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      Your sig.

      I like dat.
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      Ahh, hope everything goes smoothly and you finish moving soon! Also, you can come to chat anytime, even when there's no class. You can come talk to us on #LucidDreaming or #DV
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      Thanks <3

      I hope you're liking your stay on DV?
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      Fret not. I had to get a crash course in using chat the first time I visited. I've only recently learned the ins and outs of it.

      It's a neat place to visit but the #DV channel can get weird/raunchy.

      Come visit the #DVA classes sponsored by the Intro Class (on the forum). You can learn alot.
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      Next time you visit chat and a #DVA class isn't occurring you can visit #LucidDreaming instead of #DV. On-topic conversation normally occurs in #LucidDreaming while #DV can sometimes be a little chaotic.
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      Thank you! I try my best!

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      Why thanks izzy! I can't take all the credit though, I'm lucky that we have a really great staff.
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      Aww no problem at all!

      And thank you very much, that really means a lot to me
      See ya around, and happy dreaming!
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      Hello! Welcome to DV
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    About izzyLD

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    About izzyLD
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    hello, name's Izzy.
    I guess you could say I am an artist because i love to draw, and paint, and recently i've been dabbling with digital art.

    when i was young i was very much obsessed with my dreams, the the teen years came and we all know how that goes lol
    but as i got older i could feel myself change and my wants and needs shifted. i began looking inwards and accepting spirituality.

    I was ecstatic when i stumbled onto lucid dreaming, it provided me with everything i had been missing and that i was looking for. it gave me spiritual growth and something to connect with that was bigger than my physical being.
    but being in my 20's took reign and my spiritual growth fell wayside for a year or so.

    But when you begin on a spiritual journey, the distractions of the night-life and materialism eventually arent what you truely desire deep down and so you once again get on the right path.
    I am still in my 20's but I have struck a comfortable balance with most aspects of my life as far as inner growth goes.

    it can still take a lot of self discipline to keep at my dream journal and
    lucid dream practices, but I have perseverance on my side :)

    all the spiritual stuff aside, i love a good sense of humor and i think people shouldn't take themselves too seriously, life is mean to be lived happily to get the most out of it, cheers!
    Country Flag:
    Art, photography, painting, drawing, digital art, storytelling, dreaming, spirituality, music
    fashion consultant/ retail/ boutique
    How you found us:
    google, what else? lol



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    oh my god. just met my dream guide ROFL!!

    by izzyLD on 08-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
    PMG MU GOD<---------( first thing i typed hahahahahah! i was so excited i couldnt even spell)

    okay so this lucid dream was induced by having a WILD and it was amazing!!!

    so as usual when i go form awake to lucid dreaming, im awake but i feel this sensation of my body being pulled out of bed its so bizzare, i feel my skin brushing up against the blankets, and an immense buzzing through me, and as soon as its over, i wake up in my dream.

    i was 100% lucid, so much so that i was worried about talking or moving in my way,
    shape or form, thus waking up my boyfriend sleeping right next to me.
    i tried to fly out from my windows but sometimes the laws of physics are
    ...still binding in my dreams so i kinda smacked into the glass and decided id rather run because i felt too amazing.

    I stepped out of the appartment trying not to wake my dream boyfriend, i was fully clothed now wearing a jean jacket and a pink shirt, my cats tried to follow me out but i shooed them back in and closed the door because hey, theyre still my cats

    as soon as I got out, this janator was coming in and i grabbed him by the shoulders
    like i was a crackhead who needed a fix...seriosuly i i shook him a little lol and asked him if he was my dream guide
    he said something obscure and random and i said "oookay, im thinking youre not"so i asked him agian and he said no

    still in the hallway something came upstairs from the basement....
    it was that baby head spider robot thing from toy story.....i grabbed its craneum and hesisted to even ask..."oh god, are you my dreamguide?" it shook its head "no" whith a sigh or relief i bolted out of the building,
    I was trying to fly aroundbut it wasnt working well. i bumped into cars and as high as i would get, my feet would still brush the grass underneath me and frankly i was just too hyper to concentrate.

    I walked over where i park my car which is underneath this giant concrete thing with a tennis court on it.
    but it was different, there were no cars and there was a giant hole in the concrete as if someone had bulldozed it open.
    the concrete pieces were scattered around and mixed in with rocks,
    it kinda made this hill leading down to a little river.
    i stood in the quiet space for a moment and then remembered the task at hand.
    "DREAM GUIDE i want to meet you!" I shouted into the sky, I stood there and listened/waited.
    then some pebbles began sliding down the hill on my right hand side,
    there had to have been movement causing those pebbles to fall
    i felt it in my gut...this is it.
    i walked over to where the rocks had fallen from
    "oh god, this is the moment ive been anticipating forever" i thought to myself
    i peeked up the hill around the concrete and there he was,
    sitting in the rubble............ FEZ from that 70's show HAHAHAH

    i knew deep down in me that he was my dream guide, i coud feel it.
    after i stopped laughing hysterically in happyness and about how my dream guide is freakin fez
    he was so good natured and just sat there smiling calmly while i laughed and tried to get over my hyperness,

    i stooped over the rubble and said "okay so you know what i have to ask right?"
    he nodded and continued smiling
    "are you my dream guide?" his smile turned into a grin "yes"
    i even asked him three more times to make sure and he answered yes each time
    but I could tell he was making a "you know i am" face.
    it was incredible i couldnt beleive it, i then made a joke saying
    "dont worry i wont ask about how to get with ladies"
    and he just kind of looked at me in confusion LOL woops...
    i dont think my dream guide watches that 70s show....
    anyways i felt like a bit of an idiot, i always make akward jokes, and if hes my dream guide he knows that already anyways so who cares lol
    I then asked "if i didnt ask for you, would you have show yourself to me on your own?"
    its weird how he doesnt even really need to talk much or say too many words for me
    to understand what hes saying.
    he sort of gave me this look which someone would percieve as confusion but i knew for some reason he was saying "i came when you asked for me and needed me, i would only show myself when you felt ready to see me."
    then i woke up from too much excitement -_-

    after i woke from immediate lucid state into reality I pretty much LEAPED out of my bed and whipped into the living room to write this down.
    i met my dream guide. and he is fez. oh my god.
    at first my thoughts are "can i change his appearance? would that be wrong? can i take him seriously as fez giving me life advice?" but in a weird way its like....i dont care, something opened up in me about my dream guide that is beyond appearances, he may have looked like a hilareous slightly racist tellevision character but he didnt act like it.
    the only thing i would change is maybe for him to have some pants and a shirt on next time lol he probably didnt wanna wear bellbottoms and a ruffle blouse.....understandable.

    I cannot beleive this just happened still.it was my most important goal and i got it on my first real successful WILD after like a year of no lucid dreaming, i think he knew how much it meant to me and that ive been struggling to find motivation to keep up with it and this would make a world of differece and fuel me.

    my hands are actually vibrating with how much adrenaline is running through me im so frakin happy right now and i cant seem to stop typing!!!BWAAA!!!
    i went to bed at 7:23 and woke up at 8:40
    and im still kinda tired so i think im going to go back to bed, maybe fez is waiting for me at a disco roller rink, who knows. HAHAHAHA XD my dream guide rocks.
    knows that i think about it. fez makes perfect sense! bahahaha

    The lucid dream that started it all..dun dun DUUUNN

    by izzyLD on 08-06-2012 at 05:11 PM
    just for fun sakes I'm going to share with yall's how I stumbled onto lucid dreaming, it was very bizarre and to this day I'm not sure how it happened but Im glad it did.

    When I was younger i remember 2 distinct dreams where i had brief moments of lucidity;
    the first was a t-rex chasing me when i realized "hey! im dreaming it cant hurt me!" so i turned around to challenge the tiny-armed beast whom proceeded to take a giant chunk of my arm O_O I was stunned and woke up with my arm throbbing.

    a few days later i was dreaming of being chased yet again by this sasquach thing, and had that thought again "hey! im dreaming, it cant hurt me!" and yet again i turned around to face my opponent and this time i got kicked in the stomach to wake out gasping for air....

    years and years went by with no notable Lucid dreams until 2 years ago in summertime.
    I had just gotten out of the shower and decided to take a nap on the couch in my bath robe, my eyes began to close and I drifted away and then this thought came into my head "i wonder if i can control my dream" ( I still have no idea where and why this thought came into my head, i had not read, watched, nor listened to anything that had to do with dreams and dream control)

    I fell asleep immediately after and immediately woke up on my couch...fully clothed, and hair dried...I stood up and realized I had just woken up....in my FREAKING DREAM?! I stood up and cautiously walked down the stairs in my apartment hallway all-the-while thinking "i really hope im not sleepwalking right now.." i opened the door to the outside where my eyes were greeted with GINORMOUS gothic buildings across the street from me, they stretched up for hundreds of feet and were a dark stone color, it was astounding.

    I continued to walk around baffled by everything, i wanted to look at every single leaf, pebble, and bug i came cross. the street was identical to mine with a few twists, i was walking in the middle of the road and people were looking at me as if i was well...walking in the middle of the road lol
    I realized i could do anything so being....human. I decided to make a cute boy appear and try some dream kissin
    oh he appeared all-right, I leaned in to kiss him and opened my eyes just a little to see that his face had...shifted....and he now ha a pig snout
    I woke up flinging myself upright on the couch.

    and that is how I got into the wonderful world of lucid dreaming

    Even in lucid dreams, mothers insist you do your chores -_-

    by izzyLD on 08-04-2012 at 10:22 PM
    This is my first journal entry so excuse the possible rambling

    So this is one of my lucid dreams from last year, i still remember to this day.

    I was in this complex in what i understand to be my room (which was in no way similar to my room)
    there were empty wine bottles holding flowers in a decorative way, the flower print wallpaper was peeling, and the trim on the doors and windows were a thick unpainted chipping wood.
    It was quaint and tiny, i walked out into the hallway and it looked like a community home. There were people evrywhere, in the kitchen, living room hallways, you name it.

    I'm not sure how but I just realized I was in a dream, and i had this curious thought..."can I get drunk in a dream?" So acting very scientific about it I went into the kitchen and grabbed anything/everything that i would recognize to be somesort of alcohol and began to shoot it back. It tasted like nothing and seemed to have little effect on me, so I downed a few more until i could feel something, it was only brief and I immediately sobered when my mom came out of nowhere and started sassing me, I was to put the bottle down, clean my room, and come have supper.

    Obviously she wasnt actually my mom, and she was standing in the way of very precious Lucid time, so I just ignored her and made my way out the door, she followed me and pestered me and just would not let up. But I love and respect my mom so I took her aside and said I would be home for supper and would clean my room later.

    I ran out to the street and bounded into the sky, I remember being up there and just looking over the scenery, it was amazing, every little detail in the trees and houses, some had pools, some had cars, some were mowing the lawn.

    that was the last moment i remembered of it, I think I was so overwhelmed by the infinite things i could do and just let my dream take over from there.

    It was still kind of funny how shrill and pestering my mom was.