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    I'm currently a graduate student. Just looking to improve my skills and become someone who can lucid dream most nights. (That's the longterm goal)
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    Martial arts, photography, reading, video games
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    by Ironbullet on 01-23-2012 at 02:15 PM
    Dream #1
    I am in my cousin Kevinís house with some friends. For some reason, they are doing a cooking challenge where they take left over fast food from a chicken chain restaurant and make crazy dinners with them. Kevin is hurt from playing a sport, so Iím pretty sure Iím back in high school. His friends leave and I try to see if heíll come too, but starts explaining his injury and that if he goes off to have fun, it will only get worse.

    Dream #2
    The dream transitions right into night time, and things have turned rather grim. I remember knowing that zombies were around, or that a zombie outbreak had occurred. There were plenty of safe cities apparently and society was still chugging along. I was grabbed by something I couldnít see for some odd reason. I just felt a strong pull on my head and yelled. I turned and hit the zombie in the face and was able to run away. I got home and this is wear the dream gets weird. I walk into my home, and I KNOW Iím in high school. My parents are still together. I start inspecting my arms and legs and neck feeling for bite marks. Nothing so I go to a mirror, and get quite a shock. Iím a woman. Iíve got dark hair just passed my shoulders and bright blue eyes. My face is round, with a small petite nose, and Iím even wearing make up! I immediately became lucid at this point. I just stared for a second. I took control and started running my hands through my hair. I swear I felt what the dark curls felt like and how long it was. I was so freaked out, that I immediately woke up.
    lucid , memorable


    by Ironbullet on 01-23-2012 at 02:14 PM
    Dream #1: Zombie dream
    Using my memaw and papawís RVÖwhich they donít have IR, me, my girlfriend, and other random family members and friends escape a zombie horde. Making our way somewhere but with a purpose, even though I donít know exactly where weíre going. Lots of killing zombies, guns, axes, and I even killed a zombie with a knife that got to close. Ended with us at a gated community with lots of people that had restarted a ďvillageĒ basically inside this suburban housing project. They used a barter system.

    Dream #2 House
    My girlfriend and I are in our first house. The dream is pretty simple, buying furtniture setting the place up and talking about the furture. It skips ahead with her very pregnant with a little girl. Skips ahead again even further to when she and I are older and our own daughter is dating. The daughter is probably around 19 or so. Im a US marshal. There was a lot of detail to this dream, but I canít remember them now.

    12/9/11 (First Lucid...NSFW)

    by Ironbullet on 01-23-2012 at 02:12 PM
    Itís been a while since I posted, and I havenít been practicing. But I finally had a lucid dream. It was unplanned, but it was the best, first lucid dream I could ask for.

    I do not remember the beginning of the dream, but I remember the point at which I became lucid. I was passionately kissing my girlfriend and we were wrapped in each other's arms on a great big bed with white sheets. I also noticed that the room was brightly lit with the sunís rays. We kissed deeply and our tongues touched and slid against the one another's. That is how I knew I was dreaming. I currently live in South Carolina for grad school. She is in Texas and I havenít left yet for Winter break. I knew I was dreaming, but I didnít stop. Instead this encouraged me. I wanted to take advantage of the sensations I could experience with her that I miss so much. But I havenít practiced keeping a lucid dream going, so I was unable to continue after a point. I pulled her white panties off of her perfect hips and unsnapped her white bra. I kissed her deeply again and moved my hard member to her soft and wet, lower lips and pushed myself inside. She let a soft moan escape her mouth and I began to move in and out. I kissed her soft breasts and pulled her hips up to me, pushing myself deeper into her. She was so warm and wet. The sensation became too much to bear. I desperately wanted to finish and I could feel it building. But I started losing the dream, and I woke up.

    An amazing first lucid dream if I do say so. It was random and I did not plan it, but it makes it all the more amazing.
    lucid , memorable


    by Ironbullet on 01-23-2012 at 02:08 PM
    Iím writing this a little while after Iíve woken up. I have not been keeping up with this journal and it makes me sad. But last night, I had a crazy dream. It involved Courtney and I, and we were in another dimension of sorts. Like Terra Nova, our world was apocalyptic and many had escaped to the thriving dimension. There were lots of rules and orientation meetings about life there we had to attend. I even saw some of the friends I had in elementary and middle school there. I canít remember enough about it though, just the premise.


    by Ironbullet on 01-23-2012 at 02:07 PM
    All remember was this was a mix between Pokťmon, game of thrones, and running a tough mudder. Lots of game of thrones characters, each with Pokťmon. Then I had to run a tough mudderÖMelatonin does weird things.