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      Woo I got a LD this night I am getting closer to you Just you wait!
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      Hi ironice, thank you for the frienship thing. If you ever need anything, just let me know, k? : )
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    I got to know about lucid dreaming early 2012, but I'm not sure about my LD skills : )
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    (L) Flying like an airplane and like superman, the old playground.

    by Ironice on 04-06-2015 at 02:04 PM
    I was on the playground at the youthcenter I went to when I was little. I thouht that I probably was dreaming since I were there so I tried to do a RC and correct enough I was dreaming.
    I walked out of the playground and said "Clairty now!" while I was touching things to make the dream more stable. I wondered what I should do and of course I thought of flying but this time with thought of everyday expectations. So I walked out in the middle of the street spread my arms like wings and started to run. For some reason I ran very fast, and the coolest thing was that it worked very well. I took of and I Just flew like it was natural. I saw a casttle-like building, forest, the playground, and lots of other things. I switched flying mode from airplane to superman style and it worked very well aswel. What I liked about flying in lucid dreaming, is that you can feel the wind on your face and your whole body, it's so cool, and you get to see things from a whole new perspective.
    I spotted a guy on the ground I found him a little suspicious, he was like blinking and transforming. Almost like mistique from x-men. I flew down and landed at the playground and just watched him. He ran away out of a gate. So I thought that he is gone now. So I started to stabilize the dream, and I tried if I could remember any DV TotM but I couldnt. Across the street stood my aunt and I went to speak to her, and suddenly I were in a room. There were lots of Diablo 3 (Video game) stuff, ex-school friends came in the room. I lost lucidity... I think the dream tried to overwhelm me.

    Good score soldier going to therapy | A little temper is good

    by Ironice on 04-03-2015 at 07:24 PM
    1. Good score soldier going to therapy
    I am a soldier, in a call of duty like environment but also like battlefield.. It’s a little mixed up..
    I have a good score and K/D Ratio, so I’m in a video game. While I killed other players I thought “Maybe I should get a new CPU (processor), it seems a little laggy and maybe I can perform better if I got a new CPU”. I went up in a tree to camp a little. I shot 2-3 guys up there, and then I went down to chase a guy there was on his way to a house..
    I shot after him but I could not hit him, so I went after him. We went to the front yard of the house, and then I went to the porch there sat 3 people and they waited for me, I sat down….

    2. A little temper is good
    Dad, Mom, others from my mothers side of the family and I sat at a table to eat lasagne. My dad and mom talked about people that wasn't able to talk much was a little annoying and stuff. I got mad threw my table of lasagne over to my dads side of the table and went out to put my shoes on. My uncle came in the door and asked me what was wrong. I just said that I jo needed some air.

    I do play war games so I'm not sure if it's a dreamsign or not. I guess it is since its virtual reality.
    I'm a soldier. I shoot people. I'm in a tree. Mom. Uncle.

    Very toxic flowers | My back hurts, or does it?

    by Ironice on 03-29-2015 at 10:59 PM
    1st dream.
    I am on a green field with some white flowers. There were two groups of people.
    1st group were 2 people who walked around at the white flowers with a air blower or something like a can of air. And blew air on the white flowers. It was like there came something out of the flowers almost like bubbles.
    Not that far away from them were there 2 others (group 2) in front of their car. They looked over at the 1st group, and they looked kinda shocked.. They went a little closer to the first group and told them that the white flowers were very toxic, and their life were in danger..

    2nd dream.
    I was out biking with my dad, and my back started to be very sore and hurt a lot. Suddenly I was on the ground and I couldnt move. It turned black.. Colors and things came back and I now were at a hospital, I was told I needed to rest because of my back.
    My stepmother and stepsister were there to visit me, and I could tell my stepsister was worried about me.
    I were in doubt and kinda thought "My back doesnt hurt that bad?".. "Did I pretend and fake it all?"
    It was like they knew what I was thinking, cause they said "You can go home now".

    I also remember being at my grandfather and grandmothers house, but not what I did there. Just that I walked a little in their living room but thats it.

    Spoiler for Danish:

    Updated 03-29-2015 at 11:19 PM by Ironice


    Not much dream detail. With Dennis and Daniel at a store.

    by Ironice on 03-28-2015 at 06:20 PM
    I was with Dennis and Daniel in a store. We met Kim and Gerda there, and so I thought it would be good practice to do a reality check, I think I did but I don't remember.

    Updated 03-28-2015 at 06:24 PM by Ironice


    Sliding down the stairs. War in the forest. Too violent for kids.

    by Ironice on 03-27-2015 at 11:59 PM
    Multiple dreams.
    I'm not sure if the part in "??" and purple is part of 2 or 3 or a 4th dream.

    1) I slided down the stairs at a harbor. The stairs were long, and there was nothing to make sure you didnt fall out at the side. I realised that and I was about to fall off, but didnt. I met some people I knew but they didnt look familiar. I needed to pee, so I found a toilet. End of dream.

    2) I were in a dark forest with some other people, we were in a war. We had weapons and we were shot at. The other people in my group moved forward but I just stayed on my position.
    ?I was able to choose a character, like in a video game. The only characters I remember is Rip, Rap and Rup from Quack Pack and Donald duck.?
    3) Then I ended up in my my childhood home with my stepmothers little daughter Anna. We were on the computer playing multiplayer flash games. We talker about what we should play next, and then there was this plastic bag with discs. I took the discs out and some of the games were violent and not for a 7 year old like Anna. One of the games were Far Cry 4.

    Updated 03-28-2015 at 12:13 AM by Ironice