      Individual liked post by LouaiB On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      YUS YUS YUS YUS YUS!! PK now, uhm, 3 step tasks: 1)Flying 2)umspecified power: I have a little power I want to use that I call "blue hands". It's basically making my hands, well, err there's...
      Liked On: 01-24-2015, 05:17 AM
    11. Individual
      Individual liked post by FryingMan On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      Betting! Sweet, I like that, really focus the energy on a night! (No maximums, though?) Alright Montagues, let's pillow-whack the snot out of the Capulets! 3-steps: + interact with a DC +...
      Liked On: 01-24-2015, 05:16 AM
    12. Individual
      Individual liked post by JoannaB On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      My three tasks: Basic Summoning Eat Something Teleport Dream Goal: Become a Dragon Dream Incubation: Taj Mahal
      Liked On: 01-24-2015, 05:16 AM
    13. Individual
      Individual liked post by AnotherDreamer On thread : Sensei's Super Competition of Absolute Awesomeness!
      Woo! I'm excited, go pirates :biggrin: Good luck everyone!
      Liked On: 01-24-2015, 05:16 AM
    14. Individual
      Individual liked blog comment by ~Dreamer~ On : Rotten Eggs
      Yaaay, your second lucid dream! :bliss: It's awesome that you thought to do a reality check when you noticed something didn't make sense. Your waking life awareness is crossing over into your...
      Liked On: 01-23-2015, 07:50 AM
    15. Individual
      Individual liked blog post by AnotherDreamer On : Purple Smoke in a Crystal Ball
      I had a F.A. where I woke up next to Dreamer, I did an epiglottis check to see if I was actually still dreaming and some air got through. I remembered that Dreamer had told me before that if the RC...
      Liked On: 01-20-2015, 10:13 AM
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    Lucid Dream and Fragment

    by Individual on 02-13-2015 at 10:12 PM
    Before I start this particular journal, I haven't quit again, I was just loaded with so much homework that I couldn't touch my laptop for two weeks. I decided to buckled down and finish off everything, it was especially painful to not record any dreams this week because for some reason I was having a lucid dream every second night. The dreams were really short though and it seemed like I was being kicked out of the dream when I became Lucid. Last night however, I managed to finally stabilise the dream and actually enjoy myself for a little bit. I'm also going to add another colour for semi-lucidity because I got myself into a really weird situation while semi-lucid.


    I was infiltrating a building in hopes to gather some information about an enemy company. I was climbing floor after floor and sneaking past, or killing everyone to progress. I found my way to the top and found a glass container which I opened. I saw the hulk in the contianer and started to run. After a memory gap I was at the bottom floor and Bruce Banner was blocking my exit, there was an explosion and a huge piece of rubble hit him across the head. He began turing into the hulk and I knew I had to get out quickly, I ran up to him and punched him multiple times but he just grabbed me and threw me back. I grabbed ametal rod and hit him with that but it just made him angrier. He threw back his head and screamed and I took the chance to get out. The dream ended there.

    I was at my school and Lucid for no particular reason, I prepared for everything to go blurry and wake me up but I didn't, in fact, everything became crystal clear and I saw a large group of people huddled by some lockers, I walked towards them but they began to disperse and break of into smaller groups, there were alot of people and I decided I would try to summon J. I tried my dream voice out and it seemed slightly muted but it sounded like me for the most part. I called out to J and turned around and she was there, I ran up to her to say hi but she looked disinterested and walked away. I decided to look for some of my other friends and found them at my locker talking. I walked up to I and asked if he wanted to hear something awesome, he said yes and I told him that he was in my lucid dream. He looked amazed and I decided to do something else. I walked back to the large group and looked towards the gates, I decided to summon an army and sure enough, an army of man sized flies flew out from the horizon and landed in the carpark. I ran towards them and decided I wanted to fly, my first jump failed, my second jump was higher than the first, my third jump was low gravity and I put my arms out to fly but came back to earth, I jumped higher than humanly possible and reached the fly-men before I hit the ground. I drop-kicked one of them and jumped again, punching another in the process. There was a memory gap and I found myself in a library giving a presentation on holograms to the fly people, the hologram looked awesome and I was playing around with it before I woke up.

    I'm really happy with that, it was so much fun and I have no clue how I did it when I've been really busy over the past two weeks. I won't be able to do anything over the week now as I'm too busy but I can update my dream journal on the weekend.

    Two Fragments [Sensei comp Day 2]

    by Individual on 01-26-2015 at 10:37 PM
    Two fragments of a really cool dream that I had, sadly I didn't become lucid but the dream itself was quite vivid so that's a good thing. I also did a WBTB at 3:20 after going to bed at 11pm but that didn't really help anything and I fell back to sleep to this dream.


    Fragment One:
    I was in an undersea library with my dad and I somehow had gotten powers that could allow me to do anything that I wanted. We met a little girl who said it was her birthday and she wanted food and a boy to play with. My dad and I led her towards an elevator and when the doors opened I created some food. The doors closed and while we were in the elevator I noticed the little girl had a large carrot hat on. I looked to the food again and it was also filled with carrots. The elevator doors opened on the same floor we were on previously and I created a boy about my age to play with the little girl, she didn't seem the slightest bit interested and started playing on a laptop. I made the boy to be her age and he ran up to her, threw the laptop away, grabbed her hand and went off to play somewhere.

    Fragment Two:
    My dad and I exited the library before being approached by a fish/man who told us that we should keep quiet about what we were trying to find otherwise pirates could take advantage of us. My dad thanked him and I thought to myself that if we were caught I would be able to kill everyone with my new power. I then saw two of my friends that had left the school over by a cafe of sorts, they were wearing leather jackets with jeans and were also with another group of people that I assumed were their other friends. I approached the one on the left and asked him if he remembered me, in reply, he introduced me to the other one and told me I had met him in year 5. I found this slightly odd since I had met the guy much earlier than that but I got distracted when a lot of my other friends, who were also wearing leather jackets, began running down the street. I ran after them and as I vaulted over some railing and jumped a large flight of stairs I realised that I was wearing a leather jacket too. Every time I did a stunt I would hear J's voice telling me to be careful, I kept on trying to reassure her that everything was fine and that I was completely safe but she got really worried when I grazed my knee on some paving. I again wondered why I felt no pain but I wanted to focus on the supposed race that my friends and I were having. I told J again that it didn't hurt and proceeded to do a huge jump onto the top of a four story carpark roof, I began to float upwards mid-air but came back down and landed on the third story. The dream ended there.

    I really liked that dream, it was vivid and epic so I would like to do something like that again. Becoming lucid would make that dream more epic and I am begninning to question the dreams again so if I can do an RC it'll be as easy as that. I'm going to try the WBTB a little bit later in the morning or go to bed earlier because when light comes through the blinds I can't go back to sleep anymore so that's something to also take into account.

    - Have a third Lucid Dream.
    - Have a conversation with a DC.
    - Fly.
    - Find my Dream Guide.
    - Summon an an animal and ask it a question. [Dare]

    Fragment and Dream [Sensei comp Day 1]

    by Individual on 01-26-2015 at 12:25 AM
    I went to bed really late last night so it's not surprising to me that I only got two fragments. I really need to buckle down for this competition now that I have a dare. Thanks Percy for daring me and I will try my absolute best to get the dare done.


    I am playing a video game with one of my friends, it is a stealth game and we are hiding in some bushes while a searchlight passes over our heads. My friend asks me if any shade counts as being hidden and I answer yes. His character moves to a sign and crouches in the shade, the searchlight passes right over him and does not react.

    Short Dream:
    I am in an empty dam with a random DC, he seems to be putting some explosives at the dam wall, I realise that the other side is completely filled with water. He puts the last of the explosives down and tells me to start running. We both begin to run to a ladder that is about 50 meters away from us. He reaches is first and as we begin to climb I hear an explosion and the sound of water. I try to climb faster but the wall of water reaches us before we get to the top. I feel myself being pushed agaisnt a wall while holding my breath. My view goes black and the dream ends.

    Not too much this time but now that I am back from holidays I expect to get a lot more dreaming done. Thanks again Percy for the dare and I hope I'll be able to complete it for you.

    - Have a third Lucid Dream.
    - Have a conversation with a DC.
    - Fly.
    - Meet my Dream Guide.
    - Summon and animal and ask it a question. [Dare]

    Short False Awakening

    by Individual on 01-24-2015 at 05:46 AM
    Not really a whole lot of dreaming. My back hurt slightly and there were multiple disturbances while I was trying to sleep. Let's hope the competition will provoke another lucid dream!


    I got out of bed and fumbled around in the dark for a while before finding a torch and taking a clock off of the wall because it was annoying me. I then went back to bed before waking up for real.

    Like I said, not a huge deal of content which kinda sucks. I'll probably get a better sleep tonight and try WBTB again.
    - Have a third lucid dream.
    - Have a conversation with a DC.
    - Fly.
    - Find my Dream Guide.

    Rotten Eggs

    by Individual on 01-23-2015 at 04:24 AM
    Had my second lucid yesterday. I was not expecting it but it's definitely a welcome thing. I have also been trying WILD but can't seem to really get the technique down. I was having a nap and my body was feeling heavy, I felt like I was hit in the face by a by a ball and very clearly saw a room, it felt like for a second I was there but the feeling went a way and the picture disappeared.


    I was at school with my dad and sister. We were walking through the school grounds and I saw a couple of my friends there. I wanted to talk to them but my dad was getting really annoyed for some reason. He lead me to the home economics room where there were some staff cleaning. My dad walked over to a bucket and started to pick out and throw away huge amounts of rotten eggs. The staff began to notice and they all protested to what my dad was doing. I was sitting opposite to him and I picked out one of the eggs and looked at the yolk. It was a sickly grey/green colour and crumbled in my hand when I touched it. The staff told my dad they would get all of the good eggs and send it to him. My dad refused and began to cut up all of the egg whites into small squares and put them onto a plate. I decided to leave him and go explore the rest of of the school. On my way out I heard one of the staff call me moo, this puzzled me but I decided to ignore the feeling and leave the room. I made my way towards the basketball court and noticed that the school was completely deserted, I came to the conclusion that everyone had left. I passed some lockers on my way to the court and saw one of the people from my class there. He called out to me but I ignored him for some reason and kept on walking. He stopped me as I reached the basketball court and began to talk to me about his day. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying but I snapped back to attention when he asked me how my day went. "You wouldn't believe how insane my day was...how was my day?" As much as I tried to think I could not put my finger on what had happened before now. I decided to do a nose pinch check just to make sure I wasn't dreaming and sure enough I breathed through both nostrils and everything shot into focus. I said aloud that I was dreaming and the person from my class immediately morphed into a random DC that bolted away, shoving me in the process. I stumbled backwards but managed to regain my balance, noticing that the stability of the dream had been completely ruined. I thought about rubbing my hands together but hesitated and woke up.

    I'm really happy about this one. I managed to do the RC because I found something to be strange inside the dream and I feel like that's a real accomplishment. I hope that the competition coming up this friday will motivate me some more to have another one, that would be awesome. It's kind of unfortunate that the stumble completely shattered stability. The dream was quite vivid and andfelt quite stable and I was going to try to do something before I was shoved. I don't know why the DC freaked out like that though.

    - Have my second lucid dream.
    - Have a conversation with a DC
    - Fly.
    - Find my Dream Guide.
    lucid , side notes