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    "...The world is no longer merely a familiar place to live in; it has become a nightmare that crushes and suffocates soul and body....The appearances of things themselves take on a new meaning; lines and colours unveil the psychic state of things, make visible hitherto invisible aspects of them, and with visionary clairvoyance unearth the spiritual needs of an entire generation, thrusting them up into light and consciousness."


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    Random Dream Frags - July 19th

    by KatherineD on 07-19-2013 at 09:45 PM
    Aight, so I wasn't going to post this but decided eh, why not...

    First Frag

    I was on an old wooden ship, like an old pirate ship. I was in some sort of water holding tank within the ship, attempting to keep my calm. The water was so blue, a gorgeous hue, but my fear of open water was causing the panic to rise more every second that ticked by. My boyfriend was on the deck with a rope, slowly trying to pull me up from the holding tank. He was reassuring me it was going to be okay, there's nothing in there. As I slowly rose from the water, I periodically closed my eyes, and all I could see was blue as if I was deep in the open ocean. My heart jumped into my throat, fear rose. My boyfriend kept smiling, and making jokes as he kept hoisting the rope up, pulling me to safety. Once I was a few feet from the edge of the dock, he looked passed me to the tank and calmly told me he was wrong, there was a bull shark in the tank as well. When I looked down I saw no shark, but a swirl of blood in the water, and droplets of blood coming from my leg, then a splash, and a shimmer of a tail fin before it disappeared back into the water. I was out, I was safe in his arms now. He was still smiling down at me, but I was so angry and frightened from being in the tank I couldn't muster a smile...

    Second Frag

    I was floating around. I was not part of the dream, I was just an observer, watching the dream happen. There were kids on a beach, floating in the water. It was cartoonish, but not quite an actual cartoon. The kids realized they had drifted from the beach their parents were at. My view changed from being right beside the kids, to seeing a map of them moving back a few beaches to where their parents were.

    Third Frag

    I was in a house I dream of somewhat frequently. It's a plain house, white walls, beige carpets. There wasn't much going on. My boyfriend and I were walking around the house in search of something, but I don't recall what. As we walked around we found his dad sitting at a large wooden dining table. I had a feeling of being in trouble as his dad calmly ate his food. We walked away, heading for the door that led to the backyard..Once I crossed the threshold of the door the dream change. I was now at an indoor skating rink. We sat down on some bleachers with other spectators. There was a small hockey game going on. There was a young boy sitting with his mother beside me. My boyfriend poked me, and then to the kid. The kid asked if he could have some of my poutine with pulled pork on it, to which i glared, said "No, you had some already" and kept the delicious food to myself. I continued watching the hockey game.

    I think that's about it for last night's dream..Can only recall these frags for now. Hoping tonight is more eventful!
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by KatherineD on 07-10-2013 at 11:29 PM
    I would like to state off the bat that this is incomplete. Yes it's long. But this isn't even half of the dream.. So there's a very likely chance I will come back and edit this post with more of the dream as I write it out! (Bold Italics are me just explaining things as I see em)

    So many of them. They came from nowhere yet everywhere..

    I was at home. My family on my motherís side was visiting for some reason. Things were going well for the most part.

    It just hit me that this was the second part of the dream. I will have to try to remember the first part better before writing about it..

    There was a lot of nonsensical things going on that do not pertain to the dream, so I will be omitting these from this write up..

    It all seemed to revolve around my bedroom for the most part. The closet, the walls, the window. They appeared from anywhere and everywhere.

    There was so much happening at all times. There was a little boy who had a crush on my young cousin. Some of my friends were there for no reason. People on all levels of the house just meandering about talking and having a good time.. Then it started..

    I was in my room, laying on my bed, talking to a friend who was sitting in the chair in the corner. To my right I saw a shimmer of movement. Before I knew it, there was a man with jet black hair, possibly about his mid forties, crawling in through my window. On his right arm he seemed to have a giant weapon. It almost looked as if the gun had taken the place of his entire forearm. He had goggles of some sort on, but one of the lenses was heavily tinted black, the other seemed as if it shouldíve been clear, but was more of a silver colour, and I was unable to see his eyes through either lens. I didnít know what to do, so I just sat there on my bed, frozen in fear. There was a man in my room, with a giant ass gun for an arm, pointing right at me... I sat.. And I stared... And he just stood there, smiling.. A sick, contorted smile. That grin of surprisingly white teeth sent a horrible chill up and down my body, and my brain was tingling with reactions I should have had immediately, but the signals never seemed to make it to the rest of my body.. Jump off the bed and run for your life! my brain screamed. What are you doing, why arenít you moving! Youíre going to die if you donít do something soon! I scrambled off the bed and ran.. I ran right into another house that I havenít been in in a long time..

    Let me explain this quickly.. I donít have recurring dreams or nightmares anymore. But I do have many recurring places. The dreams are never the same, but the settings in some dreams/nightmares like to come back with moderate frequency. The more I write these out, the more this will become evident.

    This place was so familiar. My brain scrambled to try to recognize where I was. A part of me knew this place, knew it so well. Iíve been here before, many times.. But when? And why? My poor brain was so involved in the dream, I quickly lost my focus of the house, and remembered the man with the black hair and gun were going to be showing up at any time.. Then I realized, he hadnít. Where was he? Did I manage to lose him that fast? I couldnít even remember how I got to this place other than running through the threshold of my bedroom door.

    I quickly shook the thoughts. I stood there staring at a small set of carpeted stairs that led down to two red doors. Thatís when he showed up. Not the man with the gun and goggles. This man was far worse as far as appearances went.

    There was a bang.. Then a crash. Before I knew what to say or what to do, I found myself once again paralyzed with fear of what was coming up and through one of these doors. My feet were like cement blocks, keeping me from running. My eyes glued to these doors. The door on the left flew open, and another man thundered up the last step, slowly turning his head to face me, but not his body. Thinking back on it, it almost felt like he knew he didnít need to turn to face me. He knew what I was doing and thinking. It was a dream after all, and dream people are of your own creation, so of course they know what youíre thinking, itís your own brain! This man was larger than the first man. Not by much, and he wasnít taller at all. If anything, the black haired man was taller, but less muscular. This one, if you can even call it a man, was bald, with grotesque skin. His eyes were small and grey, yet somehow black with death. He had a massive drill on his arm. Similar to the first man who had a gun for an arm, but this was a giant drill instead. He slouched a lot, which would account for him appearing shorter than the rest, but he too had a contorted, disgusting grin. His teeth yellowed and thick, too short to touch the lower jaw teeth when he grinned. He had small ears, and some sort of markings on his skull that I couldnít see well, and could have possibly been scars. His nose was short and wide, his nostrils seeming to be flared out, smelling the air around him. He wore boots that covered his very large feet. His arms were massive with bulging muscles, and his legs were by no means any smaller in muscle mass from the rest of his body, his shorts frayed and worn, greyed with time.

    After what felt like an eternity of looking at this thing, I felt a flinch in my body, and I ran. I could feel the ground shake as he laughed a deep, guttural laugh that I could feel surround my body, making me tense up as I ran. The ground shook heavily as he thundered after me, the drill swinging at his side with each stride. I knew I couldnít outrun these things. But I felt I had a good chance if I took sharp turns, jumped out windows, or just flat out hid in places I thought they wouldnít be able to reach due to their massive size.

    I will continue this when I have some more time to sit and write..