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    There is not much to say about me. I am a great guy. Currently I am really interested in lucid dreaming and in astral projection.
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    Guitar, lucid dreaming, astral projection
    Enjoying every moment
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    I was surfing on a topic of lucid dreaming


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    Recent Entries

    2nd of November 2013

    by Karloky on 11-03-2013 at 10:07 AM
    DR 1:

    I was with my friend, which I am not so sure who was, in a tram. Sun had been falling down over the horizon. Tram was full of people but unfortunately there was no driver. I asked some lady if she could hold my bottle of ice tea and me and my friend went to the driver's cabin. Then we decided we would have some fun and drive. I was first to drive. I was driving through city and when I came to some station there was another tram in front of ours. I didn't break enough and I bumped into the tram in front on which rear wind shield cracked into thousands of small pieces. After that someone obviously reported us to the police and they started to chase us. My friend was on a row to drive now. Sun has completely vanished over the horizon and outside was pretty much dark. We had been driving for a little more. We didn't know how to close the door so I had to search for the button for that my friend has found it on the right on a small panel. We continued driving. Driver's cabin was completely in dark so I tried to find a button to turn on the panel lighting. My friend got mad on that but I anyway did it. When we came to next station there was police waiting for us. I quickly got again into passengers' compartment and threw myself down on the floor. I started crawling between the people and in the end went outside the tram. After that I was following the tram tracks which started to form some unreasonable patterns and have some curves on which it's impossible to drive a tram like 90 degrees etc. The street was turning right. Then suddenly a tram passed next to me and went to the left where the tracks were leading into the hill which was covered with tall grass. Only the tracks were visible between all the grass. So I went following the tracks. It looked really unreal and there was nothing else around except the tall grass and tracks. I got to a small iron bridge and I crossed it over. I continued following the tracks. I got to some weird like a bridge which was constructed like of a spine of some huge being....and the ribs were pointing out of the spine lol. It was long as the horizon. There wasn't end. It suddenly pulled me I think and I ended up in some strange land which wasn't my country maybe neither earth. There were creatures who looked like people almost. And the chief offered me two forms I can look like. One I picked was a some tall big man. With a hair to his shoulders. And I started to look like that. All I can remember is that they liked me and I don't remember what happened after.

    23rd of October 2013

    by Karloky on 10-23-2013 at 11:20 AM
    I fell asleep around 10 pm and woke up around 1 am due to dream I had.

    DR 1:
    I was in my house alone. Outside it was already a pitch-black dark. There were only a few lights in my house still turned on. I was in my bathroom. I was really nervous and was feeling really bad. I went outside my bathroom and turned off all lights except the one in the bathroom. As I was returning to the bathroom I had really heavy feeling and bad feeling. I returned to bathroom and closed myself in and was there for few minutes. Then I peeked out through the bathroom doors and accidentally turned of the light in the bathroom and now the whole house was in dark. I instantly rushed back in the bathroom and was swarmed with fear. I started to breathe heavily. I tried to light the bathroom with the screen of my mobile phone. After a few more minutes I again peeked out of the bathroom and when I pulled back in there was a horror. On the left of me there was a small black creature without a face. My hearth started to pound heavily and my breathing got heavier. My hearth was pounding so fast that it almost went out of my body. The creature started getting closer towards me and screaming. I was so scared I thought I would die. I started to yell from the bottom of my lungs. And then I fell over my back and got unconscious and then I woke up.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    4th of October 2013

    by Karloky on 10-04-2013 at 07:49 PM
    So I woke up in the morning for school at about 6:15 am and lol I almost got late looll....at first I didn't remember anything....but there was something in me telling me that I had a dream.....and after some like 10 minutes it all just came into my mind like from nowhere ...the whole dream.....so here it goes....

    DR 1:
    I was in a some sort of a shop with clothes. At first it seemed like I was levitating or I was viewing from a camera and I could see some lingerie in front of me actually it was like I was viewing from a hill in some angle downwards. And all around was some clothes and random people going back and forth and looking for clothes. On the right of me there was like a pile of some white plastic boards that I climbed on and sit. I was looking around and as it seemed I was looking for my girlfriend I think. Suddenly some middle-aged lady appeared in front of me being nervous and angry and asking me what am I doing here. I got of the pile and told her that I was looking for my girlfriend or something like that or waiting for her. Then suddenly her mood became better. She became very cheerful and happy and she was moving somewhere. I started to follow her and she was like singing all of a sudden and telling some things about lingerie....and singing and saying nonsenses and was very happy lol. And I think she said something like my girl is sexy or something and it seemed like she saw her in the shop but I don't know how or what lol. I am not actually sure about anything. And then I could hear police sirens in the distance ....and everybody became very anxious and she told me to run. I went through the metal door straight out to the huge empty parking lot. I started to run but there were police cars rushing towards me and they've arrested me I don't know what for. Then I went with them somewhere and the next thing I remember is that I somehow managed to escape. I was suddenly in some house hiding from the police. In the meantime they started the pursuit after me. I was leaning over the doorway and when the patrol car went away I got outside of the house and into the fields. It was already night. I had a flashlight and I started to went through the fields. It was really cold and windy. Then I got to some kids playground and I passed next to some swing. In the front of me there was a building with outer walls on which you could clearly see bricks. There I turned right and got to a mud road. I started to go along with it and in some moment I started to move through the bushes on the right side to hide from the sight. At some point there was some abandoned police car on the other side of the road and I think I escaped from there I don't know why. I continued to follow the road path and came to a curvature. On the left side there was a cliff and on the curvature it slightly went more into the road space. The curvature was like 70 degrees or I don't know. I continued along with the road. And then suddenly after that curvature I found myself in a some room with a concrete-like walls. There was a rectangular opening in the ceiling from which the bright sun light came in. I didn't know what to do. But suddenly I had a portal gun like from the game Portal 2. I shot two portals the blue one and the orange one and I somehow managed to shoot myself through the opening on the ceiling by using them. Then I woke up.

    13th of September 2013

    by Karloky on 09-13-2013 at 11:46 AM
    I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night and I instantly got not a very vivid dream recall. Well this is how I remember it:

    DR 1:
    I was in my room and outside it was very dark because sun has just lowered beneath the horizon. In my room there wasn't any light except the last little light traces that came in my room through my half opened window and the light from my laptop. Suddenly my mom entered the room and said that I was grounded so I had to be in my room. When she left the room I took my laptop and sat on my bed. Suddenly my girlfriend was right next to me. Interesting that I opened some porn site to be honest and in that moment my girlfriend took my laptop from me without my will and she opened some funny and a little creepy pictures. On one picture there was a woman with short blond hair and facial hairs on her face: beard and mustache. She looked like a man. In that moment I got really angry and told her that she leaves me alone I think I am not sure if I said that and then I started to yell and scream very loud and then I woke up.


    by Karloky on 09-11-2013 at 11:32 PM
    So after about three weeks of no dreams I finally got some I was really happy to have some dreams after all of those days of darkness!!! I have never made any Dream Journal entries so far but I thought maybe I could give it a try though it wasn't a lucid dream. I've just started to keep my dream journal for the first time in my life. Anyway forgive me if my English isn't very good because it's not my native neither I am that good so forgive me. So two days ago on 9th of September I went to bed about 10:30 pm. At about 11:00 pm I fell asleep. I had two dreams that night.

    DR 1:
    So the first dream occured somewhere between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am. As far as I can remember I was in my house and it was pretty late and outside it began to get darker and darker. In my house there weren't much light. I was in my kitchen and there was only a one small lamp that was turned on. I think my dog was with me also. I went to a hallway and tried to turn on the lights but it seemed like all the light bulbs in my house were broken except that one in my kitchen which was very small. It was very dark. I went to my bathroom and I could barely see from dark but it seemed like I saw some entity in my bath tub or I was having feeling like I am being watched and like there is some presence in my house. I got really scared and runned to my balcony. I took my telephone and called my neighbour if she could come to my appartment because I'm scared or something like that. While I was talking to the phone I again felt some presence and like I was being watched. I went to the kitchen after that and not a lot time passed(I guess) until I heard the doorbell. I went to my hallway and rushed towards the door through my narrow and dark hallway. I opened the door and I saw a dark shadow which scared me so much that I fell on the floor on my back. After the shadow came closer I realized that it's my neighbour and my parents were with her. After that I woke up at around 2:00 am.

    DR 2:
    The second dream occured right after the first I guess. So when I woke up I instantly recalled my dream that I previously had and then after a few minutes I fell asleep again and that was about 2:00 am like I said earlier. Then I had another dream. Though there is not a lot I can remember and it isn't really vivid but here it is. I was driving in some car with some other person on some road which was going right beside the shore of some sea. On the left side there were green plains as far as eye can see. There were a few trees. On the right side there were fences and houses. At some point we rushed by a house in front of wich there were two cars one behind the other. The second car that was closer to the road was bright green. After that I suddenly found myself like in some classroom or something like that I don't know even what it is I guess the part of the dream disappeared. So in that classroom I don't remember much things all I could see in front of me was like some desk and wooden board though I know there were other people there too. So there was under one desk like some box which I pulled out and in it there was a giant ladybug like two fists and it looked really gross. It started to climb on the side of the box so I quickly pushed it under the table again. After that again it seems like some part of the dream is lost. All I can think and how I can explain the next thing that I remember can be that I had a some sort of vision in my dream. So suddenly I was in some house in a dark room. There were like curtains on the window and maybe some wooden planks. I wasn't alone there were like three or four more people. And I was sitting on a bed and suddenly in the right corner of the room there appeared some entity in some like a cloak which looked very old. The entity was tall and had long hands with very long fingers that looked like claws. It had round green head more like a shape of an egg layed down with no face. There were no eyes no nose or anything just a big mouth with large sharp teeth. After that again there are some unlogical things and blanks and then I was again in that like a classroom. After that I think I came to that house for real with some people I think my friends and as I climbed onto the bed that entity appeared again like bellow the blanket and popped out. After popping out it hit me really hard so I was launched outside the house flying through the air like 50 meters away. As it struck me I think it maybe said something like 'Don't ever come here!' but I am not sure if it said anything. After that I woke up at around 8:30 am and wrote everything to my dream journal.
    non-lucid , nightmare