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      Ok, I can't get in either. This might be a problem...
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      Oh, thanks! I can't wait. Good luck to you as well.

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      haha, ty you dude

      Yup, we're in the same course, I love LD x'DD
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      Hey! No problem, I like having lots of friends.

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    Enjoy guitar, singing, acting, sports, psychology and the paranormal.
    Started LDing in January 2011.
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    Someone please help me yeah? :)

    by JakeQuade on 05-04-2011 at 01:12 PM
    So I've taken a huge break from DV (missed it :\ )

    Anyways I've been looking at different beliefs, and I really like the concept of Astral Projection, and it's so similar to Lucid Dreaming I've decided I really want to get back into this site I've been looking at things such as keeping your eyes closed the moment you wake up, and I've been studying from the School of Out of Body Travel.

    Can anyone please comment and give me advice/tips?

    Much Thanks,
    side notes

    Lucid > Non Lucid

    by JakeQuade on 01-26-2011 at 09:31 PM
    Last night I had two dreams. I had the intention of becoming lucid as the last thought in my mind.

    My first dream was that I was in a castle, and I became lucid as something was chasing me through the forest, so I simply willed it to disappear, and it did. I had a look around the scenery, and remembered the "hand rubbing" technique to keep me lucid for longer. I left the dream shortly after.

    DREAM 2:

    Two of my friends and I went to the movies. We watched a movie, a really crappy one, and I was driving them home when a police car pulled us over. We all got out of the car, and the policeman told one of my friends that she was drunk and she'd lose her license, however I made some pen marks visualize on my arm, and a pen in the front driver-side door, and my wallet there too, to prove I was the driver. As the allegations were dropped my friends disappeared and I found myself driving home alone.

    I woke up. It was 7am

    .. It was all a dreaam??

    by JakeQuade on 01-21-2011 at 05:25 AM
    Dream number 9

    This was only very short, and was on a MILD attempted night. I woke up one hour later for WBTB.

    I remember mum being pissed off with me, and I was in my pajamas cooking the barbecue. I looked at my pocket watch, and I had 10 minutes until we were supposed to be there, and anywhere is a 10 minute drive for us. I thought "Mum's gonna be pissed!", so I walked inside, but as I did I crossed her on the cement.

    This dream was very subtle in the way it wasn't too out there, had common elements from my usual life, and usual reactions from Dream Characters.*
    I was using an isochronic tone on my speaker, a brainstorming/creativity one, which mimics the brain inlucid dreaming by bringing it to theta, dropping to alpha and switching back and forth.*

    My MILD's scenario that I'm focusing on is this:
    I find myself on Kate's lounge in her old house. I then realize I am lucid, and as I open the door the scene changes to a vivid circus.

    NOTE: I got to sleep using a WILD, and having this simple yet complex scenario did wonders for the wild, smelling the air change from stuffy to the smell of popcorn, the feel of the lounge fabric, the audience around me in the circus etc.

    Fiji Trip

    by JakeQuade on 01-18-2011 at 06:25 AM
    Dream number 8

    dream, lucid

    This was back at Fiji, and we were at the buffet seating part of plantation island. Scott Vaughan Appel was there with me, and the islanders that served food eventually all left. All of us guests went to end of the hall near the grass and looked out. The islanders had all gathered in choir lines and began a dramatic work.

    Then it ended

    Middle-East City/Mr Potato Head?

    by JakeQuade on 01-18-2011 at 06:11 AM
    dream, lucid

    I was in a Persian desert close to a city. There was a huge old tent and there was me, mr potato head, and some other characters around it. There were red fabrics with a few black flames on them with writing as to where you would go if you walked through it. We went underwater, and in the desert. The desert marquee had little circle faces like biscuits along it's border. As I saw them I thought "wait, this would NEVER happen- I'm dreaming!" with this, I told myself the other characters wouldn't follow me anymore, and they didn't. I began walking into the city.

    Once I was walking through the city (it was a cross between Israel and Sydney) I noticed a 2story run down building in which Marycarmen was sitting in, puffy-eyed as if she had been crying.
    "what's the matter?"
    "my friends haven't been talking to me, because they think I've been messing around with John. They're on the floor below me".
    With that John walked up from behind me and sat down next to me, also puffy eyed. I looked at the 2 school desks near the window and told John to hold my ankles, as I tried to smash the downstairs window by leaning out n swinging the table. I missed with the first one, to which John laughed, and then missed with the second one. I then pulled the school-like window out of the frame and managed to push the other window almost all the way out.

    Throughout looking at the city and the desert tent, I kept looking closely at objects to see their detail to make it last longer, but it was still very very short.

    ADDED At 12:06pm-
    I remembered being slightly skeptical about whether or not I was dreaming (even tho I was with mr potato head :/) because I used the RC of closing my eyes to check whether I could see, and I couldn't. So I then pinched myself and it didn't hurt, so I went off that RC to assume I was in a dream