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      Hehe. I suppose I still identify with Morpheus enough to hang onto the avatar for so long! Nice to see you again, and to be back here and active!
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      Hey juroara, sorry we missed you in chat. Hope to see you again!
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      You exceeded the limit! I haven't tried to PM you today yet though, I just remember the last time I tried it said you could receive any.
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      I see you!
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      haha we should have SD lol everyone can do self-hypnosis! I think there's no teaching needed for it (it actually requires great knowledge not to misuse it) I just followed the steps from the book and it worked xD
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      That's super cool! Like a personal garden or uh like an actual farm?? I feel kind of lost in my life. Apparently I'm like a butterfly that can fly but has no legs so I can't land, whatever that means.
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      Always! Has your life become super awesome? I remember you said before you were poor or something....
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      heya, still online?
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      I like what you posted on Zoe's help thread, it was a nice read.
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    NY Flood, Harpie TF... Go to Last Comment
    02-17-2017  05:26 PM
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    05-01-2013  09:41 AM
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    NY Flood, Harpie TF and Dancing

    by juroara on 02-17-2017 at 05:26 PM
    Feb 17, 2017

    Notes: Multiple dreams, non lucid. Nieces are over to visit. Massive Storm in New York. Harpie transformation. Dancing with new romantic interest

    1. My nieces are over to visit and they are driving me insane. And Alison just wants to go home. But there is a reason why my sis and nieces can't drive home tonight. There's a nasty storm outside and it's already flooding.

    2. Its night, it's storming and I'm driving. The streets are flooding and cars are driving cautiously, underneath a canopy of tall trees I haven't seen in years. I'm in Long Island NY. I give up driving through this downpour. Instead I transform into a harpie. I have some sort of adventure as a harpie, as this storm floods NY, but I don't remember it now.

    3. I'm at a social and I meet someone new. But he looks like a coworker I knew years ago, Q. He wants to dance with me and I'm totally ok with it. The dancing felt real, he spins me round and round several times. But I honestly don't remember any music. Later, I'm home, and I practice dancing in front of a mirror. Later still, I feel guilty for dancing with him. What would my friend R think? He would be so upset.

    dream fragment , non-lucid

    Lava, Death! Scouting HEB and IOSDP

    by juroara on 02-10-2017 at 06:10 PM
    Feb 10, 2017

    Notes: Multiple dreams, escaping lava, psychopath killing friends, semi-lucid battle. Dreamed I psychically projected myself to explore HEB, and then it discussed with the IOSDP members. Brody story references

    Lava and Death!
    I'm standing outside in the back of my apartment building (I dont actually live here) and I'm horrified because the front of the building is surrounded by lava. Dream friends are outside with me and they seem to feel that I am the one in imminent danger, which is weird because this lava should effect everyone.

    Near where I am standing a drainage ditch glows hot orange, its lava slowly coming my way. My friends tell me that I need to quickly get in the car and save myself. How? There is no where to go, the lava is surrounding us. We instead try to escape on foot, climbing over weird abstract dream constructions and through them. Strangely, theres no more lava in sight but we still feel our lives are in mortal danger.

    The number of my friends grows thin, people are dying but I don't know how. There's just few of us now. We can't move ahead because of some electrical problem. One of the boys splits off from our group and vows to personally fix the problem even if it costs him his life. For whatever reason it requires him to inside a faraday cage?

    We don't see him again. Finally we reach a new area of town and were safe. But what about my friend who went into the faraday cage? A psychotic manish looking woman finds us, she says that he's dead. How can you be so sure? He should have been safe inside his faraday cage. What she says next disturbs me.

    "I'm pretty sure he's dead. When he saw me he called me by some other name, Pete? Then I was angry that he thought I was a man. That's right. He is dead. Because I killed him"

    I knew by the look in her eyes that she was being serious, she murdered him! And all of my closest friends are dead!

    The dream scene transitions, now we are battling enemies at this apartment complex, which is in the middle of no where. (Brody story element?) My enemy was outside a window. With my chameleon skin I camaflouge to the wall and get between them and the building. I push them off and grab their weapons. I take their weapons far away into the open field.

    Psychically Scouting HEB (OBE dream?)
    I'm in bad thinking about grabbing a snack from HEB, but I don't wanna get out of bed or drive anywhere! I know, I decide to send a psychic projection to HEB and grab myself a snack that way. I lay down to sleep, within the dream, and off I fly out of my body!

    I soar through the night and over the houses. I'm flying fairly efficient and fast, and I feel like my body is like Mewtwo (another Brody reference). I embrace my Mewtwo body and fly even faster to the ugly HEB building just up ahead. Like in real life, the supermarket is along the highway.

    Inside HEB I continue to fly and zip around, as 100's of people just go about their business with grocery shopping. I tell myself that logically I must be invisible and they can't see me - (usually though DCs can always see me). I try to fly even higher, noting that the cieling is very high. Flying above the ailes, I then swoop down and grab random snacks.

    Job done, I simply poof back to my sleeping body. Except now the stolen snacks are in my head. I'm super excited this actually worked, completely oblivious that I'm still dreaming! I get up and post about my HEB OBE exploration to the IOSDP gang.

    Suddenly, the whole IOSDP group should manifested in front of me. They were standing in a circle and they were in the middle of a conversation. I missed the beginning of the conversation so I was a bit lost. Some people were upset. Others were discussing new ways to get to Ardem Glade and others were trying to set a specific date for a sincere SD attempt.

    I woke up after
    side notes

    Dream Journaling about IOSDP - Martian Redblood

    by juroara on 01-22-2017 at 06:41 PM
    Jan 22, 2017

    Notes: Dreamed I was deam journaling about IOSDP members, dreamed of Mars
    Total sleep: 8-9 hours
    Techniques: meditation, focus on ardem glade as I fell asleep
    Fell Asleep: 2 am ish (late!)

    Dream Journaling IOSDP
    I get up from bed excited to dream journal about my experience. Apparently I had just dreamed with Windy and she was giving me dream lessons. Now, I don't actually remember that experience, just that I'm happy to dream journal about it. But as I open my dream journal, I notice that Windy wasn't the only member I just met. Apparently I had an entry that was about meeting Katsuno and Sensei they were also giving me dream related lessons. There were also other members in this dreamtime class, but I cant remember specifically who. I just kept rereading the dream journal entry to see if it would jog my memory.

    Afterwards I got up and ate breakfast, peanut butter puff cereal that turned invisible when I poured my almond milk on them.

    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7?
    Awareness: non lucid
    Length: 25 minutes
    Emotions: Excitement, curiousity, hunger
    Dream Signs: IOSDP, dream journal
    Awake: 8 am-ish and into the next dream

    Martian Redblood
    I'm one of the last remaining martians. Were indigenous to this planet, we look human enough, and most martians have left this dead world to live on earth instead. I'm of the Red Blood family line. Most of the Blue Bloods have interbred with humans. I'm walking around a ruined building remniscing younger times, when this community was more lively. And apparently I'm a warrior son....

    I'm by a building that from a distance you would think its just a rocky hill. The top is flat and for ceremonial purposes. But there's so staircase or anything to get up there. Then I remembered what my father taught me, its a test of athleticism to get up there. Its "staircase" is actually this strange material that's spiraling around the building going to the top. If you stand to long on it it'll fall down, so you have to run and jump your way up there. At first I thought, this makes no sense. But then I remembered mars has a different gravity, and that it is possible to perfectly balance on this weird thin material.

    I get to the top! Nothing happened. I dunno what I was expecting. A sign? I'm as lost as I was before. I think i was hoping my father would appear if I did this, but he abondoned mars a long time ago.

    Im hungry, so I go back to the village ruins. I find my little brother and snap at him to give me food. He tosses a pill packet. I recognize these pills as food my father prepared years ago. The pill is a dried mud with a preserved insect inside. I take a bite, the muddy texture isn't pleasant. The insect was still so warm and gooey, its so fresh I think that maybe its still alive. I double check to make sure, as this insect has a stinger. Its still dead. I eat the insect without the muddy casing. Warm, gooey, crunch, with a strange raspberry after flavor. It wasn't bad, can't believe I just ate that.

    On the horizon I notice a beautiful white building that looks brand new - its a spaceship! I go see our visitors. They're blue bloods and they've brought a lot of supplies with them. I remember we were talking about something, probably whether or not red bloods should abondon mars too

    Vividness: 7
    Awareness: non lucid, dream ego
    length: 30 mins
    emotions: loss, searching, hunger, irrate
    dream signs: alien planet?
    awake: 8:50 ish

    Death Battle Royale! And Ruby Again

    by juroara on 01-19-2017 at 06:57 PM
    Jan 19, 2017

    Notes: Non-Lucid. Dreamed of familiar neighborhood and ruby. Dreamed of a battle royale with devious characters and bloody items!

    Total sleep: 8 to 9 hrs
    Techniques: dream journaled
    Fell Asleep: 2 am-ish

    Familiar Dream Neighborhood and Ruby
    Me and Ruby are going for a walk in the neighborhood. This feels like a neighborhood I've visited a 1000 times before, but only in dreams. I know these streets, their twists and turns, the houses with their tall trees and overgrown yards. It feels a lot more like a suburb from NY than it does TX.

    Ruby has this crazy plan that we should walk to the post office, then stop at this other place, then walk back home. Miles! She runs off ahead. I agree to meet her at the post office but for some reason I go somewhere else first. My suburb transforms to the inside of a building. I'm trying to get back to Ruby but there's all these old people in the middle of the hallway blocking me.

    Awake: 7:00 am
    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
    Awareness: non-lucid
    Length: 45 mins
    Emotions: nostalgia, friendship, frustration
    Dream Signs: friend, dream neighborhood

    Death Battle Royale
    I walk into the basement of a large mall like building, with only one entrance and exit and no windows. I feel like there's a lot of people, or rather, just their presence, with all their eyes at the center of this basement. At the center is a weird abstract structure. It reminds me of what you'd find when you fight a boss in zelda. It's a raised battle platform.

    There's a man in a black suit at the entrance, he makes a proposition for me. I don't understand what he's offering. He explains again. There's a bad guy here that I need to defeat! But I can't defeat this bad guy without the right weapon. And he happens to be selling it. I take the weapon from him and fight this bad guy.

    After fighting the bad guy, I thought I was free to go. But the game master, the man in the black suit, explains I can't leave unless I defeat them all! Each bad guy was tougher than the last, and each weapon, that he added to my arsenal was more vicious. I don't remember the order of fights anymore. Some bad guys were more like assassins, others were brutes. Some of my weapons included a bow n arrow, sharp daggers on a chain, a sword at one point I think.

    It was the final battle. And I have two opponents!? One of them is Ryoga from Ranma 1/2. But Ryoga is my friend, I can't kill him. The other opponent was a beast of woman. I began to feel lied to. This whole time the game master was telling me that I was defeating "bad guys". I finally realized I was just up against other combatants who were tricked to come down here. I try to fight the beast of the woman while avoiding Ryoga, but the idiot is content to come at me with all of his fists and kicks.

    The beastly woman is coming at me with everything too! I use a tablet device to select my weapon. First I try the bow and arrow. I goes right into her throat. But she's still standing. Next I try that weird dagger weapon. But it doesn't even penetrate her thick skin. I try another weird weapon I got from the last battle. Its like an orb with a spinning blade attached to a chain. It was wicked and difficult to control! I hurl it at her, but its not working too. This woman doesn't die and Ryoga is still an idiot!

    I escape from the battle I run to the entrance. The game master isn't there. I run further into the hallway "Where are you game master? You lied to me!" I find him trying to be sly behind a booth. I tell him that he broke his promise, he promised to help me win so I can go home. And also promised me a new weapon every battle, wheres my new weapon? I can't defeat this beast of a woman without it.

    He just laughs and says something un-helpful. "You're not going home until you defeat all of your opponents" Frustrated, I go back to the battle stage. I quickly scroll through all my weapons, desperately trying to find the one I need. I try them all!

    I was thinking so hard on how to win this battle, without killing ryoga, how to defeat the game master and win my freedom home - that I woke up with a headache.

    Awake: 8:30 am
    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
    Awareness: non-lucid
    Length: 45 mins
    Emotions: frustration, anger, violence
    Dream Signs: basement, mall building, strange DC

    Updated 01-19-2017 at 07:00 PM by juroara


    Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow - DControl

    by juroara on 01-18-2017 at 07:31 PM
    Jan 18, 2017

    Notes: Fell asleep late, after 3am. Most of the night was heavy abstract dreaming. Fell back asleep around 8am! Finally had a good dream, with an ocean, friends, a storm, flooding, false awakening, a tornado, a dragon, and serious dream skills with a magical bow n arrow.

    In a grassy backyard with friends and family. While climbing on top of a kids playset im also thinking about who I'm going to hire to help me publish my comic. A man magically appears. I don't remember the convo, I just wrote down that he was "sassy"

    Fragment 2
    Me and sis are in an apt parking lot and I need to drive us somewhere and pick things up from another vehicle. My car was a huge SUV even though I can't drive large cars to save my life. I'm anxious in the drivers seat but I logically conclude this must be my car

    Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow
    Im visiting my friend Dyson, but at his childhood home. His hometown magically has an ocean. Were swimming in the water with dozens of other tourists. It seemed like I was swimming in that water for a really long time. Suddenly, the waves get stronger and the wind picks up. A storm is coming in.

    I tell Dyson we should leave, and also, I needed to get ready soon to go back home. Were instantly back at Dyson's place. Except it feels more like a three story apartment building (where he lives now?). And the city around us definately feels more like a New England place than Bedford. I go to the guest room and change, because its almost time for me to go home.

    I get sleepy and take a quick nap. The sounds of a storm wakes me up. Its a very strange feeling to wake up inside a dream. In waking reality, there were storms but they were much earlier in the night and not right now. I sat up on the guest bed trying to make sense of my surroundings. It seemed real and not all at the same time. I go to the window and stare out the storm.

    Its flooding fast outside! The streets are like a river now! I can't go home now. I watch huge logs get carried by the flood water. A huge red wood log was also carried by the storm waters. Its massive size being carried by the force of water was terrifying to watch!

    I look up at the clouds. Orange, green and pink? These alien colors make me think of one thing - tornado.

    I run back to my friends, everyone was watching in the porch. Dyson was his usual casual self and didn't seem scared at all. Me? I was panicking. A huge tornado forms from those swirling colorful clouds. Before I have time to panic the tornado bursts into a dragon!

    It was massive! The most massive dragon I've seen in a dream! Maybe something like Shenron, or larger. You could tell the massive dragon was roaring, but it was indistinguishable from the rest of the storms sounds.

    "Dragon!?!" I point bewildered at the dragon. Dyson just stands up, still with his laptop in hand. He magically pulls out some video game weapon. "You know what to do" At first I wanted to run away like a sensible person would.

    But then my dream ego starts to wake up. I magically manifest a golden bow and arrow. My outfit changed too. I aim my golden bow at the raging storm dragon! I fire and my arrow aims true. The dragon explodes into smaller units of fire, that scattered across the city. I figured it wasn't the end of the dragon.

    The storm finally quieted down. Some random boys who were also with us go down to where the flooding was, to make sure no one was caught in it. Dyson goes back online and collects some points. Some real-life quest game. How could this game have known about this dragon? I ask if I could collect points too and Dyson sets up an account for me.

    We head out, the dragons not completely gone yet. We still need to deal with its smaller units. Which had manifested as monsters all throughout the city. With my bow and arrow I was unstoppable. My aim never missed my target, I could precisely decide the right or left eye. It felt awesome!

    I felt like I was remembering something about my dream self I had forgotten. In fact, this dream in the span of minutes smushed so many strong dream elements for me. An ocean. A storm. A dragon. A false awakening. A window. Trees. Friendship. And magic!
    false awakening , memorable