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    Super lucid dream!!!

    by Kage64 on 04-08-2012 at 05:26 PM
    Its kinda long but bear with me. (I tried to shorten this)

    I had this dream where my brother Mekhi and I were in this huge scary science institution. At first we were walking around and then I had some sort of "instinct" that we had to save a girl. There was this big crate (which I thought would be a clue to finding her) and Mekhi and I tried to unscrew it. Mekhi couldn't unscrew it for some reason so I unscrewed it myself with some kind of manual screwdriver that I had to push down on to use (kind of hard to explain it). Once we opened the crate, I saw lab gloves, aprins, and other science materials and tools as a class was coming in. We put them on and tried to act as if we were late to class. The professor walked in, and after a moment, he stood and looked at my brother and I and his clipboard suspiciosly back and forth. He started to write things down and my "instinct" told me that I had two options, run or try to blend in longer. Then I chose to run and screamed "RUN LIKE A BITCH!!" and we ran out. We escaped to a familiar street that was in reality. It had a bread store, and I think a Leatherbee's. That's when I realized that it was a dream and I started to "see" everything A LOT more clearly. I looked at a pole and some grey stone and looked at the amazing details. I also sniffed the air which smelled musty, kinda like wet stone. I felt around at the pole and the stone to stay asleep. After, I was running with a girl to escape (with my brother gone, not for any reason). (I think the girl was Hermione from Harry Potter). For some other odd reason, I heard that a women Frankenstien was released. (around this point, I really wanted to leave very badly because I was scared like hell from all the commotion but I really wanted to push on forward to see what happens next) The girl wanted to stay or something but, I insisted that we ran. As we ran, she told me to look at a door opening where the students were running (I guessed they just found out it was an institution to experiment on them) We ran towards the door and it was a class room. Everyone was sitting down. The girl said how bad it was that we chose to run and that we should have done her plan. She also said that "they would probably want to do experiments on us or something." I then decided we were screwed and I wanted to wake up so I did (since I always had the power to wake myself up whenever I wanted in my dreams).

    (let me know what you think, Thx for the read!)

    Flying Lucid Dream I could remember

    by Kage64 on 04-05-2012 at 10:54 PM
    I remember this one dream where I was walking down a very dark street of the neighborhood I live in when I suddenly realized "Hey, I'm in a dream. What should I do now?" Then I thought it would be cool to grow black feathered wings and fly. So then I did and flew to the sky.

    Around the time, I was having a good streak of lot of lucid dreams for some reason.
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment

    Dream>Paralysis Vision

    by Kage64 on 04-05-2012 at 06:26 PM
    A long time ago, my house was shot at with an assault rifle because someone was being chased by this other guy, who was trying to break into our house to hide. (this isnt the dream part yet and everyone was ok) I think a year or two later, I had a dream about it and my family and I were on the news again. After the dream, I woke up and I saw a man in a black cloak (kinda assasins creed-like) standing in front of me across the room. (I knew I was awake at this point, since I heard my brother playing Mortal Kombat , sitting next to me.) The man's face was a cold stone-like blue and the top half was hidden by the hood of his cloak. I also felt wind and I was able to hear his ripped cape flapping. After about a minute of shock and not being able to move, I blinked and he was gone and I could move again.

    Disintegrating Moon Re-ocurrance

    by Kage64 on 04-05-2012 at 05:02 AM
    I dont remmember how the dreams went exactly but on many occasions, I have dreams of a big full moon starting to disintegrate.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Sort of hilarious adventure

    by Kage64 on 04-05-2012 at 04:49 AM
    I dreamed about riding with my family from west valley to salt lake city over the freeway and a woman was doing her makeup and driving. I was talking about her with my brother of how stupid it was to drive while putting on lip stick when she accidently drove off! Then another woman was driving by with a lot of technology in her car and I was so surprised I tried to tell everyone in the car about it with a lot of detail. My mom told me to get to the point so I did. We finally reached a very tall futuristic, aztec-like building that reached the sky and we started walking up the stairs. Suddenly, we were at the entrance. On the left one of my friends, Andro shouted hi. Another guy I see at school, Colton, was working on a computer. I climbed some more, wondering how I got up so far so quickly. I was able to see the sky of outer space by now. (I was deathly afraid to climb the stairs since I have a bad fear of hights.) Somehow I realized in my head we reached the universe. At the entrance was a glass door with an agent standing there, who opened the door for me as I walked in. I was thinking of what answers and knowledge I wanted to seek. Andro appeared again with another agent. (so apparently he works with the universe to.) We then sat down to talk about class changes. For some reason, they put me in calculus (which im afraid of and im in algebra, i suck at math). They told me to sign somewhere and I asked if I could review the sheet first. Then the sheet was to bright for me to see and I woke up.
    non-lucid , memorable