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    Trip to wallmart

    by johoiada on 09-17-2011 at 09:00 PM
    The first thing i remember is being in walmart looking at video games and then i see a friend of mine trying to do some sort of magic trick involving a bubble . I then notice some girls from my old schools' cheer team. I then follow them planning to sneek up behind them and scare em'. (i never got around to scaring them though) I said hi and we exchanged greetings. then i came to a door that was supposed to be the border to mexico. i was about to walk through but i found my current Robotics teacher blocking it. (I don't know why but, I Really think that if i walked through that door i would have become lucid) I asked him why he was blocking my way and he said that i should wait for him to use the bathroom before i go. I needed to pee too so i said ok. the scene changes and i walk through a hallway towards my school bathroom (apearantly im not in walmart anymore) i enter the bathroom and i begin to pee. after i was done peeing i still felt like i needed to pee. so i ignored it and left the bathroom as after exiting i look back at the building and and see my dad fixing the roof of my house. i say hello to him and he asks me to get something for him in the house. on my way back in i wake up.

    Funny thing is that i still needed to pee in real life.

    Family Hates me

    by johoiada on 07-16-2010 at 04:52 PM
    Back to Florida (Non-lucid)


    I went down to florida to visit some family. on the way upstairs to thier apartment a gairl i know named pamila came and asked me for money(this was definately a time to reality check becuase she lives in connecticuit)i said no and i dont remember the few moments after that but i turn back around and she transformed into my cousin.(reality check) so i go inside the apartment and they stand there with serious looks on thier faces. I'm smiling and saying hi to everyone and they just give me these cold looks. so i smile at my grandma and say hi. she then starts yelling at me for reasons that i don't quite understand.