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    Recent Entries

    Blood pressure meters.

    by Juna on 05-25-2016 at 08:45 AM
    Blood pressure meter
    I am in my mothers house, she is in a bed in a room that I do not know or remember.
    I stand there and realize the hospital has attached a couple of blood pressure meters to my body, in different places. On my arm, leg, belly. And an EEG device is attached to my head with electrodes and so on, and my heart rate is measured as well. I am full of medical devices that are measuring. I look completely silly, but I do not mind, I am happy about it because it will help the neurologist to understand what he can do to help me.
    I say something to my mother, and then suddenly the blood pressure cuffs everywhere start to inflate into balloon like sizes, they start measuring how I am doing. There are so much like balloons, that they lift me up into midair. Its really odd but I try to relax anyway, its just devices measuring, no big deal.
    My mother does not see me floating around, so I say 'mum look! look!'. I am sure she will be surprised by seeing me float around in midair, but instead she is not surprised at all. There is no response, she looks at me for a second and then watches other things instead. That makes me feel a bit sad or something, I guess I instantly feel lonely.

    (English is not my language, so sorry if there are mistakes )

    Updated 05-25-2016 at 08:52 AM by Juna



    by Juna on 05-24-2016 at 09:46 AM
    I am new here and not sure what the correct way is to place several dreams in the journal (of one night) without bothering others too much. Its not my intention to fill up the whole 'recent entries' list.
    So please tell me if and how I should do it differently

    Another dream of the past night.


    I am standing in the living room, looking outside.
    Outside in the garden the 15 year old son of my partner is searching for something, turning things upside down and and looking frustrated.
    I hear someone saying that he does not know where his mobile phone is.
    I do not know where the mobile phone is and try to remember where I have seen it the last time.
    Then I pick up the normal phone of the house and listen, I hear people talking and realize its his mother and her partner, in his other home.

    Because he is kicked out of their home (in real life also, he fully lives with us now), and because they do not communicate with him, I decide to listen to their conversation. Hoping it will give me some insight in how to look at the situation and how to solve it.
    But it does not clear things up. They are talking about general things, not about him.

    Dyeing and washing.

    by Juna on 05-24-2016 at 09:31 AM
    I am in a huge space, inside a building, with tiles on the floors and walls, and with lots of showers.
    Why I am not sure, but I am coloring clothes, dyeing them. I have some purples, reds and blues.
    There are also some others, doing the same thing, its sort of enjoyable.
    When I feel I am done I walk a bit further into the room/space and see a big pile of dyed clothes, that have been dried and then thrown on the pile. I check some of them and notice that the colors have not integrated into the fabric quite right yet. So I pick up those and bring them with me to start the process again.
    *change of dream*
    I am washing my hair, color is coming off and goes down the drain. I am full of paint, and it takes a while to wash it all but finally I see my own hair again. Which oddly enough is blond (brown in real life).
    I dry my hair and feel that its really soft, its usually never soft, so I try to remember what shampoo I used.

    For some reason, I start washing again, and putting lots of shampoo in my hair. The soap creates a lot of foam and I again enjoy the process of washing.
    I feel ok, I notice that thought and smile. I feel ok..