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    That's inappropriate old spice man!!

    by Kaenthem on 07-20-2014 at 08:46 PM
    Dream one:
    I was sitting with my family in the living room watching TV. A commercial of some kind pops up featuring a man in a towel (Old spice commercial? I can't remember to be honest). I'm able to see a part of his private parts and get shy as all of my family is watching. Oddly enough, they don't seem to react even after the guy proceeds to touch his genitals. I find this way too strange and start questioning my family's mental health instead of realizing it's just a dream but I do get to do that when I finally conclude that this is way too strange. I pinch my nose and breathe. Yep, I'm dreaming. I admire how real and intricate the scene is and then try to figure out something to do. Unfortunately, my real right eye's vision interferes with the dream and I'm able to see real life from one eye and the dream from the other (cool!), this doesn't last though and I wind up in a mix of real life and dream senses unable to distinguish one form the other leading me to lose the dream and waking up.

    Dream two:
    I can't remember much of the dream unfortunately, though I do remember stabilizing the dream on more than one occasion. The last one of which took place in my grandparents' house stairs. I'm going up stairs when the scene suddenly blurrs. I calm myself, rub my hands, and will the dream to stabilize; It does! I keep going up and I try to summon C by expecting her to be in the next room but when I turn around I don't find her. I suddenly wake up.

    Updated 07-20-2014 at 08:50 PM by Kaenthem


    What the heck nose?!

    by Kaenthem on 07-17-2014 at 08:14 PM
    I'm walking down a dark street in my hometown when I suddenly realize that I was trying to sleep just a moment ago. I pinch my nose and sure enough, I can breathe. I have quite the clear mind and I remember saying to myself that this dream is fairly vivid. I see my sister running but I don't bother to ask her about the reason behind that and I just try to go do something else. I turn around and I, for some reason, think that I really should stabilize the dream before going about my business. At about the same time, my vision starts to blur as I suddenly become able to see my nose in the middle of my field of vision; It's quite annoying and causes the dream to destabilize even more and I end up in the void (It's CanisLuicidus who coined the term, not me ). I proceed to do the exact opposite of what I should do: I panic. The dream starts to fade more and more and I can't figure out what should I do to stabilize it and end up waking up.
    I can feel my body now, though it feels quite strange. I think that I'm in sleep paralysis so I try to take advantage of the situation; I try to visualize the dream scene but my mind is filled is random thoughts and I find it hard to clear my mind so I give up and wake up for good.

    I broke my fast!

    by areyoume on 07-28-2013 at 06:25 PM
    I was in a room at my house. I was sitting and eating a traditional native dessert. I got up and left the room to the hallway. I suddenly remembered it's Ramadan and I'm fasting, I can't just eat! I started questioning my reality which led me to think that I was dreaming, I pinched my nose and was able to breathe! I was relieved that it was just a dream.
    I looked at the hallway leading to the main door. The dream was quite vivid. I walked along the hallway to the door and opened it. I was at the veranda. It was very cold and cloudy, and I could hear people talking just outside my house . I recognized one of the sounds as R's voice -my neighbor-, as for the other one, I wasn't able to quite identify it. The cold weather encouraged me to find something to cover myself with, so I thought of summoning a coat, but I don't know why the heck I thought of a woman's coat! I tried to look away and then expect it to be there but that didn't work-actually, I was expecting it not to work, I believe that was because of all the fail attempts I heard about from other people-Somehow, I just knew that I had to close my eyes and open them and so I did. I opened my eyes to find the exact same coat I imagined, a grey one with some fur, I grabbed it and wore it. It was quite warm and fuzzy but for some reason I didn't walk to get out, I thought that whomever was outside would laugh at me for wearing a woman's coat -My lucidity slowly went down after I summoned the coat- I got back to my home to find something else to wear. I pinched my nose to strengthen my lucidity, but I couldn't breathe! I was sure I was dreaming because I just summoned a coat, "but what if I'm already awake" I said to myself. I tried to think back to when I woke up but I couldn't. and to add to that I was distracted by K's DC which asked me to go buy her something, I started worrying if I really did break my fast. All of that led the dream to change scene and eventually
    me waking up.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Jakarta the charming indonesian city, Accomplishing the basic TOTM!

    by areyoume on 12-08-2012 at 11:33 AM
    Non-lucid: grey
    lucid: blue

    The first thing that I remember is that I was going with my family to Bejaia (a coastal city). Our car was different as it had 7 seats instead of 5. I sat in the middle. The car started to move to our destination. I just enjoyed seeing the different landscapes that we passed by as the car was moving on the road. The sun started to raise when we left our hometown.

    I can't remember exactly but I think a lot of time passed before we saw another city. I saw a building that can only be seen in setif (another city). I yelled: We're only in setif! This trip is taking so much time! My dad turned and told me: Don't worry we're almost there. I calmed a bit.

    memory gap

    I was running. I believe it was night time. I bare feet and I could feel the grass whenever one of my feet hit the the ground. Then I remembered, and said to my self: didn't I just went to bed? I already knew I was dreaming but I confirmed it with a nose plug RC. As soon as I felt the air rush through my closed nostrils the scene completely changed. I was in what seemed to be an airport. looking to a city covered with mist. Later on I knew that city was Jakarta
    Spoiler for Jakatra :

    Fascinated by the view as I'm a third world country inhabitant. Living in a small town. I didn't saw much skyscrapers in my life. So I just walked slowly enjoying the view. Little kids playing soccer there and some advertisement boards over there. Grown grass on both sides of the road that I was walking on. I then decided when I reached the skyscrapers that I should set a goal. I tried to remember the TOTM and I remembered something about snow. Oh yea I have to make it snow, I said to myself. I thought of just asking for snow but that seemed boring. After a few moments I decided what to do. I clapped my hands pointing them to the sky. A huge shock wave was the result of my clapping. that shock wave headed straight upwards and into the white clouds. I expected grey clouds to gather and that's what happened, and then it simply started to snow.
    I then -happy with my results- decided to just do random stuff (which was the thing that made me lose lucidity) I remember jumping very high then falling and then waking up.

    I woke up in my grandparents's house. I searched for my DJ to write my dream but couldn't find it. I then woke up for real.