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    Began Keeping a DJ Feb 2013. Became very interested in Aliens as a kid after having SP and seeing a Shadow Figure touching my forehead. 2013 learned that it was actually not an alien and it was from SP. Became obsessed with dreams and now i am here :)
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    Some crazy dreams to help interpret

    by JayZen on 10-23-2013 at 08:19 AM
    Over the past months i have been gone i have some dreams i remember that were in particular weird and have stayed in my memory for the entire time. Maybe help interpret
    1. This was the most recent and it was a few days ago. This was one of those days when you can sleep in, and wake up 50 times and go back to sleep for the whole morning. I woke up, looked at my tv, everything was normal, checked my phone to see the time, decided to close my eyes and sleep again( i only sleep during sunlight hours if it matters ). When i closed my eyes i saw a red dot in my vision. So i just looked at it and was zoning out, back to sleep, mind was blank. The circle got bigger and i sort of went into the red circle. It turned into a black tunnel, that i felt was moving, sort of like a movie when they go through a time warp. It looked almost the same. There was blue lights in the black tunnel around the edges. I felt like i was flying in the tunnel. Really cool feeling lol. I was sort of conscious, im not sure if i was fully asleep at this point. Either it was me thinking and it was very loud, or i heard a voice. Anyways, the voice was talking about how life was a choice , death was a choice. Weird things or ideas like that. The thing i remember was that your entire life you can decide what happens, you can even decide to die, but you don't decide to be born. I opened my eyes and just thought about the dream for a bit. Weird.
    2. I was in a dream and i tripped backwards, but instead of falling it switched to 3rd person view of my body and i fell but didnt hit the ground. It had streaks of myself falling back then floating on my back. Like 3 of me. Like when some1 wakes up in the movies after a head injury and they see everything moving with streaks behind it. Weird
    3. I was floating in an ocean of melted gold. There was waves and everything. i was bobbing there treading water, in a sea of gold.

    Weird dreams because out of all of my dreams these are the ones that do not fit. They arent like my usual dreams because they dont have plots. dont have other people in them at all. Weird stuff.

    Thanks for listening. They are dreams so dont think im weird or anything.

    BTW. On weekends i am pretty sure i can lucid dream or astral project because when i wake up and go to sleep 20 times in a row. my mind is so clear. Really clear, its like i have absolutely no thoughts, i can probably imagine myself out of my body. im sure of it im just scared to try it.

    Break And Enter

    by JayZen on 10-23-2013 at 08:00 AM
    I have not been posting on this site for a long time, not really sure why i stopped, ive been reading books on the subject still, but stopped recording my dreams because to tell you the truth it sort of scared me to start SP. Ive read, Projection of the asral body, by muldoon. and Lucid Dreaming, by robert wagner. Other books on the occult as well.

    Before i write my dream, i want to say my dream recall is above average, because i can remember my dreams throughout the day. i tihnk about them all day, and so i decided to come back to the site and resume recording dreams and doing RC.

    Last night i dreamed:

    I was in a childhood house, witch was a semi-detached house, but instead of it being fully separated with a wall like semi-detached houses are there was no wall in the stairwell. so both the houses were open to each other in the stairwell, only divided by the railing. My dad had some telescope thing he built where he could stand at the bottom of the stairs and peep over the railing to spy on the neighbor. The neighbor was a girl, who i know form real life, she lives next store to me in my current semi-detached home. But she was somehow my neighbor in my childhood home that this dream was taking place in. I knew she was at work everyday, so i decided to sneak over the railing and go into her house to snoop around. I talked my sister into coming with me, but she went her separate way into the house.

    I remember sneaking around for quite a while, and my sister warned me the neighbor was coming home so she left, but i had not went into the neighbors bedroom yet. So i decided to rush into her bedroom before the neighbor got home. ( the way to her bedroom was really cool, it was really complicated to get there in the dream, but cant remember exactly) I got into her bedroom and was looking at her bed. I saw she had a tall dresser with a cabinet on the top. ( this gets weird for 1 sec) I opened her drawer for the intention to look at her panties, for some reason i have no clue i wouldnt do this in real life lol just being honest. I did see panties but i forgot about them when i saw a bunch of jewelry cases lined up against the drawer. I opened the jewlry box, it had a necklace made of diamonds, very shiny. I took it. There were more boxes underneath. I stole all of them, total of around 6 of them. The neighbor got back and at this point i was rushing around her house trying to get over the railing in time. I made it back without her noticing. I woke up.

    Dont know what stealing means , because i would not do this in real life, i wouldn't break into some1's home either. Very wierd. I thought about it all day, and wrote it here now. Thanks for listening!


    Another billionaire god like guy talking to me.

    by JayZen on 05-06-2013 at 05:34 AM
    May 05 - 8:56 a.m

    Sitting in a casino with lavish surroundings with a guy who looks like Birdman. He had rings on all fingers and lots of diamond chains on. He had diamonds in his teeth, i was sitting across from him in the casino environment talking with him and i got to see an in depth look into his lifestyle. At first i thought he was on hard drugs the way he was talking to me because he talked like he was putting little effort to pronounce the words, very quiet and mumblish. Once he took his glasses off and looked into my eyes i got the feeling he wasnt on hard drugs, he was just the most intelligent being ive ever seen, it was an intence feeling seeing his eyes, its even hard to describe. He had cataract looking eyes , they were very glazed , very bright light blue eyes, they looked like ice almost. He told me" Never take from the earth. Don't even touch it unless you absolutly need it, even if some1 is offering it to you. Crazy feelings. I woke up right after he said that because my window was open and i was freezing.

    i keep dreaming about the sun and sun related things, like his cataracts. Ive been looking at the sun for 2 weeks now and i have filthy rich people show up in my dreams recently.
    non-lucid , memorable