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      12-29-2018, 10:19 AM
      jammerro created a blog entry Lucid twice again! Lol in jammerro
      I set my alarm for 4:30 for my wbtb. I def was dreaming before that time, but I put all my energy into the time after 4:30. And hey, it payed off!!...
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    • jammerro's Avatar
      12-26-2018, 10:23 AM
      jammerro created a blog entry Lucid twice again!!! in jammerro
      It's been a bit since my last lucid dream. I picked up a Nintendo switch, and it kinda threw me off my lucid dreaming game, since my focus started...
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    Im Jim. Im a professional routesetter and rock climber. I just got back to lucid dreaming after a 2-3 year break and a 4 year break. I'm here to stay tho!!
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    Lucid twice again! Lol

    by jammerro on 12-29-2018 at 10:19 AM
    I set my alarm for 4:30 for my wbtb. I def was dreaming before that time, but I put all my energy into the time after 4:30. And hey, it payed off!! After waking up at 4:30 I becaming lucid with wild. Again, focusing on my breathing and trying to fall asleep kinda does it for me. This time I started hearing sounds from the apartment next door. Screams and stuff, but the I got the buzzing feeling in my body I tend to get when wilding. So I knew I was on track. The sounds got louder and the visual hallucinations get a bit wilder. Have a hard time transitioning into the dream, so the way I do it is just sit up INSTANTLAY in my bed. This kinda forces a false awakening for me. Well I woke up a minute into the lucid dream. I got startled by something yet again...

    This next lucid dream was a dild. Again the content is irrelevant. I got lucid at the very end of the dream I assume, since the dream had been going on for a REALLY long time before I realised I was dreaming. I used the standard nose pinch RC and quickly moved on to a dream goal. While trying to carry out this goal, I woke up.... And this time, yet again, I woke up because my wife was poking me in the face with her elbows while turning in bed lol..... Well.... I'll get longer lucids next time!!!!!

    Lucid twice again!!!

    by jammerro on 12-26-2018 at 10:23 AM
    It's been a bit since my last lucid dream. I picked up a Nintendo switch, and it kinda threw me off my lucid dreaming game, since my focus started being more and more on the game I was playing lol... Well this past week, I tried focusing on lucid dreaming again, and I def think it helped.
    I have been focusing on falling asleep with intention. And tonight, I did so again. It resulted in 2 shirt lucid dreams. One where I lost lucidity while carrying out a dream goal, and one which was a bit shorter. The content is a bit irrelevant, but I just wanted to register these 2 dreams in my journal.

    Ohh, both lucida were dilds

    2 short lucids

    by jammerro on 12-17-2018 at 09:16 PM
    I'll make it short... I got lucid twice this night. One was from a wild and the other was from a dild.

    I did a wbtb, and shortly after fell asleep. I woke from the first dream, and was laying totally still. I tried wilding. Normally I don't wild, since I haven't had much luck with it. However this time, it worked. I felt like my hole body was a sleep, and I was focusing on my breathing and my throat area. Normally I start hearing weird noises when successfully wilding, however this time I started seen weird stuff. Images of random grey stuff appeared. And I knew it was time to wild. I have only had success once with directly entering a dream scape when wilding. Normally I just sit up in my bed and then RC. And that was also what i did this time. The content don't matter, since I was only lucid for about a minute....

    In the second dream, I got Šucod because I was waiting for a bus, but the bus didn't stop at the bus stop. I got lucid while driving a car, and thinking back on the bus incident. I tried flying through the windshield. But not after reality checking 3 times, just to be 100% certain I was dream lol. I went through the windshield, but woke up just after.

    Short lucids. But I'll take it. The recognition part in dilds are pretty cool. And wilding is definitely cool to. I will try entering a dreamscape next time, instead of sitting up in my bed.

    Twice lucid again lolz

    by jammerro on 12-12-2018 at 06:17 AM
    I got lucid twice tonight. I have been a bit stressed out all day, so I honestly thought I would just pass out when I went to bed. But on the contrary, I hit the lucid jackpot twice tonight. Again it was DILDs coming in clutch. You know I find them a bit like rolling the dice (up to chance if you catch onto the dream or not). Buuuuuttttt they seem more and more reliable lol. Well, both times I got lucid, it was by RCing in a dream bed. The first dream I was about to go to bed in a camp area, and the second dream I was about to go to bed in a hotel.
    I honestly forgot 90% of the first lucid dream, since I went straight back to sleep after it lol.... But the second lucid dream was vivid as fuck, and a couple of minutes long. The coolest thing was, that in the second lucid dream, I hit my head on a wall, real hard. And I expected to wake up, but I didn't. Then I thought to myself that the pain I felt, felt like it would in waking life. Interesting. The content of the dreams don't matter...
    But on a side note, whenever I ask dream characters for help, they seem to help me out lol. I like that hehe.

    Well.... Dilds saving the day(night) again 🤣

    Lucid - that random dild coming in handy

    by jammerro on 12-09-2018 at 08:08 AM
    Well I got lucid again. The dream was very vivid, and the feeling of it was very "real", just like I want it. Since I started up my lucid dreamning training agin (abut a month ish ago) I have had about 10 lucid dreams. Which I think is pretty decent, since 4 years ago when I was practicing lucid dreaming, I barely got lucid, and had a hard time stabilizing and controlling the dream. I guess I have come pretty far (compared to then). I feel like I get lucid a decent amount, so it's been easier for me to work with the stuff I wanted to. For an example one of my "lifetime goals" was just to do some physical training in a dream, and experiment with this. I already have been able to fulfill that goal lolz so that's nice. I will def come back to the physical training in dream, when my dream control, stability and lucid frequency (haha the amount I get lucid) gets better. Only a matter of time I guess?
    Well this lucid was the random dild I dislike. Normally I don't like these since the induction technique I feel is just like rolling dice. Either you are lucky or you aren't... well tonight I got lucky lol. And it felt good. It actually felt like this technique can have some consistency to it.
    Dream: I ant totally remember the dream, since I feel like I used up all my memory on remembering all the details of the lucid part, and trying to deild back into the lucid dream after I woke up... well I def remember I got lucid.
    Me and 2 friends from my climbing gym just got of a train, and onto the train station. I don't remember the city we were in. But I remember it definitely was not Scandinavia or Asia lol. We walked over a 2 laned road, and as we were walking a car came speeding by. We started running instead of walking, and barely made it across the road. While taking the last step across the road, I got very aware of everything. It was like everything kinda slowed down, and I had time to think and feel my body and surroundings. (I often do this in waking life to RC. I mean the focus and feeling part). While feeling my body I noticed how I jumped over the curb and gently landed on the soles of my feet on the sidewalk. I could feel the impact on my soles, and it felt "real". I Odis the nose plug RC and damn... i was dreaming! I looked in front of me, and my friend was standing there, all happy since we made it across the road without being run over lol. (I have always had problems with summoning stuff. People, items and surroundings, I have always had trouble controlling). It's always been a goal to summon/say hi to a friends in my dreams. But I have never been able to summon them, or go to a place where they were... so this time, I was aware of my past failings, and wanted to try something new, which I had tried once before in a dream. I asked my friend in the dream, if he knew where my other friend were. He looked around and pointed to a house nearby, and told me my friend was in there. He lead the way. We walked into this old house, and went up a flight of stairs and into a room upstairs. And sure enough my friend was there lol! We talked about training, as we always do lol. And my friends answers were pretty fking profound lol. I got exited about or conversation lol, and woke up!
    I didn't move as I woke up, since I wanted to deild back into the dream and continue the dream where it left off. I tried for some time, but I was too exited to fall back asleep.... dang. I def need to hear what these dream characters have to say haha.

    Well the way I got lucid wasn't as rng as it used to. Normally something strange happens, or dream characters talk about dreams, before I question my awareness. But this time I questioned my awareness just by myself. This is a step in the right direction I think. And a step towards making dilds more consistent and on MY terms.

    Nice! If you can't so the dream control (summoning friends or whatever) just let the dream characters so the work for you lol.
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