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    Fear of Bodybuilders

    by Jakro on 02-19-2012 at 12:47 AM
    Still nothing special to tell about my recall, and I still haven't had the first lucid dream of 2012. I'm going to crank up the effort by having more consistent tries on WILDs. Meanwhile, the last dream from 2009 to enter in this journal.

    Fear of Bodybuilders
    Date: December 27th, 2009
    Lucid: No

    I was walking in what I thought was Helsinki, but it looked more like my hometown to be honest. Towards me there were these two guys walking, who looked like bodybuilders. I could have just gone by either side of them, but no, given that I was walking right in the middle of the sidewalk, I was stubborn and wouldn't budge - I was going to walk right between them.

    You obviously already know that it isn't gonna end well. The right-sided guy, who had a moustache, had a wide, evil grin on his face as he grabbed me. I was fearing for my life, but the rational side of my mind also knew, that there would be no reason to kill me.

    They pushed me around a bit before seemingly letting me go. But no, you don't think I would just walk away? No, I fuckin' flipped my finger at them! The guys were enraged and that seemed all the good enough reason for them to kill me. So I started running for my life, trusting that I can at least that well against those guys.

    There was some kind of construction site next to me. The bodybuilders didn't waste time on chasing me, instead they just went there, picked up some tools and shit and started throwing it at me. Some were near misses, but I did get away unharmed.

    Later I was in home and still terrified. I was afraid that the bodybuilders could somehow follow me there.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Vicious Attack

    by Jakro on 02-17-2012 at 09:01 PM
    Couple of crap days again. Let's delve into a nightmare classic. One of the last dreams of 2009 I'm gonna write here.

    Vicious Attack
    Date: December 6th, 2009
    Lucid: No

    I was in the edge of our fields, and there was also my brother and his girlfriend. Some airplane flew over as and it's engine sounded weird. Dad came at the edge of the field, next to the forest wall towards us.

    Nearby, there was a relatively big barn. Under the barn's roof there was a space, from which you could see inside the barn. In that space there were couple of guys.

    You could hear from the heights, how the plane turned steeply. Someone shouted "Woo!" from the plane. My dad kept walking closer, but the guys in the barn were shouting at him for come to there.

    Dad noticed that they were calling him, but he didn't react to it, rather walking to us. The plane landed on our field. It was odd that it could land there so effortlessly so near us. The plane was white, and through it went blue stripes. It was very wide and the rudder was weird.

    Out from the plane came an old, disgusting looking old bald guy and three of (presumably) his sons. Oldest of them were around 20, the two others a bit younger. All of them were at least slightly fat. My brother was doing his boxing defense poses in front of our dad, which made me expect something of an aggressive encounter.

    The old guy started talking about some piece of metal, with what my brother had apparently hit one of his boys. It seemed though that he was just using that as an excuse revenge some grudges he had for our dad. He had a knife in his hand, and it wasn't like a small carving knife, but a big, mean-looking meat-cutting knife. The boys were armed as well, with many kinds of blunt weapons.

    "Why do you even exist?" The old guy attacked at us verbally. He started spouting some shit about agricultural law, that didn't even make any sense. Basically he insisted, that we were worthless human beings. Apprently dad had not done some thing he should have done, according to the law. What the fuck?

    "If someone has broken the law, then you call the police", I intervened, and my argument was perfectly sensible. "You can't take the law on your own hands. It would result in an anarchy."

    But it obviously did no help. This dream had already decided to escalate all the way. Somehow I got hold of the guys knife, and I fuckin thrusted it to the old guys side! I aimed for non-lethal spots (there's no self-defence in Finnish law - you kill a guy and you go to jail). I guess I should have gone for the kill, as the guy only got more enraged. I guess I'd get too if I had a knife in my side.

    "I'm gonna kill you!" He raged. But instead of attacking me, he moved towards my dad. Somehow he got another knife and slashed at my dad with it. He only hit his arm, but that got over my threshold of horror, so I woke up.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Weird History Girl

    by Jakro on 02-14-2012 at 12:12 AM
    Sheesh, I have had over a week's break from updating this. My momentum kind of got killed when my streak broke off. Still waiting for the first lucid of the year. They are going to have to come thick and fast soon or else I won't be having my best year.

    Nonetheless, last night I actually had an okay recall. And as my own forum, where my dream journal is, is down, I can't even write any classics, so last night's dream it is then, paraphrasing it from memory.

    Weird History Girl
    Date: February 13th, 2012
    Lucid: No

    So I was at my home's yard and there was some party going on inside. There were some people outside as well though. I wasn't interested in the party apparently, so I sat down to the swing. All the sudden one girl, actually one of my former classmate from way back, sat next to me and started talking to me.

    She didn't recognize me. She just thought to come to talk to me, cause I "looked nice", or something to that effect. I told her that she actually should recognize me and I guess I sort of tried to force her to remember, but she didn't remember, even with the hints I gave to her.

    Somehow though I ended up in her car while she drived through the town. She seemed to be a bit poor driver and almost crashed a couple of times. She tried to explain that it was because she was not used to driving around there.

    Finally she parked next to some street and started walking somewhere. I wasn't sure what I was doing there, so I contemplated a bit before following her.

    She went into this building. The door of it was weird, like you had to transform into many times smaller size before you could fit in the door. I saw many people go through this process, including her. Somehow I explained to myself, that it was just an optical illusion. I went in behind her.

    The building was some kind of mix between museum and library. Apparently there were some old texts you were allowed to read, and that was what she was after. She headed to some reading hall while I started wandering around.

    I found some room I though I was familiar with. There was a stairway that led to nowhere, though I told myself, that if you'd jump off it's ledge you could latch onto something and get to some other space. I didn't try it though.

    I headed back to the reading hall, but I had to go through stairs down. In those stairs I hit some button on the floor that triggered an alarm. There was some kind of guarding point with couple of guys right next to the place. Some mean-looking guy started moving and they all got alert due to the alarm.

    I knew I set it off, but just stared the mean-looking guy in the eye and he ignored me, thinking that the alarm was set off by something else. Anyway, I had gotten of it and headed to the reading hall. There were some tables and few people in it. Next to the table where the classmate girl was was also another one of my former classmates, one guy.

    I went to talk to the girl and asked what she was studying, as in studying in school. I don't remember if she had said to me in the car that or did I just figure that she must be studying something. Nonetheless she told me that she studies history. I said that I figured that isn't that obvious and that I wanted more specific answer. For some reason everybody, including me, thought that that was like the best joke ever, at least judging from the amount of laughter.

    I don't remember what she answered, but the dream pretty much ended there anyway.

    Sam Farha's Gas Station

    by Jakro on 02-05-2012 at 01:36 AM
    Shaky recall continues. Let's move on to the classic of the day.

    Sam Farha's Gas Station
    Date: December 5th, 2009
    Lucid: No

    So yeah, I was in front of a gas statiion. There was Sam Farha (a poker player), who seemed bored. He was with a buddy of his. He also seemed to be the owner of the place. They went inside the gas station. I decided to follow them.

    I would have wanted to ask Farha, whether he'd want to coach me (I played poker back then), but as I was closing them in they turned into couple of my old school friends. I am a bit disappointed at how I can miss such an obvious dreamsign. The buddies went to sit at a table and I joined them. The other one instantly asked:
    "Jakro, what do you think, do you think I should win the Entrepreneur of the Year of Orivesi -Award?"
    "Umm... I don't know, I haven't really followed entrepreneurs in Orivesi, but if I had to vote, I'd vote for you", I answered. Good answer, man.

    The waitress brought us the menus. Other one of the guys had a clear idea about what he'd order, apparently he had been there before. It was some kind of tabasco or something, that he ordered. I on the other hand wondered whether I even have money to buy anything. I dug out my wallet and had a memory, that I'd have 30 there. But no. Woah shit, it was loaded with monies! I even tried to count it, but there was too much, so I just concluded that I had no worries about that.

    However, this got me paranoid, as everyone saw my wallet overflowing with money. I started to fear for pickpockets and couldn't relax. Mo' money, mo' problems. Another worry I had was that I couldn't remember why I was there. I figured out I was going to some meeting, but I didn't know when it was, and probably not where either.

    "I'll order soon", I announced to others, "I'll just have to make a call." I tried to find some guys number on my phone, but there wasn't any. I even accidentally connected internet and then somehow thought I was calling somewhere.

    In the end the call didn't happen and somehow I ended up in the internet, but not with my phone. It seemed like I was at my own computer. The site I was on seemed suspicious and I was remembering something about some scheming going on in these kinds of sites. I noticed that there was an email from the guy, whose number I earlier was looking for. The title of the mail was: "Details about da meeting." I'm not kidding, 'da' was used constantly in the e-mail's content as well. Seeing this, I decided that fuck it, I'm not going to any meeting.

    I thought about rejoining my buddies to eat, but in the end I somehow teleported to home. In my home's yard there were two, huge dogs. I didn't know them and they were barking like hell. The situation seemed threatening. There was also a third dog, but it seemed non-threatening. My mom just shouted to the dogs a bit and they retreated.

    Cristiano Ronaldo Smackdown

    by Jakro on 02-02-2012 at 08:49 AM
    Ironically, after 31 days of recalling dreams and a first full month ever for me, I lose the streak right on the first day of February. Too bad. The streak is gone, so maybe I'll finally have a lucid dream for a change this month. Barren streak now extends to 46 days.

    Anyways, let's delve into another "classic". This is a really short, but has enough curiosity factor to make it here.

    Cristiano Ronaldo Smackdown
    Date: November 13th, 2009
    Lucid: Yes

    I was in what seemed like a football (soccer) field. It was dark. Cristiano Ronaldo was there as well and we ended up playing against - but not soccer, some other game. He grabbed the ball on his hands and made a supernatural jump to the other end of the field. He threw the ball while in air, but he had jumped too high and it only hit the crossbar. This whole time I was already lucid, the dream had pretty much started that way.

    The match ended up being more like Smackdown than any other sport. I was beating Cristiano up at some point. My buddy Tomi emerged from the woods and joined up in my side. I was pretty excited.

    Unfortunately there isn't more that I remember.