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    Wild Ride

    by KatBee on 06-27-2020 at 02:46 PM
    Usual routine, drank my elixer, took my supplements at the usual times. Asleep around midnight.
    First dream, all I remember is something about a van, hearing police sirens, trying to run away (drugs in the car) knowing I was going to get caught so deciding with the guy I was with that we would surrender ourselves. We get in an elevator with the police, the guy I'm with kicks a bottle cap. Then as if it were a firecracker, the bottle cap starts bouncing around the elevator compartment, and I crouch down. It hits me in my back repeatedly, so much so that I know this is going to kill me. I wake up with my back still hurting.
    I'm camping in the woods, perhaps waiting for my family to pick me up. Theres a very friendly monkey playing around near me, so I join him. We swing around wildly from the trees and have lots of fun. I remember telling some people about the monkey, and as if the story was incredibly boring, they all just sorta walked away... I wake up from the awkwardness.
    I've time travelled, its the 1960s. My hippie friends and I are driving around in a van. Next thing I know, we've crashed and damaged a public park area in the middle of nowhere. The police tell us we have 10 weeks to restore the area or else be charged. Looking around, it's old, but extremely beautiful landscape. Theres a full crazy zoo, I fly over it, afraid to fall into the enclosures. There are animals like tigers, chimps, everything crazy and exotic. I know they are here because most families don't own a TV or computer like we do now, and this is the only way they would ever see an animal like this outside of a book. We restore the area, but it's not as nice as before. Next dream...
    Still the 1960's, still in a van with hippies. One girl has long, beautiful red hair. She is romantically with the guy that time travelled with me, but that doesn't stop me from pursuing her. At some point, I kiss her, and it's amazing. We talk about how everyone is so chill in this time, that it doesn't matter if someones ex girl and current girl are friends. She tells me its because "we all live for the music, it's our only true love." This girl has been to Woodstock. We decide next time I time travel, that is where we'll go, and I'll find her there. I overhear her telling a group of her friends she's bisexual, a female friend of hers is disgusted, and this upsets me greatly. Next dream...
    I'm with new people now, a youngish guy and his sister. It's still the past, but perhaps further back this time. There was some nonsense about a magic spell, some CRAZY driving on tracks that went up and down hils and upside down and even jumped holes in the tracks a few times, like a rollercoaster, but in a van. The girl seems to like me, and we kiss secretly several times. Her brother seems to know, as does a female friend of hers. It's very scandalous. When it's time for me to go back to 2020, I tell them as much as I can. Cigarettes are bad, septum piercings are popular, no one cares very much if you're gay, music festivals are still great but nothing ever compares to Woodstock. I wake up for the last time.
    non-lucid , memorable

    TOTM Success, and LD Meditation

    by KatBee on 06-25-2020 at 04:35 PM
    I typed this up in great detail, and then the page reloaded and didn't save any of it. SO here's the much shorter run down.
    MCT oil, raw honey, melotonin, and tincture blend (African dream root, bobinsana root, blue lotus, calea z, mugwort, lemon balm, damiana) around 10:45, asleep by 11. Multiple dreams and multiple Lucids, woke up several times but the dreams continued each time, so here's the important stuff I remember.

    Theres a party in my apartment, lots of people are hanging out. Someone does a hit of coke in my kitchen, causing me to question the situation. I look at my hands. Tooooo many fingers. I tell someone else to look at her hands, she agrees with me, this is a dream.
    I go to my room to go to bed, the apartment is empty now, my roommate says something to me. I look at my hands again, yes this is still a dream. I grab some pillows off my bed, sit on the floor to meditate. Several Om Mani Padme Hums later, I open my eyes. My room is no longer my bedroom, but a concrete industrial type room with floor to ceiling windows on the two outward facing walls. This is sharper, more in focus than any lucid dream I've had in a long time, the meditation was well worth it. I decide to seek the McDouble I've been after in several of my last lucids. I turn toward the windows, expecting to break one and jump out, but to my surprise theres a window that opens easily, and a staircase leading to the ground. I walk down, and think of the task of the month. A breeze starts up, cooler and fresher than it has any right to be.
    As I walk through this city scape, I look at the DCs and am aware they are simply projections of my subconcious. I lock eyes with one, he knows what I am thinking.
    Strawberries grow like weeds against a building. I pick some, a nearby tree whacks me with its branches, these are not my strawberries.
    I see my families old tan van, I climb in, find Mcdonalds bags (clearly full of trash). I search one anyways, hoping to find a McDouble. My mother is in the drivers seat, says she'll take me to a McDonalds. She drives, and as she is on a collision course with a wall, I close my eyes. I open them, and now we're at McDonalds. We're so close, my McDouble dreams are coming true. I place my order, get my burger, take several bites so big I finish nearly half the sandwhich at once. No ketchup. I wander the store, find a ketchup bottle on a shelf, douse my burger, take some more bites. Perfect.
    I sit at a long table, my mother to my right, the people from the party filling the other seats. Soon we are all eating chocolate covered strawberries, which are much tastier than the burger. My mother and I fight about my unhealthy eating habits, but I tell her this is a dream and I can eat whatever I like. She leaves.

    I wake up for the final time.
    During one of the times I woke up, I had my usual false awakening during which I thought I was writing in my DJ, only to wake up and find out that never happened. This occurs at least once every night.

    First WILD!

    by KatBee on 05-19-2020 at 12:57 PM
    Screens off by 10, mindfulness meditation, supplements and herbs. In bed by 10:30.
    I'm in a hotel with my family, theres some sort of wedding happening. Tina, my grandparents, my dad, aunt, and other family members are there. There are invitations, we drop them. I hold the elevator as my sister picks them up, but the elevator leaves without them. We are at a table, eating food, my plate has asparagus and broccoli, and its falling off my plate and making a big mess. There are other people around. They are looking at us. I wake up.
    We are hurrying to go somewhere else, but I left my stuff. I go back to get it with my dad. We go to a computer station, where I left my headphones, bag, and a charger plugged in. Theres a boy, maybe a teenager, at that station. I ask if he's seen my charger, while I see him stuff it further into his pocket. I ask, how about the one you just put in your pocket? He hands it over, ashamed.
    I wake up, my 3:30 alarm is going off. I'm surprised, I thought I slept through the alarm for some reason. I take my supplements, smoke some of my dream herbs. I lay very still, attempting a WILD.
    Suddenly my vision goes from black to full real life colors. I'm in my old highschool, in a hallway. I look at my hands, way too many fingers! A DREAM! MY FIRST WILD! My dad is there again, I ask him if he's my Dream Guide, and he shrugs. I hold his arm and we walk down the hallway, passing some of my old teachers. Mrs Fina! I say hello. My dad seems to be in a hurry, I tell him to slow down, pop my head into another classroom. Mrs Ingram sees me and comes to hug me; her hair is different and she has to remind me who she is. I tell her she looks beautiful and we hug and I tear up. I return to the hallway as it fades to black. I wake up.
    I'm fighting with some siblings, I feel like it was Avatar the Last Airbender related. I'm fighting with a brother, and he tries to knock me down, but I am holding onto something and don't fall. Then I realize I'm floating.I check my hands, yep! Toooooo many fingers. I walk inside. Its my parent's house in Blue Ridge, in the basement. All three sisters and both parents are there. I remember this day, it was the first (and maybe only) time all 6 of us were together in that house. I remember my dream goals, check pockets, meditate. I sit to meditate and realize I can't reach into my pockets while I'm sitting. I stand and find a hair clip in my front right pocket, keep checking for a wand, and I feel a lighter in my front left, but didn't quite fish it out before the dream changed.
    I'm upstairs in the living room now, my family is all there. I see my old cat, Alice, run across a doorway. I tell my family I just saw her, and I start crying. Then I wake up, for good this time.

    Dream signs: school, family, floating
    lucid , non-lucid

    Failed Gravity

    by KatBee on 05-17-2020 at 12:44 PM
    Bed time routine: screens off at 10, in bed by 10:30. Drank honey and MCT oil mixture with tea brewed from Calea Z, mugwort, damiana, bobinsana, blue lotus. No galantamine or DreamLeaf supplements this time (wanted to see how the herbs alone afffected me). Mindfulness meditation just before sleep.

    I'm in a house with some strangers in an unfamiliar city. Someone was coming for us,but right as they arrived I slipped out, walking right by them and acting natural. They come for me, and I cannot escape. They threaten me, I don't know why. I wake up, 1:55 AM
    I am with my sisters, Lisa and Tina. They are taking me somewhere, even though I am tired. I sleep in the backseat of the car. We arrive at a swimming pool, they jump in without me. I jump in next, but I jump too far and am above the concrete on the other side; I float back to the center, and am not falling into the water, so I push from the ceiling into the pool. When I climb out, there are other people in the pool, and I'm self concious of the way they look at my scars. I remember I had my tattoos in this dream.
    I tell Tina that the gravity above the pool wasn't working right, and that I had to check to make sure this was in fact real. I look at my hands.
    OH! LOOK HOW MANY FINGERS! This is in fact, a dream! Tina doesn't seem excited by this revelation. I tell Lisa, she thinks I'm being weird. "Thats why the gravity didn't work! And thats why YOU (Lisa) aren't pregnant right now! None of this is real! My right eye closes, and the dream starts going dim. I ask Tina to lead me back to the car because I can't see. On the way to the car, my vision is replaced with a 3DS screen map, showing my location and movement. I try to explain this to my uninterested sister as we step into the car. Except now its a train car, its WWII era, many men and women sit in the car with us. Everything is so vivid. To my right, a very young and handsome Steve Rogers orders some food from the lady with the trolly. He turns to me and smiles. I know dream are all about expectations, so I try very hard to believe that he will kiss me. The dream fades and I wake up. 5:54 am.
    Back in the dream, I immediately look at my hands. Too many fingers. I'm at the pool again, but as I leave it is now a restaraunt.I am old, and make a scene so that we will get kicked out. I lose lucidity as I follow the dream plot. We leave and are now shopping for shirts. I have to pick something for my husband, he is helpless. Also younger. I am now myself, in line to buy a shirt. A young boy is in line ahead of me, trying to use a credit card. The cashier asks for ID, and he shows her a picture of an ID on a tablet. She asks again if this is really his card. He admits its a joke, but she pushes a button and an alarm goes off. We are now waiting for the police. The people behind me are crowding, and I ask them to back off. An attractive girl with turquise braces and several tattoos apologizes. I compliment her tats, we have a conversation about them. I tell her I love the little peace sign she has, that I want something similar, that I want it to be a reminder for me to Smile and Breathe. I wake up (6:55), and draw the peace sign on my hand. I've been trying to figure out what symbol to use for this reminder, and the dream has just given me the perfect idea.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    NEVER Taking Niacin Again

    by KatBee on 05-16-2020 at 05:38 PM
    Normal | Dream | Lucid Dream

    Same routine, screens off at 10, mindful bed time routine including taking melotonin, raw honey and MCT oil drink, and mindfulness meditation on Headspace (Free year for the unemployed!). I made a dream plan, slept on my right side (which actually helps!) and by 11 I was already asleep.

    I'm with Ivy, hanging out. We settle in to watch a movie and I lay my head on her lap, she strokes my hair. I kiss her softly, her lips grazing mine felt very real. Dream fades.
    I'm in my apartment, doing something in my bedroom. My waterbottle was scewered by something and is leaking water. I take it to the kitchen to pour the water in the sink. The sink is full of dirty water. I drink from my bottle, the water is dirty. I think thats not right, so I do a RC.
    This is a dream! I announce CLARITY a few times until I'm satisfied with the sharpness of the dream. I walk around my apartment, knowing I had a plan to fly tonight. I see my cat Elton trying to get my attention and following me; this is the first time I've ever seen him in a dream but I ignore him, worried he might do something freaky if I pay too much attention to him.
    I visualized a beautiful dreamscape that night before going to sleep, so I try to close and open my bedroom door to lead me there. I try a few times but the door keeps opening to my room instead. The dream starts to fade but I stop what I'm doing, and restabilize by rubbing my hands together and looking around me. I try the door a few more times and still nothing.

    I wake up in bed, Elton wakes up next to me. He's very energetic and excited considering its 3:30, and cuddles me and starts purring, and I wonder if he was really there in the dream with me. I take my usual supplements (galantamine, red DreamLeaf pill). I decided to try Niacin as I saw it listen on DV and had some on hand. WHAT A MISTAKE. Before I'm able to fall asleep, I'm already burning and itching all over. My remaining sleep is troubled.
    I'm in my apartment, I get up, go to the freezer for icepacks. I lay back in bed with icepacks all over my body to relieve the INTENSE BURNING AND ITCHING I feel all over.
    Another dream, I check on Google how long a Niacin flush lasts.
    Last dream, three teenagers are sitting along a fence in the sun. They took Niacin, like they were doing drugs together. The girl in the middle is freaking out because of how hot and itchy she is. Me too, girl. Me too.

    I wake up at 6am, can't sleep any longer. Niacin was a terrible idea. Since my only LD came before I took my supplements, I'll try only honey and MCT oil tonight and see what my results are like.
    Also, what do you call it when you LD but you're in your apartment and it feels like real life? OBE? Astral Projection? False Awakening? This has happened before, and leads to some very boring LDs.

    Updated 05-16-2020 at 05:43 PM by KatBee

    lucid , non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment