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    Hai. The name is Ashe. The age is 23.
    -I'm a Gamer Girl. Mostly MMO/MMORPG, some FPS games. I have never touched an Xbox. PC is the way to be.
    -Iím a little bit crude, rude, sweet and shy, all at once.
    -I have night terrors, and lucid dreams. If you don't know what lucid dreaming is, Google it.
    -I hold grudges.
    -Iím pierced, inked, dyed and I like it that way.
    -My hair has been more colors than I can count.
    -My body has more holes in it than it was born with.
    -My skin is my canvas; I use it as a journal.
    -I wear black eyeliner, black nail polish, and t-shirts.
    -Eff skirts and high heels.
    -I like to hide behind curse words and funny faces.
    -Iíve been told I have a lovely mouthÖI usually use it to say dirty words.
    -I make the cutest faces when I scream obscenities.
    -A lot of people would call my vocabulary ďvulgar,Ē I call it ďcolorful.Ē
    -Iím a fucking lady.
    -I love making people happy.
    -I am not a doormat, or a punching bag. And if treated as such, you have a nasty surprise waiting for you.
    -I donít ever treat someone a certain way if they havenít deserved it.
    -My favorite colors are Green, Black, and Purple. Eff pink.
    -I like animals. Especially cute cuddly kittehs.
    -My love for ZOMBIES and VAMPIRES is undying.
    -Vampires don't fucking sparkle.
    -I love horror movies and gore.
    -No, Iím not a size 2 and no, that doesnít make me ugly. I'm a real woman with curves, only dogs want bones.
    -I bite my nails when Iím nervous.
    -I bite my lip when Iím trying to behave.
    -Iím self-conscious but I usually end up drawing attention to myself.
    -I mosh in cars and play in cemeteries.
    -My friends are my family; I love them.
    -I have a tendency to get a tad weird, but only if: You are stupid, you tYpE lIkE a MoRoN, you are disgusting, you are a perv, you wake me up, you treat me like shit, you lie to me, you invade my personal space, you are rude, you play me, you steal my food, or you piss me offÖ
    pretty much by being a Neanderthal.
    -I love to laugh and I do it quite often.
    -Sometimes I will use a different word simply because I know how to spell it.
    -I'm a spelling Nazi.
    -I hate the words "Chat'', and "babygirl".
    -I love to write but I hate my handwriting.
    -I make up, and use on a daily basis, strange words like "Fwuah" and "Meep".
    -I'm slightly more unstable than your average human, you can usually fix this by giving me Red Vines or some sort of awesome candy.
    -My eyes are apple caramel, as I like to call them because they go between brown and green throughout the day.
    -I'm a sucker for poisoned words, pretty faces, and hard goodbyes.
    -I'm afraid of being alone, but Iím nervous being around most people.
    -I like to have shaving cream wars at parks and scream obscenities while riding in the car with friends.
    -I'm short, Iím jedi, and a superhero all in one.
    -I'm so white I GLOW during the day.
    Country Flag:
    A whole lotta stuff :)
    Vampire Hunter.
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