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    Violet Sky 1/15/11

    by Jakemnam on 01-29-2011 at 05:41 PM
    This was my first lucid dream after about 2 weeks of starting. I felt like I had to type it up for people to see.

    I am at a beach with my whole family. It is dark and we are all very tired. Some of my family friends say they are going for a ride and offer me a ride. I decline and then find out that my dad wants to go with them. He says that he wants to catch up on sleep so I decide I will go with them because I want to go to sleep. (Like I couldn't do that on the beach, right?) I realize I don't have my ipod and I run back to the beach to get it. I run and find out that I didn't even bring my ipod in the first place so I turn back and start thinking that my family friends have probably already left without me. As I'm running back, I see a bunch of my friends laughing, singing, and lying on the sand. I go and jump on top of one of them and try to get their attention but they won't listen to me. I forget about them and try to go back to this hotel where my family friends are. They have left me but I am with one of my friends Isaac, who wanted to go with them too. We run through the hotel and slide down barricades and railings to try to catch up to everyone. We figure that there must have been about 20 people going, so they would take the elevator and we should slide down the railings of stairs. We peek in through various doors but to no avail.

    We end up in a bookstore and leave out the front door. I'm starting to get scared and ask Isaac if he has a phone. He says he doesn't. I forgot my phone too. A man nearby with a wife and a stroller with kids feels my anguish and offers me his phone. It is a huge freaking phone. I thank him and attempt to take off the cover of the phone without dropping the whole thing. I try to text my dad, "Where are you?" but the words won't come out right. It ends up saying, "Dad, are you awake?" I get so pissed and look behind me. There are a bunch of people on a bench looking at me and smirking. I think they are causing the words to change, so I throw objects at them. They start throwing things at me. Then I realize, I don't have to be mad at these people. I'm only dreaming. It was so clear to me.

    I then scream, "Stop!" and I try to change the dream scene around. I know that my body is still in bed but I don't say it out loud. I start giving these strangers a motivational speech about how I can change the night sky into brilliant, and miraculous color. I feel so empowered and they are all with me. I look at the sky and scream, "Light!" Nothing seems to happen. I turn around, and all of a sudden, near the horizon, color starts to seep into the sky starting in a very small patch. Colors of bright purple and violet, green, blue, red, and orange start filling the night sky. Everything is illuminated and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I scream, "It's beautiful!" and the immense colors only seem to heighten their vividness. I suddenly have the extreme urge to fly. (Of course). I start bounding towards the light, flap my arms, and take off. I soar above gigantic flowers of purple and white and fly directly into the color. I see a prehistoric mountain looming in the distance and I want to fly to it. I realize that I have never yet learned how to fly and start tumbling down into the huge flowers but I don't care. I feel so enlightened. Then, I wake up.