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    Self confirmed Timber wolf therianthrope. When lucid, I am most likely to physically change into theriotype than anything else. Can't do it in real life, so why not do the next best thing? Because of this, lucid dreaming has become extremely important to me throughout my life thus far.
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    Anything with the outdoors: camping, fishing, rock climbing, and sports.
    college student
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    Lucid goals: Fight and kill Jacob Black [X], Go trick or treating as a wolf [ ], Help a pack stalk and hunt a large extinct game animal [ ], Play fetch with a DC [ ], Become a shape-shifting spy deployed behind enemy lines [ ], Face and fight off a nightmare as a wolf [X], After transformation look in mirror and really observe every detail about my body [ ]


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    Dream Journal 28: Rural streets of Beijing China, and my lost m4a1.

    by Kaos on 08-20-2011 at 03:52 PM
    My dream starts out looking at a number on the wall that I am supposed to hear from regarding an internship. I am for some reason in my parents room, and sure enough the number calls. I got the internship, and I am very pleased. My parents congratulate me, but then I have a false awakening. I wake up in my parents bed room, but this time a different number is posted on the wall, one that made no sense. It was like "1-808-VTLR79__" or something. At this point I was like "oh shit, that last time it was a dream, so this is just another dream." Then I got really excited and became lucid after looking away at the number on the wall and looking back it it. Then that's when it became weird...

    As soon as I turned lucid, The left side of my body in the dream stopped working completely, including my eye which now all I could see was black. Getting a little rattled, I yelled "lights on!" and "left side begin working!" After I yelled this, I remember going into sleep paralysis for a split second, and then closing my eyes to be shot straight into another dream.

    When I entered my dream, I was completely lucid, and was somewhere on the rural streets of Beijing, China. I am not sure how I knew that, I just knew. Anyways, I noticed my dream was a little unstable, so I calmed down and began looking in detail at my environment for a while. I also did a couple spins and rubbed my hands together to ensure that the dream would be stable for at least a while. Then, I began walking down the streets in attempt to begin some lucid goals of mine.

    I stopped at an intersection, and made myself start physically-shifting. An incredible pain had initiated where the muzzle would be breaking through. Very similar to my phantom limb shifts in real life, except a LOT more pain involved. I felt ears piercing through my skull in order to struggle out. At this point I wanted to make sure my shifting was going on as planned, however, when I started looking at my body and feeling around there was absolutely no evidence that I had physically started shifting. After this, my shift stopped all of a sudden, and I became extremely frustrated. Because I am usually able to fly in my dreams, I wanted to make sure not all my superpowers were affected. Unfortunately they were too.

    At this point I decide to turn at the intersection and start running on all fours and initiating a mental shift in my dream to see if it would help. After a while, I came out of the shift realizing nothing had happened. I gave up in frustration, and began to climb a wall nearby in effort to find higher ground (began to lose my lucidness). However, in attempting so I fell and slipped.
    It hurt like shit. Dream fades on...


    I am at a ski resort, or in Alaska somewhere living in little huts with a bunch of friends. There is snow absolutely covering everything. "J" is in the same bedroom as me, and we are roommates. I miss the bus to go somewhere because I am too busy looking for my m4a1 assault rifle (a real one) that I thought was in my paintball duffelbag.

    Dream Journal 27: True Blood characters, trying to kill myself.

    by Kaos on 08-13-2011 at 07:25 PM
    Warning: Little graphic.

    Lucid state: Only got to semi lucid

    So this dream was fairly long, although I only remember bits and pieces of it.

    In the first part of the dream I am helping set up a giant aquarium for this class room. When I put it up, I completely shattered the glass on accident and water came pouring out of the tank. Feeling terrible, I all of a sudden found out I was dreaming for some reason. I was lucid, but part of my mind was still not lucid. So, knowing it was a I dream I started attacking people after growing my canines out only (which is weird that I didn't shape-shift fully). People were screaming and running out of the classroom as I was severing several of their necks out with an explosion of warm blood all over my face. After everyone had left, and several DCs' throats were lying on the ground covered in blood, Something crossed my mind.

    I started feeling bad about what I did so I decided if I try and kill myself in order to restart the dream, and do everything the right way. So I found a long sharp spike, and repeatedly started stabbing myself in the heart as I lay on the ground. By this time, windows had appeared in the classroom and a bunch of people started staring at me while I lay there attempting to commit suicide. It wouldn't work.

    Fast-forward: I am in a different class room and a new dream. Suddenly I realize I am dreaming, and suddenly decide to have a full voluntary mental-shift just for the hell of it (sill semi lucid). I am jumping around on other students' desks and growling/drooling while on all fours. Same thing happens, all students leave. I decide to try and commit suicide again, and start stabbing myself in the temple of my head.
    Once again it doesn't seem to be working, as blood starts shooting out the side of my head with every pump of my knife.

    I see one of the characters from True Blood, Alcide. He explains he needs help finding someone, so I shape-shift into my wolf as he shape-shifts into his wolf, and we follow a scent until we come across an old couple.

    Fast-forward: Me and Alcide watch weird alien space ships leaving and arriving at a lake we walk by. We stand and watch in awe.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 26 Medal of Honor, towel, and riot of people

    by Kaos on 07-28-2010 at 05:23 PM
    Dream starts off with me playing a new game. It looks like battlefield, but plays differently, so I assumed it is the new Medal of honor game coming out some time.

    In real life, I hate FPS' that don't allow you to go prone on the ground, so I was surprised when the developers of battlefield made it so you could go prone.

    "When did they change their mind about the prone?" I asked a neighbor.

    "Just before release."

    From what I remember, the game was a blast. To think, my brain made it all up, lol.

    I am walking home alone in the dark, it is pouring rain and is dark out. For some reason I have absolutely no clothes on except for a towel as well.

    The way home is a road back at my old home, and I pass my high school on the way. Suddenly, I stop by a run down house that has things broken and scattered everywhere.


    I am in the middle of a road with other people. Someone who was in the middle of the road with me grabbed a bulldozer near by and folded the road into a giant wall. I asked why, and the others with me told me that "they were coming."

    Sure enough, a riot broke out in the woods behind us, with thousands of people running towards us. Dream gets a bit hazy after that.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 25 Lucid at the mall, Predator costume

    by Kaos on 07-27-2010 at 07:17 PM
    I am at a mall, the reason I am there I completely forgot. For some reason or another, I do a reality check by looking at some dots on the wall, looking away, and looking back at them. Well, even if it was not words, it worked and I became lucid.

    After that I decided to not jump into any activities yet, and tried to concentrate more on making my lucid more stable, longer, and clearer. So, I first began by walking very slowly and observing every small bit of detail I saw in the dream world with all my senses. As much as transforming into a wolf came across my mind, I knew these LD exercises were far more important to me.

    I looked at a small railing next to an escalator, and looked closely. The light reflected off the chrome railing beautifully. I sat there and tried to smell anything, but I could not smell a damn thing. I figured that was weird, as I have smelled things in my LDs in the past. I thought that maybe my brain assumed malls smell like nothing.

    In order to stabilize my LD further, I decided to reach into my pocket to grab a stress ball to squeeze in order to exercise my sense of touch. However, when I reached down to put my hand in my pocket... I had no pockets. All I had was my boxers on. I tried to further summon a stress ball in my hand but it refused to appear.
    After that, the dream got real fuzzy and I woke up in the middle of the night.


    Next dream involved me going to some costume party. I decided to grab a Predator costume I had.

    Fast-forward: I am at the party when I realize I don't have the head/mask to my Predator costume. The people at the college party start to stare, and I begin t feel judged.

    Note: Was furious at myself for not trying to DEILD, spinning, or rubbing my hands yet again. I know it works because I have done it in prior lucids, I have just forgotten to for some reason. Even when attempting to stabilize my lucids, they are cut off even shorter. May be due to either me thinking about being asleep too much, or it being the end of that certain REM cycle for the night.

    Log 24 Night at the movies, and Manholes

    by Kaos on 07-26-2010 at 02:31 PM
    small fragments:

    Me and another person are looking for a place to park. We are thinking about parking inside a giant manhole that is next to some parking spaces, but realize they are filled with trash. I hear cop sirens and begin to panic, so we park in a regular spot.


    We just got done watching a movie at the movie theater, and someone tells me we just watched the "Dark Knight". As everyone exits the theater, are start looking for a bottle of Old Spice Body Wash that I thought I brought into the theater with me.
    non-lucid , dream fragment