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    Recent Entries

    Night Terrors - Sleep Paralysis?

    by JonBingus on 11-05-2018 at 02:32 PM
    All night it's the same story. If I close my eyes I INSTANTLY fall asleep, but I remain in my room, like a false awakening that happens with no delay. The only reason I know i'm asleep is that I can immediately hear voices. Usually those of my roommate, one time it was Jake Paul (lol, I've never seen a video of his) and then for the last 10 or so it was the voice of a little british girl, standing behind me in my bedroom.

    The dreams didn't seem particularly hostile, just generally weird noises, the british girl would just seem to dictate my thoughts, so if I concentrated I could actually control what she said, but it didn't make it feel any less creepy, just sitting there in my bed listening to some random little girl. It was pretty scare knowing that at any moment the dream could go south very fast, so I would just repeatedly wake myself up to avoid that happening.

    It's 5 AM and I'm fuckin dead tired. Gonna watch friends for a while then try to sleep again.

    Maybe I ate too much cheese for dinner.

    Party for the sun

    by JonBingus on 08-02-2018 at 04:14 PM
    It all began sitting out in the backyard. I was out there with Simon and Tia at night, and we were admiring the moon. It was so large in the sky, 10x bigger than ever due to some intense astrological event. Watching the beautiful moon made me really appreciate nature and the world around us.

    Then everything changed. In the morning, a few hours after sunrise, I was sitting outside with Jake. We heard a terrible noise, like the whole globe was panicking. Looking up, we saw what man fears most; the sun being blotted out slowly. Global warming had run it's toll, and a great cloud was covering the earth as it cut the sun exactly down to 1/2 of its former glory. We watched the sun sliced down by half, as our primal fears rang out. The world over panicked. Everything went down. Cell, internet, power.

    We spent some time in the house just talking about if we would survive this new world, but eventually I gave up on thinking too hard. People started gathering in eachothers homes to say goodbye before the apocalypse. Britney came over, and we had an idea. A party.

    It started with the music. A battery powered speaker that we put on the back lawn, playing some tunes. People heard, and they came. Someone blasted the volume, and so the party grew. Soon, a massive "end of the world" rager was taking place in my very backyard.

    Elon musk showed up. And mark zuckerberg. Two rulers of the earth.

    And I square danced with them! What a strange time. I lost britney before I could say thanks for the party, so I ended up partying all the way through the night.

    A great dream after all.

    Leaving to the island

    by JonBingus on 10-23-2017 at 04:14 PM
    I went with my brother to the island. It had a resort on it, and in the resort we had a room in the forest. The room was shared with two sisters, one of them a famous movie director and movie star. I was openly flattering her, which she could hear through the trees seperating our sections. It was a pretty funny thing to do.

    The island had real forest on it too. I went exploring and found all kinds of strange species of bugs, spiders that looked like plants and rocks, and other strange things.

    The last thing I saw was the richest guy on the island. He was in possession of a massive car collection. I envied him. Then I woke up.

    Kingdom of Cities

    by JonBingus on 10-09-2017 at 04:05 PM
    A wonderful dream. A place filled with big rich cities and the time to explore them. I found a girl and we went forth togethher, trying different foods and languages. I swam in the ocean and tried different things.


    by JonBingus on 10-06-2017 at 04:56 PM
    It was my mom's birthday, and everyone was invited to the cottage. I was hanging with some old staff from work and watching the ceremonies when I found a table sponsored by Lindor. I ate like 50 chocolate bars, then flew to my room to stash the rest. So good.