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    K-Pop Gang

    by jarjar on 01-16-2016 at 01:31 AM
    I'm at a store with three other people: A guy, his daughter, and his sister. Me and his sister get ready to take the guy's daughter to the bathroom in the store were standing by. As we walk to the store he basically tells us to keep spoiling her the way he does. His sister (we'll call her Jane) said she wouldn't do that. The girl said something sassy. By the time we got to the store the girl was gone. Instead of being in a regular store, we were in staircase. Kind of like this. As we walked up the stairs there were a few people guarding them. Jane easily dispatched them with hand to hand combat. One time there was a guy on the stairs and Jane spun around and kicked the guy's leg and he fell. I asked how she did that and she said you simply kick them right below the knee. I liked her headstrong attitude. Eventually we got to a level on the stairs that was guarded by a group of Asian guys that looked like k-pop stars. They were supposed to be really tough. Instead of being in the usual staircase platform, we were in a room that looked like it was just being painted white and still under construction. One of the k-pop guys really didn't like me. He was saying something like "why do you have to be like that?" I have no idea what he was talking about. The room changed into a tall tower like building with windows. I saw that people would fall out of the windows onto the blade (the metal plate on the front of the tractor) of a bulldozer to leave the tower. For some reason the bulldozer was alive and had eyes. I leaned out and had ropes tied around me so I was able to rappel on the outside of the building. I was trying to stay away from the k-pop guy that didn't like me and buy time for the bulldozer to get here, which it took forever to do. It kept having to back up and turn because it didn't have enough space. I was jumping side to side on the wall of the tower to avoid the k-pop guy spitting water at me. I eventually make into the bulldozer. Once I got to the ground a bunch of people from school were spitting water at each other. A girl from my school thought it was gross and didn't want a part of it. I didn't want to be a part of it either.

    Train Yard

    by jarjar on 01-16-2016 at 12:56 AM
    The dream starts with me in some kind of train yard. There's pink smoke everywhere, and coins like in Mario in between the train cars. I'm walking uphill collecting the coins when I know that the orks won because I didn't get enough coins. I then had to fall back and secure the other stations before the orks got them. I think some kind of narrator told me this, I don't really remember.

    Night one

    by jarjar on 01-08-2013 at 10:02 AM
    Night One Part One: Shake It Up

    I was in the living room in my house with my brother who was watching shake it up on a small TV, Even though in reality my brother thinks shake it up is stupid, and we dont have a TV as small as the one he was watching it on. The TV was really bad quality. Thats about it for that dream.

    *Part two: the man with no fingers

    It was night, there was a man standing in front of barbwire fence. He started climbing it. once he got to the top, he grabbed the part between the spikes. Then he stoped and looked at his hand, and one of his fingers dissapeared. Then another. He climbed back down, and another finger dissapeared. Now all that was left on his right hand was his thumb and pinky finger. Then he looked at his arm and saw scratched on his arm "meet me at (some place I forgot) in 15 minutes" it looked liked somebody used a knife to scratch it in his arm and then it healed, but you could still see the scars. The guy then ran to a yellow car that was parked next to a sidewalk and got inside. When he put his foot on the gas pedal thing, his foot dissapeared. He then ran out of the car and started limping towards a large black metal gate between two two or three storie brick apartment buildings. I think his arm dissapeared when he was running/limping. There was a man standing on the other side of the gate looking at him. The guy with missing fingers got to the gate, grabbed onto it and fell down. All while the man on the other side silently watched.

    Part three: bruce willis

    Me, some other guy, and Bruce willis were in a forest at night. There was a gang of other guys with blonde hair that looked exactly alike. Apparently they were our enemies or something. We talked to them for a bit, I forget about what. Then we walked away, and bruce willis blew up the forest.