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    The Quartruple Wedding

    by k12l on 10-18-2012 at 03:54 PM
    Zahidah, Mei Ling & Meriliyn were all wearing white lacy form hugging wedding dress. All of them looked really pretty.

    I was walking with Zahidah before and saw a photo of a photo session that involved wearing a wedding dress and a veil that covered half the face from the top of the head to the nose. You couldn't see that person behind that veil. We saw a sample of the photo framed up behind a glass window of a photo shop.

    The dream went through the havok of choosing a wedding theme and a dress for each of them, they were excited the whole time including me. I was mostly going around taking pictures of the whole thing and ended up being the last one to choose a dress.

    The starting a the wedding was at an open space with the 4 grooms wearing white tux coming driving horse drawn chariots. The grooms were laughing and waving at everyone. Following behind them were more people on carriages and horse drawn trucks throwing flowers. They rode from one end to the other end of the field.

    The girls came from the same place as the guys, all 4 of them wearing their wedding dressing and a parade of people behind. They did a really complex route and everyone cheered. The girls rode away turning behind showing off their long train lace, laughing and excited.

    This whole time I was watching at the side line taking photos and trying to hold up my wedding gown still draped on my arm. I was slightly disappointed that I was not taking part, but I was still awed at the magnificence of the whole wedding parade.
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    A White Leopard, Its Cub and A Paddy Field

    by k12l on 09-10-2012 at 04:59 PM
    I and a friend were new in a house. A guide was walking with us showing the area surrounding. We had to cross a muddy paddy field. Along at several intervals were strips of yellow lines that you can step on to cross. I crossed first. The yellow lines were soft and didn't hold my weight. I was almost at the other side but there was a white leopard and its cub. The mother was reaching out its claws at me. I was swimming in the mud now. Scared I tried to swim back to my friend and guide. But I couldn't move fast enough and there was a current pulling me towards the leopard. Color: yellow, green, blue.

    Updated 09-10-2012 at 05:02 PM by k12l