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    1. Yeah, my strategy is way more sophisticated than it was a year ago.
    2. Super glad you're getting so many lucids
    3. Alright, I'll consider doing that. Thanks for your input.
    4. You could try making stabilization your primary goal every time once becoming lucid. That has helped me with the problem, as I usually struggle with it as well.
    5. Thanks. I hope to achieve 1000 points in the first competition of 2018. However, this can only be done if I can solve my biggest barrier: remembering to stabilize in low-level LDs. Too often, it just doesn't cross my mind, partially due to being preoccupied with whatever scenario is playing out at the time. Do you have any tips?
    6. Haha. A person with the same picture and context of LDing, I knew it couldn't be anyone else ^^ Nice LD count btw, looks like you're prepping for the next competition like you said!
    7. I'm surprised I got noticed.
    8. Hi! I think I just randomly found you?
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